What is Thrive Themes Affiliate Program: Earn with Themes

What is Thrive Themes Affiliate Program

Are you in search of an affiliate program that offers recurring commissions? If the answer is yes, then, you are in for a good time. In this article, I shall be reviewing the Thrive Themes affiliate program. You will also want to know what is Thrive Themes affiliate program and if it is legit or a scam. Read on as you will find all the answers to make an informed opinion about the Thrive Themes affiliate program.

What is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes is one of the biggest developers of WordPress themes and plugins in the world. The company offers mobile-friendly themes and intuitive plugins to make website design easier and simpler.

What is Thrive Themes affiliate program?

The Thrive Themes affiliate is a program where you can earn great commissions for selling the Thrive Themes products like WordPress themes and plugins.

To earn a commission, all you have got to do is to convince a client to buy a theme or plugin. You will start earning commissions immediately after a client purchases a product.

Thrive Themes Products & Affiliate Program Overview

Thrive Themes has got some of the best tools for WordPress websites. It is an innovative company that started in 2003 to help improve the user experience in the online ecosystem.

The company has innovative tools that help to boost online business. Some of the tools are Thrive Themes, Clever Widgets, Landing Pages, Thrive Leads, Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Apprentice, Thrive Ultimatum, Headline Optimizer, Thrive Ovation, Thrive Comments, and many more.

There are 16 products in total that can help you to increase the conversion rate and turn first-time buyers into enduring customers.

As a website designer or blogger, you can make more money by joining the Thrive Themes affiliate program. You can make as much as 35% commission on any product sold and the most interesting part is that you will also be earning recurring commissions of 25% yearly in case the buyer renews the purchase.

Details of Thrive Themes products you can promote

Thrive Themes Products

There are many excellent products developed by the Thrive Themes that you can promote and sell. Here are some of them:

  1. Thrive Themes – These are WordPress themes built with great optimization in mind. They are light, user-friendly, and mobile responsive.
  2. Landing Pages – These are professional landing pages that are suitable for anything you can imagine. All the pages can easily be customized to suit your needs.
  3. Thrive Architect – This is one of the best WordPress visual editors. It is intuitive and versatile. With the visual editor, you can build a website from the ground up.
  4. Thrive Leads – This is a complete email marketing tool with exceptional automation. Opt-in emails and call to action can be created on your website with Thrive Leads.
  5. Clever Widgets – Contents can be shown in different widget areas with Clever Widgets. These contents can be shown based on tags, categories, pages, and posts.
  6. Thrive Ultimate – This is a marketing tool for increasing website conversions. It comes with countdown timers to increase the conversion rate.
  7. Thrive Ovation – With the Thrive Ovation, you can get testimonials on auto-pilot. All the testimonials are organized in one spot.
  8. Thrive Build Quiz – Quizzes can easily be customized using the Thrive Build Quiz. This helps you to get customers insight and do proper engagement on your website

How does the Thrive Themes affiliate program work?

You earn a 35% commission when you introduce a product and a sale is made.

Apart from that, Thrive Themes also offer two membership plans which are Thrive Membership and Agency Membership. If a membership plan is purchased through your affiliate link, you will get a 25% recurring commission every year as far as the buyer pays the renewal fee.

The membership plans offer the following:

  • Access to updates of plugins
  • Access to 10 WordPress plugins
  • Access to content and templates
  • Offers unlimited support

Requirements for becoming an affiliate

There are some requirements you must meet before you can become a Thrive Themes affiliate.

Below are the requirements:

  • You should have a YouTube channel or website with contents that are related to WordPress
  • Your affiliate website must not host malware or allow spam
  • You cannot buy the products as an affiliate
  • Running PPC campaigns on brand keywords is not allowed
  • No gifts or money must be given to people who are buying the products or subscription

How to sign up for the affiliate program

To sign up for the program, you have to visit https://thrivethemes.com/affiliate-program/. Then, click on “Apply For Our Affiliate Program Now”. It takes a maximum of 7 days for an application to be approved or rejected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. On what day of the month is the payment made?

Answer: Payments are made after 30 days. This is due to the 30-day refund policy of the company. If the customer doesn’t ask for a refund within 30 days, then, your commission will be confirmed and paid on the first day of the new month.

2. Why is my application to join the affiliate yet to be approved?

Answer: Thrive Themes affiliate ensures there is integrity in the application process. These are some of the reasons your application may not be granted.

  • If you don’t submit a website
  • If your website link contains malware
  • If the email you used in applying for the program has been blacklisted.

3. How many days does it take to review my affiliate application?

Answer: It takes 7 business days.

4. What is the duration of the cookie?

Answer: The cookie lasts for two years

5. How do I get paid?

Answer: Payments are made through PayPal

6. How do I contact Thrive Themes for any special requests?

Answer: You can send an email to affiliates@thrivethemes.com. Replies are usually within 24 hours.

Who is it for?

Thrive Themes affiliate program is ideal for bloggers, website designers, affiliate marketers, online entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in making money online.


  • Recurring commissions – This is not one of those affiliate programs where you get a one-time payment. The affiliate offers recurring commissions. It means you will earn commissions for every product that is renewed yearly by the user or buyer.
  • Reputable company – The fact that Thrive Themes is a reputable company known for churning out quality and responsive themes and plugins make it most convincing to would-be buyers or customers
  • Quick payouts – There are no delays when it comes to payment. The Thrive Themes pays you once you reach the $20 threshold. Payment is done through PayPal
  • Low payout threshold – There is no doubt that $20 is one of the lowest payment thresholds you can find in any affiliate program. This makes it easy for many affiliates to start earning in less time.
  • Affiliate training – If you are new to affiliate marketing or to Thrive Themes products, there are many resources to educate you to know what to do.
  • Two-year cookie – Thrive Themes is a magnanimous company for having a 2-year cookie where some affiliate programs have just a 30-day cookie. This means if you introduce a product to a potential customer and the person purchases the product within two years, you will earn a commission.


  • Only PayPal payment method – The only means of receiving your affiliate commission is through PayPal. There are no other payment options available.

Legit or scam

The Thrive Themes affiliate program is legit and pays commission as at when due. It is not a scam.

Conclusion: Is the Thrive Themes affiliate program recommended?

Yes, it is recommended 100% if you want to earn cool cash by promoting and selling the Thrive Themes website tools.

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