What is Wealthy Affiliate Program (Review 2022)? A wealthy scam!

What is Wealthy Affiliate program

You must be wondering what is Wealthy Affiliate program that appears frequently when you search about affiliate marketing or make money online topics. Is it legit or a scam? Can you make money with Wealthy Affiliate? Does the program really make you wealthy?

These are some of the questions you will find answers to in this Wealthy Affiliate review post.

You will learn about Wealthy Affiliate owners, the features this program offers, how much it costs and what are the pros and cons of joining it.

I will also answer some of the common complaints associated with Wealthy Affiliate. So, read it till the end.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you purchase/subscribe through these links at no extra cost to you.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that offers affiliate marketing courses, tools, resources, and support to help people learn the basic and advanced methods of doing affiliate marketing business and making money with it.

The platform is active since 2005 and has helped millions of people worldwide achieve financial success in the affiliate marketing segment.

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What is Wealthy Affiliate Program?

Wealthy Affiliate program is an all-in-one platform for people who intend to succeed in the business of affiliate marketing not just by learning it but by implementing their learning step-by-step.

As part of its program, Wealthy Affiliate offers website building and hosting services, a keyword research tool, domain purchasing, and support that comprises personal assistance, a technical team, and a community group.

With a membership of more than 2 million people in more than 190+ countries, there is no doubt that the Wealthy Affiliate program has become a great resource center for people interested in making money online.

Who owns Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate was co-founded by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. The two came together in 2005 to launch Wealthy Affiliate as a keyword list website. They were offering a list of new keywords every week to their members as a paid service.

Once they started getting more and more people enrolling in the platform that’s when these two decided to expand the boundaries of Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle is a professional marketer with a passion to help others succeed online. He remains the main communicator in most of the core training videos as well as a go-to guy for any help you need.

Carson is the backbone of Wealthy Affiliate looking after all the technical aspects. He has got a computer science background and this is where he invests his knowledge and keeps the Wealthy Affiliate platform always up and running.

The knowledge and experience these two bring to the table in the affiliate marketing segment are invaluable. If you consider joining Wealthy Affiliate, their owners are one of the reasons to take the step forward.

How does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Wealthy Affiliate is a membership-based platform. To work with Wealthy Affiliate, you have to create an account as a free starter member or a paid premium member.

The free starter membership is true to its name. You don’t have to pay a dime to test Wealthy Affiliate. But it comes with limited features and support for the first 7-days.

Once you become the member of your choice, you will learn how to find a viable industry (niche), and join different affiliate programs.

It will also show you how to create websites to promote these affiliate programs, rank high on the search engines by creating great content and convert website visitors into buying customers.

All the resources, tools, training, and support are accessible for Wealthy Affiliate members to succeed in their affiliate marketing endeavors.

Wealthy Affiliate cost

Wealthy Affiliate has three membership options on offer. The first one is –

Wealthy Affiliate cost

Starter Membership

The starter membership is an ideal package for beginners who want to see how Wealthy Affiliate looks and works from the inside.

This is completely free and to create an account you don’t have to enter any payment or credit card details. Your email ID and password are enough to register for a starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

As a starter member, you get access to Level-1 core training, build one website, do keyword research using the Jaaxy tool (limited searches), and get full support for the first 7-days.

The second membership option is –

Premium Membership

This is a paid membership and to avail its benefits you have to pay $49 per month. This is a recurring payment and this membership will give you access to all the premium features, tools, resources, and support of Wealthy Affiliate.

You can save 20% on the premium membership cost by opting for yearly payment of $499.

With a Premium membership, you get access to all the levels of core training, build 10 websites, and do keyword research (unlimited searches). You also get 50+ classes from experts in a year and full support 24/7.

Premium membership is perfect for people who have started as free members or have some knowledge about affiliate marketing and want to scale further.

The third and last membership is –

Premium Plus Membership

Premium Plus membership is an extension to the Premium membership. It costs $99 per month or $999 per year (20% saving).

With Premium Plus, you get access to additional training sessions that will teach you advanced affiliate marketing skills and strategies. You can build 50 websites, and get 200+ classes from experts in a year with unlimited priority support.

This membership is targeted at people with established status in affiliate marketing and looking to enhance their knowledge on other aspects such as paid advertising, YouTube, website selling, etc.

I personally don’t recommend a Premium Plus membership for beginners. So, if you are looking to first learn the basics of affiliate marketing, and implement it step-by-step to make money then a Premium membership should an ideal choice.

Are there any upsells or additional costs?

No, there are no upsells at all. You will have to bear the additional cost of buying a domain for your website which comes in the range from $14 to $15. This has to be paid every year.

The cost of a domain can be saved if you intend to upgrade your free starter membership to paid premium membership within the first 7-days of joining. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free domain for such members for the first year. This means you will be paying around $35 for the first month.

So, if you do this literally, you are not paying anything except the monthly membership cost.

You may be wondering why the recurring payments. This is because of the additional services, resources, and continuous support offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

You can build and host your website, use the Jaaxy keyword research tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), work with domains, and get support through multiple channels around the clock. All these features and services are maintained through recurring payments.

To tell you the truth, I have found Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership undervalued compared to its alternatives which charge close to $1k just for training.

What do you get inside Wealthy Affiliate? The Features

Once you log in and get inside Wealthy Affiliate here is what you will find according to your membership plans. The main menu contains Training, Websites, Classes, Research, Promote, Publish, and Help tabs.

Of course, some of the tabs will not be available to free starter members.

Training – Under the training tab, there are two core trainings on affiliate marketing. 50 lessons of Online Entrepreneur Certification and 70 lessons of Affiliate Bootcamp.

Wealthy Affiliate training

The Online Entrepreneur Certification course is divided into 5 phases:

Phase I – Getting Started/Rolling – In this section, you will be shown how to get started using Wealthy Affiliate as a platform by setting up your account. Once your setup is done you will learn –

Understanding how to make money online – In this lesson, Kyle will teach you the process and ways to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Choose a niche – A niche is a topic of your business. This could be anything like your hobby/passion/interest, etc. that you can leverage to make money online. Here, you will find information and recommendations to choose a niche for your business.

Building your niche website – This is where you actually go through the process of building one website. Kyle will show you the steps to create and set up a website that is ready to build upon.

Deciding on the next step – If you are a starter member this will be your last lesson. This is where you will be prompted to upgrade to a premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate to continue building your website. On the other hand, Premium members will be taken to the next phase of –

Phase II – Building your own traffic-producing website – This section has 15 lessons. There is in-depth detail on setting up your website for search engines.

You get to learn how to create initial website content such as Privacy Policy, About, and other standard pages. Kyle will also show you how to create custom menus.

Some of the other learnings include buying a domain (applicable for free starter members only), setting up a domain-specific email account, learning about traffic, creating keyword-rich content, and structuring your content with images.

Every lesson is task-based so that you continue to implement your learnings. The good thing is each lesson has theoretical information as well as webinars which not only help you read but also see yourself how to perform every step.

Once you have completed 2nd phase you will be taken to the 3rd phase called –

Phase III – Making Money – Once your website is ready with initial content the next step is to understand how this website will help you generate income.

There are 10 lessons in this section starting with understanding the customer purchase lifecycle. It gives you insights into customer behavior, their expectations, and what makes them buy from you.

To leverage your understanding, Kyle will teach you how to create content on your website targeting one keyword per post. Content creation includes writing how-to posts, and product reviews.

Under this section, you will also learn to understand, find, and add affiliate programs to your website content.

Affiliate programs are your main source of income. You will get to know how to find affiliate programs that have products related to your niche and add their affiliate links to the content.

The other way to monetize your website is paid traffic. Here, Kyle will show you how to leverage income from Google AdSense and other Ad sites that pay you for displaying their ads on your website.

Lastly, you will be introduced to Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster tools to understand and track your website traffic. On completion of all the tasks in phase 3, the next training is on –

Phase IV – Mastering Social Engagement – This section has another 10 lessons on using social media and mastering the skills to make them another potential source of traffic.

Under these lessons, you will learn to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for your business.

The learnings include setting up social media profiles, sharing your website details and content with the purpose to engage your followers, using each social media channel according to its nature and reach, and getting better rankings and social authority for your website.

You will also learn the benefits of using social media and getting yourself engaged socially inside Wealthy Affiliate with its member community.

After you have completed phase 4 the last phase of Online Entrepreneur Certificate training is –

Phase V – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation – This section is all about building your website with continuous content creation.

With 10 lessons, you get to learn how content helps your website and business grow potentially.

It is not about writing a few posts and waiting for results. You have to build great quality content on an ongoing basis to see website traffic growing which will lead to more conversions and generate income.

Throughout this section, Kyle will teach you to articulate a plan for producing content regularly, engaging with other community members by asking for feedback and comments on your content, and aiming for bigger goals and a longer stint with your business.

You will learn how to set up a Google Search Console account to monitor the indexing process, and master the art of building your website for a long-term business and revenue.

Once you have completed all 5 phases under Online Entrepreneur Certificate implementing each task you will have a website that will become your main source of income.

Your main job after completing this certification is to continue building your website by creating content and keep implementing your learnings on social media engagement.

Affiliate Bootcamp –  

There is another training of 70 lessons on Affiliate Bootcamp. This course is divided into 7 phases with the objective to promote Wealthy Affiliate as a product.

This training is very helpful for people who cannot decide on a niche/product to promote and leverage the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate to build their website.

The training and the methods taught in the lessons are very similar to the Online Entrepreneur Certificate course with an exception of promoting Wealthy Affiliate as a product.

The next tab in the Wealthy Affiliate menu bar is –  

Websites – In this section, you will find the details about your websites and how you can manage them. Wealthy Affiliate offers in-built hosting for all the websites built by its members.

Free starter members can build a website on a website-building platform called ‘SiteRubix’ with a test domain. This test domain can be replaced with a free domain offered against Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership upgrade or through a personal purchase.

Wealthy Affiliate hosting is a powerhouse that keeps all your websites up and running 24/7. You can monitor and track the progress of your website through –

Site Manager – This is where you get to see the progress of your website. It shows the number of posts/pages, comments, and other technical elements of your website. You can also log in to your website through Site Manager.

If you want to build a new website there is an option called –

Site Builder – Building a website in Wealthy Affiliate works with just 4 clicks and this is the option to do so.

Whenever you want to build a website just choose a domain name, enter your website title, choose a design for your website from thousands of available themes, and click ‘Build a website’. That’s it.

Then you have –

Site Domains – There is an in-built domain service where you can search and purchase domains for your next website or just keep them as your asset.

The ownership of your domains is automatically renewed every year with your consent and saved payment method inside Wealthy Affiliate.

You can also transfer your existing domains (if you have any) to Wealthy Affiliate and build your website around them.

But having a domain and website is immaterial without –

Site Content – Wealthy Affiliate training teaches you how to create quality content for your website that ranks quickly in search engines and to implement your learning there is Site Content on offer.

Site Content has pre-formatted content writing templates such as keyword-rich content template, review template, niche research template, and other three standard templates on privacy policy, about me page, and affiliate disclosure.

All these templates are pre-printed with the number of headings, words, and paragraphs required to complete a post.

Once you have completed a post, there is a one-click publish button to publish the post on your website. Site Content ensures running a content uniqueness validation before a post is published to avoid duplication and plagiarism.

Site Content can also be accessed directly by clicking the ‘Publish’ tab.

If you want feedback and comments on your content Wealthy Affiliate offers –

Site Comments and Site Feedback – Both features work on the give-and-take process where you can exchange feedback and comments on different members’ websites.

Comments and feedback help you improve your website’s appearance, content, and authority.

These features are also useful to earn community credits which can be utilized inside Wealthy Affiliate against domain purchases and even your membership renewal.

Last but the most critical feature is –

Site Support – This is the option to raise concerns and issues related to your websites. The Site Support team handles all the technical aspects and ensures your queries are responded to within 30-minutes.

Raising a ticket is super easy. Just choose your website domain, and a category, and describe the issue you want a solution to. Other than the website, you can also raise some of the other concerns related to login, admin, pricing, etc.

The next option is –

Classes – Under classes, you will find webinars on different aspects of affiliate marketing. This is in addition to the standard training you get as a premium/premium plus member.

There are 50+ and 200+ new classes every year for premium and premium-plus members. These trainings are hosted by Wealthy Affiliate experts or in other words Super Affiliates.

These guys share their own experience and knowledge that they gained during their stint with Wealthy Affiliate and while achieving financial success with their business.

Some of the topics include website designing, creating a YouTube channel and its videos, creating different types of content, flipping domains, selling websites, and much more.

You will also learn other methods of generating traffic through social media and email marketing. There are lessons on Paid ads, eCommerce, outsourcing/freelancing, etc.

The learnings provided in this section are invaluable. Not only the new classes but you can access the older webinars on different topics using the search bar. There is a calendar option on the right to remind of the upcoming trainings as well.

Many people complain that Wealthy Affiliate training is outdated and old. While the core training remains the same these classes act as a backup to your basic affiliate marketing learnings. As evident, there are new training courses/classes added almost every day a week.

You can explore and implement the tactics, designs, and strategies taught through these classes to scale your website and improve earnings.

Research (Jaaxy) – Clicking the research tab will open another site called ‘Jaaxy’. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool offered by Wealthy Affiliate to its members. The site options are based on the membership you avail.

A keyword research tool is required to know what are the terms and topics people are searching for on the internet. With these details, you can write relevant content on your website to rank faster and higher in search engines.

This is instrumental in getting more traffic, and authority among Google, Bing, and Yahoo which can lead to more visitors and more revenue.

Jaaxy helps you find such terms and topics with insights on the number of people searching them every day, and every month. It also comes up with the number of websites that are targeting these keywords so that you can counter your competitors.

Some of the other Jaaxy features include SEO percentage, available domains, site rankings, and the alphabet soup technique to find multiple keywords on one topic.

Jaaxy is not as robust as Semrush or Ahref but offers all the necessary information from an SEO perspective. Obviously, with Jaaxy in place, you don’t have to find and invest in other keyword research tools that cost 100s of dollars every month.

Promote (Affiliate Programs) – The promote tab is about finding the relevant affiliate programs.

If you don’t know what products or programs to promote you can search for them inside Wealthy Affiliate. Here, you will find offers and products from ClickBank, Commission Junction, Rakuten, etc. which pay more than 50% commissions on promoting their products.

This feature is again helpful in saving your time spent searching for a topic or a niche. You can choose a product and start building your website around it.

Help – The help section is where you will find all types of support and guidance. It basically has four options:

Site Support – This is again accessing the technical team to resolve your queries and concerns on the websites that we discussed above.

Ask a Question – You can use this option to ask anything related to any topic with the Wealthy Affiliate community. The best part is you will find multiple answers and solutions shared by community members within minutes. This is one of the biggest advantages of Wealthy Affiliate.

Live Chat – There is a live chat option on the right sidebar. This is active 24/7/365. You will always find members chatting and discussing their issues, sharing their progress, asking questions, and helping each other every minute.

If you want an immediate reply on any issue or just want to say hi to any of the members then this is the option.

Private Message – You can privately message any member inside of Wealthy Affiliate. This is again about sharing your progress or asking questions on any topic for which you want an answer from a specific member.

The private message also gives you access to Wealthy Affiliate founders. If you have any queries or issues related to Wealthy Affiliate, your membership, pricing, website, training, etc. you can use this option to directly communicate with them. The good thing is they do reply asap.

Members also enjoy sharing their personal experiences through blogging. The platform has the option to blog inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Then there is a search bar that acts like a directory. You can insert a few words and find multiple drop-down solutions in the form of blogs, training, and videos.

Is Wealthy Affiliate worth its pricing?

Wealthy Affiliate is a complete package when it comes to learning and implementing affiliate marketing.

Unlike some of its alternatives, Wealthy Affiliate is not just about learning but also offers necessary tools, resources, and ongoing support. You get all this for as low as $49 a month which I think is very affordable.

The platform is well-received and rated by its users on Trustpilot with close to 5-star ratings. Even hypercritical forums such as SiteJabber have garnered more than 3.5-star ratings and BBB has rated the platform with A+ which is very encouraging.

Wealthy Affiliate Trustpilot

Wealthy Affiliate alternatives are The Authority Site System and Super Affiliate System.

The Authority Site System offers an affiliate marketing training course that is very comprehensive and effective. It is priced at a $997 one-time payment which I believe is not universal pricing.

On top of it, you will have to spend additional money on keyword research tools, and website-building resources that are not included with the course.

Super Affiliate System is another option with a similar learning course and is priced at ($997 one-time) and again it lacks some resources and tools that you will have to bear personally.

Apart from these two, you can find many such courses that could be cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate but somewhere fall short in terms of resources, tools, and even learning.

So, overall Wealthy Affiliate with all the features it offers is worth its pricing.

Can you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

Yes, you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate. If I say that you can become rich overnight with Wealth Affiliate then it may seem like a scam.

But if I tell you that you can build an online business with Wealthy Affiliate that will lead to consistent income for the years to come then I am sure that will make sense.

So, to make money you will have to learn the process of affiliate marketing, implement it step-by-step, and continue to build your website authority online as taught by Wealthy Affiliate.

There is no magic here. Affiliate marketing is like any other business with the exception that you can do it online.

Like other businesses, it takes some time and effort to see the financial results. There are thousands of Wealthy Affiliate members who have done this and inspired others to do so.

Here are some of the success stories that prove that you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate:

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Wealthy Affiliate is a 100% legit platform. It is in existence since 2005 and since then grown into a network of more than 2 million people. This is not a mean feat. Had it been a scam it wouldn’t have grown so big.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches affiliate marketing which is a legit business model that helps people make money online all around the world.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?

Wealthy Affiliate is well-suited for students, housewives, retirees, web designers, content creators, SEO specialists, YouTubers, and anyone who wants to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate is also beneficial for existing job-holders looking to build an extra source of income in their spare time.

Wealthy Affiliate lawsuit

Wealthy Affiliate is practically clean in terms of background and reputation. However, it went through a lawsuit filed by MOBE in 2015.

MOBE was an MLM (Multilevel Marketing) company and the lawsuit was filed against one of Kyle’s articles defaming the company.

MOBE claimed that Kyle’s article was misleading and responsible for the losses faced by them. All said and done, MOBE was shut down and Wealthy Affiliate came out clean but not without losing half a million dollars in the process to defend its side.

Frequently Asked Questions (Common Complaints Answered)

How do I cancel my Wealthy Affiliate membership?

To cancel the membership, you can go to your profile and under the account settings click on subscriptions > cancel membership.

How good is Wealthy Affiliate program?

Wealthy Affiliate program is as good as your ability to learn and implement the process of affiliate marketing with dedication and persistence.

The program doesn’t work if you are not willing to put in any effort. In terms of value, you get access to 100s of videos, webinars, and learning materials every day.

You also get a keyword research tool, domain services, website building, hosting services, and most importantly community support.

You have everything at your disposal waiting to be explored and put into action to gain financial benefits.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme?

No, Wealthy Affiliate is not a pyramid scheme. This is a misconception that is portrayed by some of its competitors referring to Wealthy Affiliate’s own affiliate program. Here, the members are trained on promoting Wealthy Affiliate to earn recurring commissions.

Just Google the term ‘Recurring commission affiliate programs’ and you will find an endless list of platforms/companies offering them. Are they all pyramid schemes?

As a matter of fact, pyramid schemes do not offer any value/service to their members and make money by adding more and more people to the company.

Wealthy Affiliate has many things to offer such as training courses, website services, research and SEO tools, domains, etc. so, Wealthy Affiliate cannot be termed as a pyramid scheme.

Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM?

Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM. This is because it does not pay its members for the number of referrals.

Neither there are perks, incentives, or bonuses on offer if you have more referrals like an MLM. There are no rankings/levels which are most common among every MLM company.

What you get is recurring commissions on referring people to Wealthy Affiliate. When somebody joins the platform using your affiliate link and becomes a paid member, you get half (48%) of the membership price.

This is paid every month and remains fixed till your referrals remain active with Wealthy Affiliate.

You don’t have to sell or recruit people like MLMs. It is about promoting Wealthy Affiliate as a product to make commissions which is how affiliate marketing works.

Do I need to promote Wealthy Affiliate?

There are constant complaints that Wealthy Affiliate is all about promoting themselves and are often criticized as being a pyramid scheme.

This is not true. As we have seen, Wealthy Affiliate has a dedicated training course (Online Entrepreneur Certification) on choosing any niche or a product to build a website.

People who are new to affiliate marketing often find it difficult to choose or search for a niche of their choice. A lot of members opt to promote Wealthy Affiliate because of their indecisiveness in finding an appropriate topic to build a website.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp training is created to help such members earn money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate as a niche.

Affiliate Marketing’s core concept is to make money online by promoting products/services. My take is if you are making money promoting Wealthy Affiliate that means you have learned this core concept of doing affiliate marketing.

If you can make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate then you can make money promoting any product/service. In the end, the choice is yours.

How does Wealthy Affiliate pay its affiliate?

Affiliates are paid through PayPal on the first day of every month.


Long existence – There are not many platforms in the affiliate marketing segment that are existing since 2005. Wealthy Affiliate’s long history is proof that it is very much legit and trusted by millions.

It is a rare achievement and confirmation of the solid background and leadership it carries to maintain its stability in the long run.

All-in-one package – Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform offering training and multiple resources to start and implement an affiliate marketing business.

With website building, research tools, content creation, SEO, PPC, email marketing, YouTube, and continuous support under one roof you don’t have to spend time researching and investing money in third-party resources.

This is one of the main reasons for the high retention rate for Wealthy Affiliate where people usually remain associated with it for a long time.

Ongoing support – Wealthy Affiliate has a preservation of valuable information on affiliate marketing by its members. The search bar is like a treasure that produces various results on any topic that you can think of.

The live chat, ask a question, and private messaging options can get you answers and solutions quickly.

You cannot forget the Site Support team which ensures your websites are always up and running.

Newbies and learning affiliate marketers can blind rely on the supporting options of Wealthy Affiliate.

Very affordable – Pricing of $49 per month is too good for so many features. It’s a rare platform that offers almost everything one needs to get started and implement an affiliate marketing business.

To further reduce your investment, you can take advantage of Black Friday offers every year to save more on your membership cost.

The platform also offers community credits that can be converted into cash credits against website comments and any training added by its members. This can be utilized as another option to pay your membership subscription.


No refunds – You won’t get any refund on your membership fees. Neither there is any money-back guarantee. But you can cancel your membership anytime.

Distracting membership rankings – Wealthy Affiliate has an internal ranking structure that is measured based on its member’s performance and engagement within the community.

This is more of a distraction than motivation and one should avoid thinking about it and stay focused on building their business.

No instant financial results – Affiliate marketing is an online business and making money with it takes time. There are no instant financial results and if you are looking to make quick money then Wealthy Affiliate should not be your option.

Conclusion: Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it and recommended?

Affiliate marketing is a proven method to make money online. If done correctly, it has the potential to make people millionaires. To achieve this, you need established training methods, relevant tools, helpful resources, and of course continuous support.

The internet is full of affiliate marketing scams. Without proper research, there are chances of losing your hard-earned money and falling into such scams.

Wealthy Affiliate does not make bogus claims. It doesn’t promise huge gains while you are asleep. The promoters of Wealthy Affiliate understand that affiliate marketing requires persistence and doggedness to achieve results.

This is the reason you will not only find effective training but also website hosting, and other resources to jumpstart your affiliate marketing business. It has excellent tools for market research, and multiple support channels to keep you going.

There are a few cons that we discussed above but they are overshadowed by the value and knowledge offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is well-recommended if you are looking to make money online, learn the process of affiliate marketing by spending a few hundred dollars in a year, and implement your learnings to the core to gain huge ROI. There is more to gain than to lose.

Even if you sign up for the free starter membership, you will still have access to level-1 core training, website building, and full support for 7-days.

So, if you click the above link to create your free starter account don’t forget to message me privately in case you need any help inside Wealthy Affiliate. My username is arifshaikh27.

I will also share my personally created resources if you upgrade to premium membership within first 7-days.

These resources will help you build and scale your business website without any additional investment on third-party apps/platforms.


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  1. Hello there! Thank you very much for dropping this review. I’m a big fan of affiliate marketing and the main reason is because of wealthy affiliate platform. That platform has changed my life, It doesn’t only earn me money, it teaches and exposes me to a lot of things. Wealthy affiliate is no scam, it’s a very legit platform and I’d say say kudos to the creators and I’ll definitely recommend this to everyone. 

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  4. Wealthy affiliate is far the best affiliate marketing platform I have come across , it’s one of the best ways to earn money online just by learning and I love the facts that are very good in class training, I relay love to attend the classes and they also have the lowest and the most affordable pricing, it was really thoughtful of you to share this amazing article review, it was really helpful. 

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  5. Wealthy Affiliate has really helped literally thousands of people online to make a part time and full time living. Some that I know of have already quit their physical jobs. Honestly, it’s worth every time and effort. But it’s not as easy as we may think. 

    Each and every of those profiles above put in the hard work and were very patience enough until they began seeing profit. Most of them decided to give up their full time job to get committed. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, and regrettably, that’s what most people think. I’m also on my way to be able to quit my job soon.

    • Hi Kelvin

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