What is Wholesale Central? Free Dropshipping Directory!

What is Wholesale Central?

Are you looking for a free drop shipping wholesale directory? If the answer is in the affirmative, then it is not a coincidence that you are reading this post. Intending drop shippers are finding it difficult to get their e-commerce business started because they must have some money kept somewhere to purchase a paid subscription to access a B2B platform. This is a great discouragement for many. That saying that the best things in life are free is true of Wholesale Central. So, what is Wholesale Central?

Wholesale Central is a dropshipping directory that can be accessed completely free. There is no need to register before using the site to search for products with great value. You can depend on Wholesale Central to get reliable suppliers.

Are you interested in finding out if Wholesale Central is legit or a scam? Read on to know more about the platform.

New to Dropshipping/E-commerce?

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What is Wholesale Central?

Wholesale Central is a well-known B2B platform that links retailers with wholesalers.

It was established in 1996 and is based in Bethel, Connecticut, USA. The company was born out of Sunmer Communications, Inc. who is a leading wholesale merchandise industry.

Wholesale Central provides powerful sourcing tools that assist retailers to find thousands of thoroughly screened manufacturers, importers, distributors, wholesalers, and drop shippers.

The platform provides strictly wholesale business. No retail sales; no consumer sales. It is just wholesale sales.

There are more than 400 categories with over 1,000 online wholesale stores.

How does Wholesale Central work?

It works in a very simple way. No registration is required to start using Wholesale Central. Just go to the website at https://www.wholesalecentral.com/

At the top of the website, you will see “RETAILERS Find Suppliers” or “SUPPLIERS Get New Buyers”. Click the one that is appropriate for you and take it up from there.

When you see a product that you like, just click the link and start a discussion with the supplier or manufacturer. It is that simple.

However, it is not all the suppliers that dropship. So, it is important to ask before going ahead with the transaction.

Wholesale Central Products/Services

Apart from providing a wholesale directory, Wholesale Central provides other services like Deals and Steals, Trade Shows, Closeout Central, and Independent Retailer Magazine.

  1. Deals and StealsThis section features promotions from wholesalers that are approved by Wholesale Central. The section should be checked quite often as it is regularly updated.
  2. Trade ShowsYou can click on the Trade Shows link to find out where the latest tradeshows are taking place. It helps you to meet suppliers one-on-one. You can search it using location, date, or keyword.
  3. Closeout CentralThis is where you will find suppliers who want to empty their warehouses by selling their products at very ridiculous prices. They just want to sell off unwanted inventory.
  4. Independent Retailer MagazineThis is a monthly online publication done by Wholesale Central. It is dedicated to both online and traditional stores.
  5. Product LocatorThis service makes it easy for you to post requests concerning products that you are finding difficult to get. Just click on “POST A REQUEST”.
  6. NewsletterYou can sign up for the newsletter for regular updates on the latest products, new deals, and upcoming events.

How can I purchase products on Wholesale Central?

To purchase products on the platform is pretty simple. If you find a supplier or a product that you like, just click the link of the product and you will be taken to the supplier’s website.

You can then place an order directly on the website. There are no middlemen to hijack the transaction. It is a direct transaction between you and the supplier.

Wholesale Central Pricing 

There are no pricing plans or charges at all. However, some payment is needed if a supplier wants to get listed on the Wholesale Central directory.

Some of the charges include service fees, rental fees, ad fees, listing fees, and more.

There is also a platform fee which is a fixed fee that costs $589 yearly or $399 for a half year.

Can I make money with Wholesale Central? 

Yes, you can make money with Wholesale Central. To make good money, ensure that you have up to 40% markup on every product that you sell as a drop shipper.

Is Wholesale Central legit or a scam? 

Wholesale Central is not a scam. It is a legit B2B platform that connects retailers with wholesalers and suppliers. The company is in the wholesale merchandising industry for more than 2 decades and is well-trusted and reputed among wholesalers and retailers globally.

Is Wholesale Central safe? 

The platform is very safe to use. It has a good online reputation and scores 69/100 in “site trustworthiness” according to https://www.scamfoo.com/

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of useful information can be found on Wholesale Central?

Answer: It offers what is called Trades and Deals. This is where retailers can find wholesale products at discounted rates. There is also an opportunity to take part in trade shows.

2. Can I rely on Wholesale Central?

Answer: Yes, Wholesale Central is reliable. Suppliers are thoroughly vetted before being allowed to join the platform.

3. Does Wholesale Central provide dropshipping service worldwide?

Answer: Yes, it offers international dropshipping.

4. Apart from Wholesale Central, are there other B2B dropshipping or wholesale platforms?

Answer: Yes, there are other platforms like Made-in-China, Alibaba, and Chinabrands.

5. What kind of products can be found on Wholesale Central?

Answer: There are products in different categories like clothing, food and grocery, home décor, health and beauty, baby items, perfume, pet supplies, cellphone accessories, computer products, toys and hobbies, lawn and garden, electronics, office, and school supplies.


  • Free of charge – No signup or registration is needed to use most of the services provided by Wholesale Central. Even for the premium services, all that you require is an email address to access additional features.
  • Ease of navigation – The platform is so easy to navigate. Many search options make navigating the platform quick to search.
  • Powerful sourcing tools – There are many ways of sourcing products and suppliers on Wholesale Central. The whole process aims at helping retailers find wholesalers with so much ease.
  • Numerous suppliers – You can have access to more than 1,000 suppliers providing products in different categories. But it is just a fraction of them that dropship.
  • Well scrutinized suppliers – Wholesale Central ensures that any supplier that wants to be on the platform is well scrutinized to avoid any dishonest act.


  • Fewer dropshipping suppliers – With over 1,000 suppliers on Wholesale Central, it is surprising that the platform has just 88 dropshipping suppliers. This is so poor.
  • No instant support – The platform does not do live chat. If there is an issue, you can send an email or make a phone call.
  • No integration or selling tools – Wholesale Central has no automated tools. You have to do everything manually or through a third party.
  • Minimum orders – Most of the dropshipping suppliers have their minimum orders. No transaction is going to take place if you don’t purchase up to the minimum order.

Conclusion: Is Wholesale Central recommended?

Wholesale Central is an excellent wholesale directory that connects retailers to wholesalers. It is not a platform that can meet all your dropshipping needs since it lacks the basic functionality that comes with the other B2B platforms.

The fact that it lacks integration with marketplaces like Amazon and eBay is a big minus.

It is not palatable to know that only 84 suppliers out of more than 1,000 handle dropshipping. This is just too paltry.

The most interesting part is that the platform is free. So, it means drop shippers can start connecting with suppliers without opting for a paid plan.

Wholesale Central is well-recommended for entry-level drop shippers looking to learn the dropshipping process and make some money. Experienced and established drop shippers can find much better options in the wholesale directory field like Salehoo, etc.

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