What is YTB International? Pyramid scheme exposed!

What is YTB International?

If you have traveled widely and looking for a way to monetize your travel experience, then YTB International is recommended for you. So, what is YTB International?

Well, I have learned that it is a lucrative work-from-home opportunity in the form of MLM that is open to everyone whether you have traveled widely or not. YTB International claims to be an opportunity to become a travel agent from the comfort of your home.

Is YTB International a scam? Is it a pyramid scheme? I guess these are the questions that always come to mind at the mention of MLM.

Read on as the rest of the YTB International review will provide the answer to these questions and more.

New to MLM?

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What is YTB International?

YTB International is a multi-level marketing travel company that is into the sales of travel tickets to travelers. The company also carries out lodging and excursion packages.

YTB International, also known as YTB Travel was founded by Kim Sorenson, Scott Tomer, and Lloyd Tomer in 2001. The company is now owned by Sam Hathi. It operates from Illinois with branches in other countries including Bermuda, Bahamas, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

It must be stated that YTB International relies heavily on recruitment. This is why the authorities have labeled it a pyramid scheme and it has battled with a plethora of lawsuits in the past which made the company go bankrupt in 2013. This led to its acquisition by Jamraval Inc. and was subsequently rebranded.

How does YTB International work?

YTB Global Travel Inc. operates two different companies under one corporate umbrella. They are YTB Travel Network and YTB Marketing. Representatives can choose to take part in one of the programs or go for the two.

  • YTB Travel – The participation of a Representative starts when an online travel agency website is purchased. You will have to pay a setup fee plus a monthly maintenance fee to stay active. After the payment, a Rep can start to sell travel packages online to interested buyers and the website can also be deployed for their travel needs. The travel agency website costs $449.95 plus a $49.95 monthly fee.
  • YTB Marketing – Here the Representatives market the programs to others. YTB does not impose any charges if you participate in this program. A commission or referral fee with tiered compensation is paid to those who take part in the marketing program for Reps.

How to make money with YTB International?

Just like every other MLM company, there are two ways to make money from YTB International.

One is through retail sales and the other is by earning commission from your recruits.

YTB International Products

YTB International sells different types of travel services and vacation packages to vacationers and travelers. Some of them are explained below:

  • Travel information – This is the comprehensive detail of the destination you are heading to. All that need to know concerning the travel package is inside the travel information.
  • Cruise package – Selling of cruise tickets for different cruise companies.
  • Hotel reservations – Selling hotel tickets for different hotels across the globe.

YTB International commission plans 

The commission plans of YTB International stick to their core agenda of recruiting. The commissions and perks solely rely on downline recruitment and their volumes. Following is the commission plan structure.

  • Retail commission – Associate can earn commission by selling retail products. 40% commission could be earned and this is based on the Business Volume (BV) of the product.
  • Team compensation – Reps can earn extra compensation based on their team’s efforts.
  • Reps and Senior Reps – To be a Rep, you will need to have 150 BV in 30 days. A Senior Rep earns double of what a Rep earns. So, you have to strive to be a Senior Rep.
  • Extra Compensation – There is a 50% Match commission for Reps who have qualified to override. They earn a 50% match commission from the Reps they sponsored personally. This means if one of the Reps you sponsored sells a ticket for $20, you will earn $10.
  • Qualified to Override – If you are qualified to override, you will be able to earn PowerTeam commission plus bonuses with a 50% Match. To be qualified to override, you must sponsor three Reps personally.
  • Sales Director Program – When you get to this level as a Rep, you are entitled to additional monthly income.

Can I make money with YTB International? 

The transparency is not maintained by YTB International. There is no income disclosure statement and it is hard to guess how much money you can make with their MLM program.

Online research figures on the percentage of people making money with YTB International is less than 20%. That means more than 80% fail to succeed in their association with YTB.

Remember before you start to make money you have to make investments that are on the higher side.

The other negative aspect is YTB’s reputation. The company that has a stigma of lawsuits and bad history creates a lot of doubts among the audience.

It is difficult to make money with YTB International as your financial success mostly relies on building a team and earn money on their recruitment.

Is YTB International a Pyramid Scheme? 

Yes, it must be stated that YTB International is a pyramid scheme. This is because the company focuses more on recruitment instead of sales.

Is YTB International a scam? 

YTB International cannot be declared a scam despite being once declared bankrupt and also faced a lot of lawsuits. But the company’s lack of transparency gives an impression that it is a scam.

Scams are associated with MLM business models. I urge you to avoid YTB International but I am not saying it is a scam.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does YTB International still charge people $449.95 to become a travel agent under its platform?

Answer: YTB International was stopped from charging $449.95 to join its platform.

2. What is the YTB International commission rate?

Answer: The rate is up to 40%.

3. What is the cost of joining YTB International?

Answer: It costs $449.95 to buy a website and a $49.95 monthly payment to use it.

4. Is YTB International accredited by BBB?

Answer: No. It is not rated by BBB.


The only pro that I can think of is product niche. There are not many MLM’s I have found in traveling services. It could have been a unique selling line with a genuine product sales and recruitment compensation plan with a reliable reputation.

It’s unfortunate to say that YTB International does not have any pros. But it has a lot of cons.


  • No website updates – The landing page of the YTB International website has not been updated for a long time. This is not a sign that the company is serious.
  • Focus on recruitment – YTB International focuses more on recruitment. This is how most MLM platforms operate. It is better to be a regular travel agent than to join the platform as an agent.
  • Too many business secrets – It is like YTB International has sworn an oath of secrecy. There is no information on the operation of the company anywhere on the website. Transparency should be the hallmark of any business. But YTB International has failed in this area.
  • Bad reputation – YTB International has a checkered history of lawsuits. It was also accused of being a pyramid scheme. It became bankrupt and was sold to someone else. Even with a new owner, there is no certainty that the mess has been fixed because the company is still not active.
  • Expensive – It is an expensive venture to join YTB International as a travel agent. To join the platform as a Rep, you will pay $449.95 for the purchase of a website and $49.95 monthly to operate the website. This clearly shows that the company is milking people.

Conclusion: Is YTB International MLM recommended?

Without mincing words, it is clear as broad daylight that YTB International is a pyramid scheme since the company focuses more on recruitment rather than sales of travel tickets.

It makes money from recruitment and the cost to become a Rep of YTB Travel is just too outrageous. It is insane to pay $449.95 for a website with a monthly fee of $49.95.

The fact that it has had many lawsuits in the past and later became bankrupt is a red flag for any discerning mind. There is so much secrecy about the operation of the company. YTB International has all the signs of a pyramid scheme written all over it. These are too many red flags that you can ignore at your peril.

Honestly, I won’t recommend YTB International because doing so is like taking an innocent person to the guillotine.

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