What is WP Engine Affiliate Program? Is it Legit or a Scam?

what is WP Engine affiliate program

As an experienced affiliate marketer myself, I have reviewed over a hundred affiliate programs and recommended some of the best affiliate programs that are rewarding since there are a lot of scam programs out there.  Well, in this article, I am about to review another great affiliate program that you can join and earn a decent amount of commissions. Today, I am going to review the WP Engine affiliate program. So, what is WP Engine affiliate program? Continue to read to get the full details.

What is WP Engine Affiliate Program?

WP Engine is a managed WordPress web hosting company with 99.9% uptime. The hosting platform is scalable and fast.

With the WP Engine affiliate, you can make extra income as much as $200 if you introduce your affiliate to a buyer and he makes a purchase. Webhosting affiliates are one of the highest paying affiliates you can find anywhere. 

This makes it more appropriate for website designers and bloggers who are already well experienced in the online web hosting business. Your immediate target audience is people who want to start selling their products online.

The good thing about WP Engine affiliate is that it is managed by ShareASale. This makes the program safe and reliable.

WP Engine Product Information

WP Engine makes it possible to sell two of its products with one affiliate link. It means as you sign up for the program, you have a chance of earning in two ways.

That is using one stone to kill two birds. The two products are the managed WordPress web hosting packages and StudioPress themes.

Joining the affiliate program is easy. Go to https://wpengine.com/partners/affiliate/ and click “Register Now”. Follow the steps as instructed. Upon the approval of your application, you will get an email notification.

The email will contain your tracking link along with other important guides to help you get started and succeed. Part of the process includes having a ShareASale account. If you don’t have an account with ShareASale yet, you will have to open one.

After you have got your affiliate link, it is advised that you link to all the pages and resources that are relevant to helping you succeed as an affiliate.

There is real-time tracking of your affiliate in case you make a sale. Anytime a customer click on your link, the cookies keep the record on the browser until a purchase is made within a specified time.

For WP Engine web hosting, cookies last for 180 days but as for StudioPress themes, cookies last 60 days. The two products are an excellent combination that you can market to potential customers to increase your earnings.

Commissions can be voided due to a customer’s cancellation. Payment of commissions are made by ShareASale at every 20th day of the month.

Who is it for?

WP Engine affiliate is a program that is suitable for bloggers, web designers, internet marketers, and entrepreneurs. If you want to make money online, this is a great platform for you.


  • WP Engine affiliate has large payouts when it comes to commission. The standard commissions range between $200 and $249. This makes it one of the best affiliate programs in the industry. 
  • The WP Engine managed hosting is an excellent service that you can recommend with confidence. It is tested, trusted, and reliable. 
  • WP Engine makes its landing page available for almost every affiliate 
  • The process is transparent and nobody is going to cheat you because the affiliate program uses a reliable and trustworthy third-party platform called ShareASale where you can view commissions earned in real-time.
  • Apart from the commissions earned, WP Engine pays handsome bonuses to affiliates that signup a lot of buyers every month
  • One great advantage that comes with WP Engine affiliate that you rarely find in other affiliate programs is that the cookies last for 180 days. Your commission will still be paid even if the customer purchases after several days. 
  • There are seasonal discounted sales during Christmas, New Year and Black Friday periods. WP Engine offers a big discount during these times. So, it becomes a great opportunity to make a lot of commissions since the offers will be considered affordable for many customers.  
  • WP Engine has beautifully-designed banners that are attractive enough to make a customer opt-in and make a purchase.


  • WP Engine managed hosting services are expensive. Most small business owners cannot afford the hosting plans. 
  • It will cost you some money to promote your links to potential customers. You may need a website, hosting plan, an e-mail marketing service provider for sending customized e-mails, and make some adverts on social media to make sales. You cannot do all this without a startup cost. 
  • WP Engine affiliate is not a get-rich-quick program. So, it may take some time before you earn your first commission.
  • If there is no purchase, there is no commission.

Legit or scam

WP Engine Affiliate is legit. It is a legitimate way to earn money. Having a third-party partner like ShareASale makes it extremely legit, reliable and dependable.  

Conclusion: Is the WP Engine affiliate program recommended?

Yes, the affiliate program is highly recommended for bloggers, web designers, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in making money online.  

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