What is Typeform Affiliate Program? Share Survey Forms and Make Money

What is Typeform Affiliate Program?

Every business needs data to grow. These businesses also have to find a way to ensure that their audience has the best experience when it comes to their brands. One thing is clear: the sharing of information through forms and surveys can make the gathering of data fun and flawless for many organizations. This is where Typeform comes in. The tool helps businesses to make professional forms and surveys to collect data or information for brand improvement. Typeform creates engaging and conversational surveys and forms and also provides an opportunity to make some money through their affiliate program. What is Typeform Affiliate Program?

Read on as I discuss Typeform in detail and how you can make money from it as an affiliate.

What is Typeform? An Overview

Typeform is a cloud-based form and survey management app designed for small and large businesses. It is safe to say that Typeform is the future of online surveys and forms.

It helps you to integrate with more than 500 apps including MailChimp, Salesforce, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Zapier, Hubspot, etc.

What is Typeform affiliate program?

The affiliate program is where you can earn a 20% recurring commission for every sale made through your affiliate link.

This is an ample opportunity for course instructors, marketing agencies, software comparison websites, and content creators who are bloggers or who make podcasts to make some cool cash.

You can promote Typeform on your platform as an affiliate and earn a 20% commission every time your audience makes a purchase.

Almost every business that has an online presence would need to create an online form or conduct surveys at some point. For some businesses, it is a routine. So, the opportunity to make money as an affiliate is huge.

The fact that more businesses will come online makes the opportunity even bigger.

How does the Typeform Affiliate Program work?

The Typeform affiliate program works in three steps. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to https://www.typeform.com/affiliates/ and scroll down to click “make me an affiliate”
  2. Get your affiliate link and place it on your blog
  3. Start earning money immediately a customer makes a purchase

Benefits of Typeform

1. Unlimited forms and surveys – One can create unlimited forms and surveys even with a free account. This makes it very attractive for starters who want to have a feel of the tool before deciding to purchase a paid plan.

2. Drag and drop tool – Making your forms with Typeform is a stroll in the park. You can create the type of form that you like with a lot of flexibility. The forms could be with multiple-choice questions; you can select pictures and include them in the form, have a rating scale, and more.

It allows you to create user-friendly and interactive forms. Not just forms, you can also create exciting surveys with the software.

3. Free API – Typeform is designed with easy deployment and practical application in mind. With the free API, you can easily link your forms and surveys with other apps. To make your job very convenient, the software also has the option of data export.

4. Logic jump – This is another impressive feature that makes Typeform stand out from the rest. The “logic jump” function allows you to add a survey logic that is personal to you.

5. High return rate – The software gives you a high return rate when you put up a survey or embed a form. This ensures that your data is credible and dependable. You are also sure of accurate results.

6. SSL encryption – When it comes to online security, Typeform takes it seriously. This is why it is using 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure that your data is not intercepted by unauthorized persons.

All the features above make the tool very enticing to your audience and can increase your conversion rates if you join the Typeform affiliate program.

Typeform Pricing

To join the affiliate program is free. But there are three Typeform subscription plans. Your audience can choose the plan that best suits their pocket. The plans are:

  • BasicThis goes for $25 monthly. This is for one user and comes with unlimited forms and questions
  • PlusThis costs $50 monthly. It is for three users
  • BusinessIt goes for $83 monthly. It comes with priority support and online chat

Can I make money with Typeform Affiliate Program? 

Yes, you can make money with the Typeform affiliate program. There is a 20% commission to be made for every qualifying purchase.

If someone purchases the basic plan which costs $25, the commission is $5. The business plan is $83, which translates to a commission of $16.6.

You can make good money if you make at least ten sales in a month.

Is Typeform Affiliate Program a scam?

There are plenty of affiliate scams out there. So, you will have to tread cautiously when looking for an affiliate platform to join.

You can trust the Typeform affiliate program. There are no hidden secrets. Everything is transparent and payment is made promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I reach out to Typeform concerning their affiliate program?

Answer: You can reach out at support@typeform.com

2. How does Typeform pay its affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates are paid using PayPal or Stripe. Payment is made by Partnerstack which is the affiliate network that handles the Typeform affiliate program.

3. How can my performance be tracked?

Answer: You can track your referrals through the stats provided by Partnerstack.

4. Does Typeform have a free plan?

Answer: Yes, it has a free plan with limited features.

5. Must I be a user of Typeform before I can join the affiliate program?

Answer: It is not necessary to be a user of Typeform before joining the platform.

6. Does Typeform have support for languages other than English?

Answer: There is support for other languages like Catalan, French, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Croatian, Dutch, Polish, etc.

7. What type of device does Typeform support?

Answer: It supports Linux, Windows, Mac, iPad/iPhone. The software is also web-based.


  • It is free to join the affiliate program
  • Recurring monthly commission
  • Prompt affiliate payment
  • Plenty of form and survey templates to choose from
  • No coding experience is required
  • Typeform is simple and easy to use with great UX
  • Supports integration with other apps like MailChimp, Google Sheet, Salesforce, etc.
  • The app helps you to create professional forms and surveys
  • Helps to easily collect data
  • It is extremely user-friendly and intuitive


  • 20% commission rate is low
  • Typeform is a bit pricey

Conclusion: Is the Typeform Affiliate Program recommended?

I recommend the Typeform affiliate program if you are a course instructor, content creator, or someone that has a website where people learn something.

Though, the 20% commission is low. But you can make good money if you have a considerable number of sales monthly through your affiliate link.

The fact that Typeform integrates so well with other apps like MailChimp, Google Sheet, and Salesforce means you can potentially attract a lot of sales.

The payment option is either PayPal or Stripe. This means you will get your payment with the utmost ease if you join the affiliate program.

One interesting thing about the software is that it can be used without the knowledge of coding. This makes it extremely easy to use for your audience and can help increase your conversion rate.

All in all, this is an excellent affiliate program that can boost your income over time.

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