What is the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool: Jaaxy Review 2022

What is the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Niche site developers and bloggers always have a hard time researching keywords to rank well on the search engines. Most of them use the Keyword Planner from Google. That can be a hassle because a lot of keyword filtering needs to be done. If you want to be ahead of your competition, I would recommend the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. What is the Jaaxy keyword research tool? You will find out in this article.

The Jaaxy keyword research tool is super easy to use. It is capable of saving you time, money and give you an edge over your competition. The best part of it is that you can also earn money by promoting this tool as an affiliate marketer with a great commission rate. All of these and more are what I will reveal to you. So, let’s get started.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a term searched on search engines to obtain the most relevant and trustworthy information on the internet. It’s a search term for which you want your website content to be ranked in search engines. In short, something you type in google, bing, or yahoo search bar is a ‘keyword’.

Performing keyword research is a very competitive task. You need to keep in mind a few points while doing keyword research:

  1. The average and daily traffic to your targeted keyword
  2. The competitiveness of your targeted keyword
  3. The targeted keyword should make sense
  4. The targeted keyword should be relevant to your content

With a ton of information and content surrounding the keywords available on the internet, performing manual research for keywords is out of the question.

You need to have a powerful keyword research tool to help you find the most relevant and low competitive keywords.

What is the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool? An Overview

Co-founded by the same people that co-founded the Wealthy Affiliate University, Kyle and Carson have made the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool the world’s most advanced keyword research tool. 

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

With their experience in the world of online businesses and internet marketing, these guys have created a robust and powerful tool that is easy to use. Researching a low competition keyword is a breeze with this tool.

Using the tool, you can quickly try out some keywords and find out how difficult these keywords can rank on Google. The tool reveals great insights into new niches used by different brands without you doing any dirty job. 

The tool works by scraping Google search and returns hundreds of keywords that are perfect for many marketers who are clueless about these keywords.

Another great benefit of using the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool is that it has a feature that can help you find an affiliate program that fits your niche perfectly. You can also search for available domain names using the tool. This is more than a keyword research tool. It is a wizard.  It doesn’t matter if you are in search of a fresh business idea or you want to dig deeper into your existing niche, the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool will simplify everything for you. It is easy to sign up. It comes with 30 searches for free.

Explaining the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool in details

All the information that you need to know more about the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool and the affiliate program are shared below. You will find them very useful. 

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool has some features that are worth highlighting. This tool is made for newbies. So, let me share these important features for a better understanding.

  • Keyword research – The way this tool mines data is mind-blowing. If you want to build a profitable online business, the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool will help you in no small way.

This is how to use it for keyword research. Visit https://www.jaaxy.com/ and click on “Search” and then “Keywords”, type the keyword that you have in mind and you will see a list of keywords. This list of keywords comes with some parameters such as:

Keyword Results
Jaaxy Keyword Research Details
  1. Average – This is about the monthly average number of searches
  2. Traffic – The kind of traffic you will get if you get ranked on the first page
  3. QSR – This stands for Quoted Search Results. It is about the volume of search results you will get.
  4. KQI – It stands for Keyword Quality Indicator. This is an indicator of how good or bad a keyword can be. If the keyword is good, it shows green; decent is yellow while red means you should stay away. 
  5. SEO – This is the algorithm score for that keyword. If the score is high, then, it is a good keyword.
  6. Domains – It shows you the exact match domains if they are available
Jaaxy Bar
Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Features
  • Alphabet soup – The Alphabet Soup is like Google Suggest. This feature shows you suggested keywords. These keywords are scraped from Google. The feature provides you with all keyword variations by just inputting an alphabet in the search bar. The suggested keywords are based on their popularity. 
  • Search analysis – This is another wonderful feature you will find on the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. It is good to always do a SERP to see who is competing with you in your chosen niche. This is what the tool offers you by clicking the “Search Analysis” tab. This shows you who ranks on Google’s first page and other parameters like:
  1. Word count – This is the word count for the content written for that keyword since it is one of the factors for website ranking.
  2. Links on the page – This is about the number of both external and internal links
  3. Several backlinks – A high number of backlinks is revealed here. 
  4. Alexa rank – This helps you to gauge the strength of your website.
  5. Adsense – This reveals if your competition is paying for ads.
  • Affiliate program – Clicking on the “Affiliate Program” shows up different affiliate programs such as Commission Junction, Link Share, Click Bank, Digital River, etc. 

Benefits of becoming a Jaaxy Affiliate

Numerous benefits come with being a Jaaxy affiliate. Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy to use Dashboard – If you log in and click on “Affiliate Program”, you will be given your affiliate link. You can track your campaigns easily within the Dashboard.
  • Good commission rates – Jaaxy offers two premium plans.
Jaaxy Affiliate Commissions
Jaaxy Affiliate Program Commissions
  1. Pro, which goes for $49 per month
  2. Enterprise, which is $99 per month 

You can earn a $20 recurring commission monthly if your referral purchases the Pro Plan or $200 yearly if the referral goes for the yearly plan. For the Enterprise Plan, you can earn $40 monthly or $400 yearly depending on the duration of your referral purchases.

  • Unlimited cookie duration – Jaaxy affiliate cookie duration is forever. That means if someone clicks on your affiliate link today and makes a purchase after two years, you will earn a commission as long as the cache is not cleared.

How to start using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

You can start by using the Starter Plan which is the free plan by visiting https://my.jaaxy.com/upgrade

Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool is also part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can get access to the Jaaxy starter plan with a Wealthy Affiliate free trial plan. Upgrading to Wealthy Affiliate premium plans will give you full access to Jaaxy’s Lite account and Enterprise paid plan. To know more about it click here.

How to join the Jaaxy Affiliate program

  1. Go to https://my.jaaxy.com/. Register with your name, email, and password
  2. Click on “Affiliate Program” to get your affiliate link

Jaaxy Pricing

There are two paid plans to use Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool:

  • Pro ($49 a month): The Pro membership is aimed at newbies with some limited features.
  • Enterprise ($99 a month):  Enterprise plan is an advanced level package with full access to all the features of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

Apart from the paid plans, there is a free trial membership that includes 30 keyword searches.

Jaaxy Pricing Plans
Jaaxy Pricing Plans

Who is it for?

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool and its affiliate program are for niche site developers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and anyone who is looking for a way to make money online and rank the content quickly.

The Pros and Cons of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool and its affiliate program


  • Powerful keyword research tool
  • Quick and extremely easy to use
  • Provides you with competition analysis so you know how difficult it is to rank your chosen keywords on Google
  • The cookie is forever
  • It has a handsome affiliate commission that is paid within the first and third days of every month 
  • Comes with niche-specific features for checking domain names and affiliate programs. 
  • Great support team


  • You can only have 30 searches for free
  • Affiliate program payment is only through PayPal

Is Jaaxy legit or a scam?

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool and its affiliate program are 100% legit. They have no semblance of scams at all.

Conclusion: Are Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool and affiliate program recommended?

Yes, Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool is highly recommended if you are looking for an incredible tool to help you discover low competition keywords that can outrank your competition.

The affiliate program is also recommended for people who are interested in making money online by becoming an affiliate.


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