What is Tupperware MLM? Tupperware MLM Business Opportunity

what is Tupperware MLM

Back in the day, Tupperware was known for producing kitchenware like plastic plates. Yes, they still do it today. Our moms were known for using some of the products and many of such products are still available in many kitchens. But do you know that you can make good money by selling Tupperware products through their MLM program? So, what is Tupperware MLM?

Today, I will be reviewing the Tupperware MLM business model and let you see why it is different from other MLM models. You will also know if the Tupperware MLM is legit or a scam.

What is Tupperware MLM? An Overview

Tupperware is one of the leading American MLM companies that sell home and kitchen products. The company was founded in 1946 by Earl Tupper. He was a chemist who invented durable plastics to replace the normal kitchenware in America.


In those days, using plastics in the kitchen was unpopular because many Americans considered it to be smelly but Tupper had a breakthrough by inventing plastics that are durable, odorless, non-toxic, and safe for storing food.

In 2014, the company made $2.6 billion in sales. The company divested over the years and forayed into other areas like kids and toys, food storage, serveware, cookware, and bakeware.

Tupperware products are sold across many countries like China, India, Canada, Brazil, etc. It has more than 2 million representatives worldwide. It is also quoted on NASDAQ.

How Tupperware MLM works?

In this section, you will find all the information you need to decide on whether to join the Tupperware MLM or not.

Tupperware’s sale method is through direct selling. Members showcase their products by organizing parties. There is no advertisement or marketing. The parties serve as a place where the products are advertised to party attendees. This is a completely different strategy from the usual way the other MLM businesses operate.

Tupperware produces quality products that are not replaced periodically. This is why it is different from other MLM companies that are into cosmetics and beauty products. The products are long-lasting.

There is basic sales training for new members. The moment you become a member, you are given Tupperware Business Binder which contains the basic sales training.

Why you should join the Tupperware MLM model?

There are different reasons why you should join Tupperware. Here are some of them:

Tupperware Product
  1. Established MLM Company – Tupperware has been operating for more than 7 decades which is an impressive achievement by all standards. Being a company with longevity gives you the confidence that the organization is not going down soon.
  2. Affordable products – MLM companies usually have overpriced products. This is not the case with the Tupperware MLM. There is a lot of sales boost when products are affordable for consumers. This guarantees large orders from the customers.
  3. Quality products – Quality products are the main reason why Tupperware is still in operation. The products are of great quality and made with durability in mind. These products are also reasonably priced. The durability of the products cannot be compared with their competitors.
  4. Popular products – Apart from the fact that the products are of high-quality and affordable, the products are also popular. Since the products are well-known and popular already, the representatives don’t need to talk too much. Tupperware is a good brand that promotes itself. It doesn’t require any kind of hype.
  5. Great incentives – The Tupperware MLM provides excellent incentives to its representatives in the form of commissions. There are different percentages of commissions that encourage many people to join the Tupperware MLM.
  6. Training – There is a basic kind of sales training for every new member that joins the Tupperware MLM. The training helps to prepare the newcomers on how to get started. There are also coaching and mentoring programs to enhance the career of new members.

How to join Tupperware MLM?

Joining the Tupperware MLM is very straightforward. You can join online through their website at https://www.tupperware.com/join-us/. When you visit the website, you will have to click “FIND A REP”. Type your country’s zip code to find a representative. 

Another way of joining the Tupperware MLM is by going through an authorized member of the company’s consultant team. Your application will be approved after a thorough check. You are good to go once your application is approved.

The requirement for joining the Tupperware MLM

The requirement for formally joining the Tupperware MLM is to purchase a starter pack. There are three starter packs to choose from.

  • Basic Kit – This will cost you $60
  • Starter Kit – This is for $110
  • Accelerator Starter Kit – It goes for $349

The Tupperware MLM Compensation Plan

There are different compensation plans for new and existing members. Below are the details of the plans:

  1. Sales commissions – This refers to the base commission that representatives can earn for the products sold at retail prices. The commission is 25%. This commission is earned when products are sold at the demo parties or online. The criterion for qualifying for this commission is that a representative must have generated sales of $600 in 6 months.
  2. Bonus commissions – If as a representative you are able to make more sales, you are entitled to bonus commissions as follows:
  3. Team performance commission – There are also commissions for team performance. If you are at the Manager level, you can earn a commission of between 4% and 8%. As a Director, your commission falls between 6% and 12%.
  • If you make $1,500 in retail sales, you will get a 5% commission extra for that month.
  • There is a 10% extra commission if you generate $4,000 in retail sales for a particular month.
  1. Host Bonuses – Representatives are to recruit hosts for their parties and demos. There are no commissions given to the host. However, there are discounts and free products to take care of the hosting. If a host makes sales of about $200 or more, he or she would have a select a product from a catalog of many featured products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I get the Tupperware catalog?

Answer: The catalog can be gotten online at https://www.tupperware.com/shop-publications/

2. Can Tupperware be regarded as a Pyramid Scheme?

Answer: No, the Tupperware MLM is not a pyramid scheme. Representatives can sell their products and make commissions directly but recruitment is required to make a good amount of money.

3. How can I find Tupperware’s Independent Representative?

Answer: To find a representative, visit the website at https://www.tupperware.com/ and click on “FIND A REP”. Then, enter your country’s zip code.

4. How is Tupperware MLM better than others?

Answer: The Tupperware MLM is better than other MLM companies because the company focuses on retail sales.

Who is it for?

It is perfect for people who want to work within a flexible schedule. Tupperware MLM will be ideal for people who love direct sales and selling generally. It is also perfect for housewives, cooks, and chefs.


  • There is an assortment of products
  • Reasonable sales target
  • The products are free of BPA
  • Durable and top-quality products
  • You can sell online
  • Flexible work schedule
  • No inventory


  • Complaints about shipping charges by customers
  • No sales; no commission
  • Hiring people is required

Legit or scam

Tupperware MLM is not a scam. It is a legit company that has been in operation for 75 years.

Conclusion: Is Tupperware MLM recommended?

Yes, it is recommended because it operates a different type of MLM that is at variance with the other MLM companies.

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  1. I grew up many years ago when Tupperware and Avon parties were all the rage. It seemed that every household had a full matching set of these versatile kitchenware products. What is most impressive though is that after 40 years, many of these same products are still staples in the kitchen! I’m definitely not a fan of MLM’s, but I can recognize that at least this company offers quality products that are made to last!


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