Wise Affiliate Program Review: Make Money with Money Transfers?

Wise Affiliate Program Review

Have you heard of Wise? If you haven’t then you’ve made a wise decision to check this post. Because this post will tell you about wise and its affiliate program. In short, Wise is a platform to send and receive money globally. It offers some of the cheapest exchange rates and has grown into a leader in transferring money to almost all regions. It also rewards its users with some money for referring and sharing the platform with others. And this is what we will focus more on. I will do a Wise affiliate program review to tell you how you can make money by doing a money transfer.

You will learn about the products, affiliate commissions, pros, and cons of joining the Wise affiliate program.

Wise Affiliate Program Review: What is Wise?

Wise is a financial company that offers money transfer services worldwide. The company was originally founded as TransferWise in the year 2011 based out of London. Their founders are Kristo Kaarmann and Taavet Hinrikus.

Wise is known for offering the cheapest rates to exchange money in various parts of the world. This has led to its exponential growth against some of the established leading banks in Europe.

The company has been trading with a value of more than 10 million Euros on the London Stock Exchange.

What is the Wise affiliate program?

Wise has an affiliate program that is also called a partner program offering commissions to individuals referring others to use its services.

The affiliate program from Wise offers commissions based on CPA that is Click per action. The commission rate is £10 for personal accounts and £50 for business accounts. The program claims to pay up to £1200 a month if you can refer one paying customer a day.

The commissions are paid to bank accounts every month. The best thing about the Wise affiliate program is its cookie duration which remains active for a lifetime.

How does the Wise affiliate program work?

Wise affiliate program is managed by its affiliate network called Partnerize. To join the affiliate program, you will have to sign up with Partnerize. Once your request is approved you will get access to a tracking link and other promotion strategies and resources to drive traffic and earn revenue.

Wise affiliate resources include dynamic widgets, content briefs in 10+ languages, and even API support.

There is support on offer with a dedicated accounts manager, expert advice on SEO and promotions. You get deep linking, and complete tracking on clicks, sales, and commissions by using Partnerize reports.

All in all, the Wise affiliate program is near to complete package.

Wise products & services

So, what can you promote and share with others to earn commissions? Let’s look at some of the products and services offered by Wise:

Transfers – Money transfer is the core product of Wise. It has pioneered the transferring of funds by offering the lowest fees and mid-market exchange rates in more than 50+ currencies. There are no hidden costs and it remains completely transparent to its customer while doing business.

Wise card – Wise offers account and card facilities to its users. The Wise card can be used anywhere to receive and send money. Customers can also use the Wise card to make online purchases and transactions in their local currencies. The card is offered without any annual fee and is equipped with best-of-security authentications.

Accounts – Apart from the personal account that can be used to transfer money, Wise also offers a comprehensive solution to corporates through its Business account. A business account is an ideal choice for freelancers, entrepreneurs, sole traders, with small and large enterprises included. International money transfers, multi-currency payments, and an open API are some of the highlighted features of a Business account.

Affiliates are in for higher commissions on Business account referrals. The products and services are much-needed solutions for many individuals and companies across the world and Wise is at the forefront to fulfill the needs with its customer-centricity.

Ways to promote Wise 

The promotion methods are very simple and straightforward. There are no surprises apart from some exceptions and prohibitions on the traffic from voucher/discount websites, and affiliate partners with paid advertising.

Wise encourages its affiliates to make use of every other possible method to promote its products.

  • You can write a detailed blog post on your website,
  • Create a deep link by directing your visitors to a specific offering or a page of Wise,
  • Upload a video on YouTube discussing the features and benefits of using Wise for money transfers,
  • Make use of widgets, landing pages, and other advertising material on your social media channels,
  • The companies or organizations using Wise for their business can refer their customers or other partner businesses.

Wise affiliate program commissions 

The commissions offered by Wise are not completely transparent. They don’t have a fixed or variable rate offering. You have to rely on your referral’s usage of transferring money, and frequency to make the maximum.

As mentioned above, the standard commission rates are £10 and £50 for respective personal and business accounts. The commissions are calculated by Wise after reviewing the performance of your referrals’ transactions which includes money transfers, debit card, and multi-currency account.

Wise keeps the authority of re-assessing your commissions once your referrals transaction value exceeds the minimum CPA.

You can expect to earn more if you are able to drive higher volumes in numbers or higher transaction value customers during your stint with Wise.

The actual commissions are difficult to calculate since they are not based on Wise pricing or a fixed structure.

Dos and don’ts of Wise affiliate program 

Following sources of traffic is allowed by Wise:

  • Genuine website content,
  • Social media posts,
  • Ads, widgets, and other resources provided by Wise,
  • Landing pages, or newsletters through email marketing,
  • Referring Wise as a payment method for e-commerce sites
  • Use of Wise API for comparison sites

Following sources of traffic is not allowed by Wise:

  • Purchasing, owning or bidding a domain name similar to Wise,
  • Registration of brand Wise on social media platforms,
  • Paid advertising that directly links to Wise website,
  • Free transfer coupons advertisement

Can I make money with the Wise affiliate program? 

Wise claims to pay £1200 for one customer that makes one transaction each day but there is no clarity or calculation provided on arriving at that commission amount. There is no doubt you can make money with the Wise affiliate program. However, how much you can make is a question mark.

Wise as a company has grown really well in the last few years and is trusted by thousands of users in many countries. Its reputation for lowest charges on transactions and transparency aspects has won many awards.

Foreign remittances by no means are small in nature. The growing shift towards online earnings has given rise to international transfers and payments through the use of PayPal, Skrill, and others. These platforms comparatively charge higher service fees. So, Wise has the potential to attract a wide variety of audiences in many countries as the best alternative.

Promoting Wise will be a wise decision to make good money owing to an increase in forex and international remittances.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When do Wise pay its affiliates?

Answer: The affiliates are paid every month once the eligibility of commissions is fulfilled. The commissions are paid to the bank account or Wise account.

2. Can I withdraw commissions in my local currency?

Answer: Wise supports payouts in GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, and JPY. In the absence of these currency accounts affiliates are encouraged to open a Wise account that can be added on Partnerize to save conversion fees and acts as a local account.

3. Is there a payment threshold for withdrawal?

Answer: Yes, the threshold limit is £30 or equivalent to local currency.

4. How to contact Wise in case of any queries or issues?

Answer: You can send an email at partnerwise@wise.com


  • Unique products to promote – Money transfers and other financial solutions as a product are unique in nature. As more and more people are using these services online, Wise is a perfect platform to promote that has the potential of higher conversions.
  • Lifetime cookies – The cookie period is exceptional. This is against the general trend of many companies offering limited cookie duration. A lifetime cookie serves well and you are always in contention of making a referral from nowhere.
  • Affiliate resources – The resources are many and very helpful. There is a content briefing specific to Wise that can be used as a source to write content on your website. You can access different widgets and ads. Deep linking is allowed and with dedicated affiliate account managers, and tracking reports Wise has nailed their affiliate program resources to perfection.


  • No clarity on commissions – Transparency on commissions is vital. Because commissions are the motivation for every affiliate. Yes, there are standard commissions on offer that are attractive but you do not know how much money you can make. This could be a make-or-break decision for many affiliates.
  • No recurring commissions – Transfers, purchases, and use of cards will happen repeatedly every month. This is a perfect scenario to offer recurring commissions. But Wise missed out on the opportunity that could have attracted more people to join its affiliate program.
  • Limited payment options – The release of payments is limited to bank accounts. Wise does not encourage any other sources of payments such as PayPal which is widely used. Instead, in the absence of a relevant currency bank account, you will have to open a new one with Wise.

Conclusion: Is the Wise affiliate program recommended?

The affiliate program from Wise is well-prepared and relevant to the current financial requirements. The opportunity is there to make money. But I still feel a fixed, or a slab-wise commission structure could have been more attractive.

Even with that flaw, I want to recommend the Wise affiliate program to everyone.

This is mainly because of the products it offers, the cookie duration, and affiliate resources. You never know with proper use of marketing tips from Wise and your own authority in search engines you end up making decent commissions every month.

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