Zilis MLM Review (2022): Another CBD scam in the making?

Zilis MLM

Hemp-based CBD products are part of the billion-dollar health and wellness industry. There are many companies that look to exploit this segment through direct selling methods. Zilis is one such company who do this. It offers CBD products and provides a business opportunity to make money selling these products. If you are looking to know more about it then this Zilis MLM review post is imperative.

It will tell you what Zilis is, how its MLM program works, what are the products and compensation offered by Zilis, and the pros and cons of joining the Zilis MLM program.

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Zilis MLM Review: What is Zilis?

Zilis, the ultra-company is a known name in the health and wellness MLM segment for its CBD products. Zilis offers CBD-based health products for weight management, joint muscles, fitness, beauty, and skincare.

Zilis was founded in 2015 by Steven and Angie Thompson who are qualified and professional leaders in the direct selling industry. The company is headquartered in Texas, the US, and also has a presence in Latin America and Europe.

What is Zilis MLM?

People looking to make money by sharing Zilis products can be part of the Zilis MLM program. It is an opportunity to earn commissions on selling the products and recruiting people.

The consultants are paid basis the compensation plan which is structured according to the sales and sponsorship numbers.

The MLM program works on the Zilis cloud which is a proprietary business management system offered to every Zilis consultant.

The system is helpful in offering comprehensive business tracking. Since the system is cloud-based it is compatible with all types of devices and can be used on the go. Apart from the business management system, consultants are provided with a mobile app, promotional items, and tools.

Zilis MLM program has more than 10k consultants working in 29 countries around the world.

How does Zilis MLM work?

Zilis MLM works on selling the products directly to retail customers and sponsoring others to join the company through network marketing. To do this, you have to become a Brand Ambassador of Zilis by creating an account

An existing referral ID is required to create your account. The membership fee is $49 for a year which should be renewed if you want to continue working with Zilis MLM. The annual membership fee can be avoided if you opt for a Zilis cloud subscription which is $29 per month.

The membership consists of Zilis CBD oil for self-consumption. If you want to share the products further you will be encouraged to purchase one of the enrolment packs from three options:

Bronze pack – $199

Silver pack – $599

Gold pack – $1299

Talking about Zilis cloud, this is part of the Zilis Ultra Business suite that consists of various tools and software to manage your business smoothly.

While the basic cloud system is complimentary you will have to spend a few hundred dollars extra every month/year to get the premium versions.

Below is the tabulated detail on Zilis Ultra Business suite pricing:

Zilis Ultra-Business suite

However, it is to be noted that not all the tools are compulsory to purchase.

Once you are set up and have the products in hand you are good to start sharing them and making money.

Zilis products

Zilis has a range of CBD products in the form of oils, supplements, and liquids. The products are certified by the US Hemp Authority.

Since CBD products are oil-based and known for poor absorption they are developed with UltraCell technology to improve their absorption capabilities.

Some of the key products offered by Zilis:

UltraCell CBD oil – UltraCell is a full-spectrum CBD oil from Zilis. The product is made of hemp oil extracts combined with other natural plant extracts.

Zilis UltraCell

The oil is useful in supporting overall physical wellness by improving the immune system and specifically works on reducing stress.

UltraGlow powder sticks – The UltraGlow powder is made of hemp-oil extracts with added green tea leaf extracts and some portion of coconut oil. The product has 30 sticks and the powder supplement is helpful in managing weight loss.

Zilis UltraGlow

It promotes a healthy immune system and improves the sleeping cycle. The powder sticks are completely vegan, and free from gluten and preservatives.

Lishe skincare solutions – Lishe has a skincare regimen (a combination of different products). The package includes a cleanser, serums, eye cream, moisturizer, and lip balm. The products are curated for strategic use on your skin parts.

Zilis Lishe

The skin conditioning formula is based on CBD, CBG, and CBC ingredients and remains free from Paraben, Sulfate, and gluten for better-looking and soft skin.

There are other Zilis products related to Pet, Joint and Muscle support, and Energy/Cognition categories as well.

Zilis ambassadors have the advantage of buying products at a discounted price through its Autoship program.

All the products are backed by a 60-day refund policy. This policy is applicable to regular customers and independent ambassadors which can be an added advantage to boost promotion and sales.

Are Zilis products worth their pricing?

CBD products are not new in the MLM industry. In fact, there are a few established MLM companies such as Kannaway, Touchstone Essentials, My Daily Choice, etc. that are already selling CBD products successfully.

These products carry different brands and labels but their ingredients and effects remain the same. There are a few reviews on Zilis products posted on its own website.

This can surely help the users while buying the products but most of them are only positive reviews which seems biased.

The overall rating for Zilis products stood at 4.6-stars on its Facebook page where most of the users are satisfied with their purchase.

Zilis product reviews

However, when you look at the pricing of Zilis CBD oil ($149) for a 30ml bottle is way too high than its competitors.

Amazon has several CBD oil products (1000mg and more) that are best-sellers and do not cost more than $50. Below are a few examples:

Agreed that the product is of high quality but keeping a price point 300%-400% higher is not justifiable. Amazon has a bigger customer base than Zilis and people can easily find the products of their choice at much cheaper pricing.

To summarize, Zilis products do offer value in terms of quality but are significantly expensive which could make selling difficult.

How to make money with Zilis MLM?

As a brand ambassador, there are mainly two ways to make money with Zilis MLM:

One is by selling the products where you can make retail bonus (profits) as commissions and,

The second way is by building a team of people where you can make bonuses on the sale of products by your team members.

Both the above methods are part of Zilis’s compensation plan which we are going to discuss in detail now.

Zilis compensation plan

The compensation plan of Zilis is one of the most detailed and complex income structure. First of all, to qualify for commissions every ambassador has to sell products worth $50 (50PV) every month.

This remains standard across levels and another set of personal volumes gets added depending on the type of enrolment pack you purchase.

Once you start selling products to retail or preferred customers you earn:

Retail Bonus – Retail bonus is accumulated when the product is bought at wholesale price and sold at retail price. The difference between both the prices are retail bonuses paid every week. The percentage of pricing difference can go up to 50%.

You can increase your earnings by asking people to join your team. When somebody accepts your invitation by purchasing an enrolment pack you can start to earn:

Fast start bonus – Fast start bonus is paid according to the type of enrolment pack purchased by your referral. You can make a minimum of $20 if someone enrolls as a wholesale customer. The bonus amount increases to $40 for a Bronze pack, $70 for a Silver pack, and $130 for a Gold pack.

Once you start to build a team there are 11 ranks to achieve. Each rank comes with individual sales volume targets and consolidated sales targets for the members of your team. Achieving these targets brings in:

Zilis compensation plan

Binary team building commissions – Paid on the business volumes of your downlines. A minimum of $250 for an Associate level and a maximum of $30000 for a Black Diamond level is paid every week.

Infinity fast start bonus – Paid on having a larger team of members who consistently achieve their sales volume and recruit more people under their belt. The bonus is calculated based on the enrolment packs subscribed by your team member’s referrals.

Generational bonus – This bonus is paid every month based on your personal rank and calculated according to the overall sales volume generated by six generations of your team members.

For ambassadors who keep climbing the rankings there are the following monthly bonuses:

  • Infinity residual bonus
  • Infinity matching bonus
  • Blessing bonus
  • Jeep bonus
  • Healthcare bonus
  • Dream Bonus

Global bonus pool – Up to 50% bonuses are reserved for Regional, National, and Presidential level ambassadors from the 2% generational volume of the organization.

All said and done the core part of Zilis’s compensation plan is selling the products and recruiting more and more people to make money. 

Can you make money with Zilis MLM? 

Zilis has an income disclosure statement as part of its compensation plan. It clearly shows the number of active and inactive ambassadors and their annual average income.

To make 3k+ annual income you have to spend at least 51 months which means after spending more than 4 years you will be earning close to $300 a month.

Zilis income disclosure statement

Mind you, the income figures shown do not include the expenses you incur while working. So, if you deduct the $49 annual membership cost, $50 every month worth 50PV sales volume cost you are left with nothing.

In fact, in your first few years of working with Zilis MLM, your investment will be more than your income.

Don’t forget that you are in a business model that works on selling products continuously. This can be tough owing to the competition and the second rigorous challenge will be recruiting people which cannot go on forever.

If you fail in any one aspect there is a sure chance of losing all your money and membership.

I am actually disappointed with the running costs associated with Zilis MLM. This is comparatively higher than most of the other MLMs in the same segment.

All in all, to make money with Zilis MLM you have to spend at least 3-4 years as an active member. This may not guarantee a life-changing income but can help you overcome the running costs and start to save a few hundred dollars.

Is Zilis a scam or a pyramid scheme?

Zilis is not a scam. The company is very transparent with its business model and is kind enough to release the income disclosure statement which a majority of MLMs don’t do. This indicates that Zilis does pay its consultants.

Zilis is backed by superior quality products and a professional management team to keep it afloat in the coming years.

There is a focus on recruitment if you want to make residual income. But this is part of every other MLM out there that pay their members on the sales target achieved by a team and not the recruitment numbers. Technically speaking Zilis is not a pyramid scheme.


Established company – Zilis has firmly established itself in the MLM industry. Not many MLMs survive the tough challenges of direct selling methods for more than 5 years but Zilis is still going strong.

Good-quality products – Zilis products are reviewed and rated highly by its users. CBD ingredient products have many takers for their effectiveness and health benefits. Positive feedback can be instrumental in boosting your sales campaign.

Excellent business resources – Zilis offers a complete business suite that includes a cloud system, mobile app, virtual warehouse to receive payments, and ultra-prime shipping subscription to process unlimited orders.

The resources will definitely help manage and track your business on the go even though you have to pay some extra money to use them.


Very high start-up cost – Beginners may find joining Zilis MLM unaffordable. While the registration fee of $49 is within reach making money with its MLM program requires you to purchase enrolment packs.

The lowest enrolment pack costs $199 and if you add up the feature-rich Ultra-Business suite the joining cost can go up to $800. Frankly speaking, this is one of the main reasons you must avoid working with Zilis MLM.

Saturated CBD market – Selling Zilis products won’t be easy. This is because there are already many established MLMs offering CBD products with different labels and pricing.

Add to that the competition from online sellers such as Amazon. The platform has thousands of CBD products sold way cheaper than Zilis and other MLM programs.

The problem is if you can’t sell the products consistently you won’t be able to make money.

Demanding compensation requirements – To make money with the Zilis compensation plan you have to sell products worth $50 every month.

On top of this, you have to consistently recruit people so that you can make additional bonuses on their sales.

Having a bigger team can bring more commissions, but it also attracts level-wise sales targets and recruitment numbers.

In short, you have to consistently sell the products and keep adding people to remain an active member of Zilis MLM which may not be sustainable in the long run.

Conclusion: Is Zilis MLM recommended?

Making money with Zilis MLM seems attractive on paper but in reality, it’s the opposite. We have seen what the active members have achieved in their first year of MLM stint.

More than earning money, you will be bothered by running costs pertaining to monthly sales volume and finding people to join your team.

If you find a few sales and people here and there, it may be only good enough to cover your MLM membership cost. The actual earnings may take years to come.

If you are really looking to make passive income without any risks then Zilis MLM is not recommended. Instead, I suggest you Google the topic ‘Make money online’ and research the results.

Alternatively, you can also check my personal recommendation below to save your time on researching.

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