What is StoreAutomator? Review, Features, and Pricing

What is StoreAutomator?

Managing e-commerce/dropshipping business becomes extremely tough without automation. The manual process of product listing, warehousing, shipping, and delivery requires continuous effort and time. But there are tools and software that make things easier. Yes, it involves cost but the return on investment is fruitful. One of the automated software tools to manage your e-commerce/dropshipping business smoothly is StoreAutomator. I will tell you more about what is StoreAutomator, how does it work, its features, and the pros, and cons.

New to Dropshipping/E-commerce?

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What is StoreAutomator?

StoreAutomator is a web-based software tool designed to manage and automate various e-commerce tasks. With StoreAutomator, one can easily list products, manage inventory, monitor the data, and track orders by integrating multiple sales channels. It also helps users to adjust pricing according to their competitors with StoreAutomator Reprice feature.

StoreAutomator was founded in 2011 by Gary G. and Onur Okyay who are professional developers of web-based tools for e-commerce solutions.

How does the StoreAutomator work?

StoreAutomator is a membership-based tool. You can start testing StoreAutomator features by creating a 15-days free trial account. After 15-days you will have to opt for a paid plan If you want to continue using the StoreAutomator platform.

There is no visibility on actual pricing and one needs to get in touch with the StoreAutomator support team to check on pricing.

You can also request a demo to preview the features and check how the StoreAutomator platform actually works.

Once you become a member, you can then start integrating different sales channels with StoreAutomator. There is a knowledge-based guideline on how to perform the integration and use other features of StoreAutomator to automate your business tasks.

Features of StoreAutomator

StoreAutomator excels in providing some really cool features to automate your e-commerce business. A few of them are below:

Multichannel Management – Working on different sales channels is a demanding task. One needs to be agile and attentive in collecting the orders and managing several activities to fulfill the order requirements.

StoreAutomator provides the creation of multiple channel-based warehouses so that you can easily track your stocks, manage inventory, and monitor the transfers between warehouses. The order completion is owed to 3PL, Amazon FBA integration where orders are automatically routed by suppliers.

What’s more, is, you can easily manage shipping requirements by integrating with different carriers and shipping software. There is no need to rely on external resources for invoice creation, packaging, and labeling as all of these are taken care of by StoreAutomator.

Advanced Product Listing & Management – Listing of products is the core activity to make or break your business. E-sellers have to be smart in listing and managing their products to make consistent profits. StoreAutomator’s smart multichannel listing features include:

  • Listing creation – You can create a product listing from the scratch and based on different channels you use. It also helps to auto-sync the quantities, addition, deletion, or masking of products channel-wise, customize product data, and manage shopping carts.
  • Mapping – Product data discrepancies may turn away your customers. For proper display of products and their data, StoreAutomator provides advanced mapping and templating features. It helps you format, map, and customize the product data to match with individual product channels.
  • Smart Pricing – Every channel has its own strategy to provide products and earn profits. This is equally true for the sellers who use these channels. As an e-store owner, you must have control over the pricing of products.

StoreAutomator has a solution where you can edit the product pricing based on marketing channels. The pricing can be further controlled on inventory, channel, and each channel item. You can also make use of the StoreAutomator Reprice option to build a pricing strategy for better growth and monetary benefits.

Easy Integration – Toggling between multiple sales channels and marketplaces is never easy. It consumes lots of time, effort, and even money. That’s why a single platform to manage all platforms is more convenient.

StoreAutomator integration feature is easy to use and connects multiple platforms in a few clicks. If you cannot do it yourself, the support team of StoreAutomator helps you step-by-step on the integration process. You don’t have to worry about the number of platforms you deal with once you are part of StoreAutomator.

Not only sales channels like Amazon, Walmart, or Etsy, but StoreAutomator also supports integration with shopping carts like Shopify, WooCommerce, service providers such as Amazon FBA, ShipStation, and product feed services with Facebook, bing, and many more.

Reporting – In the end, it all comes down to monitoring and tracking. StoreAutomator’s analytics is superior in terms of providing statistics according to dates, headings, orders, revenues, product, channel, etc.

StoreAutomator features and services have been rated very highly by its users on different online platforms. This shows its credibility and excellence in providing reliable automated solutions in the e-commerce industry.

StoreAutomator Pricing

StoreAutomator claims to provide simple monthly pricing but the actual pricing is not mentioned on its website. You will have to contact the support team and book a demo to get a suitable pricing plan.

The platform offers customized pricing plans based on the level of your business.

Can I make money with StoreAutomator?

StoreAutomator does not have an affiliate or partner program where you can make money directly by referring others.

The best way to make money with StoreAutomator is by using its features to automate your online business.

One of the pain areas is performing manual tasks while running your e-store. Many e-sellers and drop shippers lose considerable time and money running between different platforms for product listing, warehousing, packaging, and shipping.

These tasks can be performed automatically by StoreAutomator and you can concentrate on building and growing your business that will bring great profits in return.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is StoreAutomator free to use?

Answer: No. StoreAutomator offers a 15-days free trial to test its feature but it does not have any free plan.

2. What kind of support does StoreAutomator provide?

Answer: The support is available through live chat, phone, and email. Members can also use knowledge-based guidelines on how to use the StoreAutomator features.

3. Who is StoreAutomator suitable for?

Answer: StoreAutomator is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses such as e-commerce store owners, drop shippers, online marketers, etc.

4. What are the alternatives to StoreAutomator?

Answer: Some of the alternatives are ChannelAdvisor, ChannelSale, SellerActive, etc.


  • Easy-to-use – The use of the platform is very easy. The navigation, integration process, and other onboarding aspects do not require specialized skills or knowledge. The platform works well with all kinds of businesses big or small.
  • Excellent support – The support from StoreAutomator is highly rated. The team offers excellent support in terms of integration, and overall usage of StoreAutomator features. Users are at will to contact the team through email, phone, and live chat. There are also how-to guides, blogs, and e-books on offer to make the knowledge spreadable.
  • Valuable automation – Automation features of StoreAutomator stand out. Apart from smooth integration, the customization of product listing and data management, smart pricing options, and multichannel warehousing helps every business owner save time, money, and effort.
  • Outstanding customer ratings – The platform has garnered almost 5 stars owing to its usability and automation features by its users. This is no mean feat in the online industry that is dominated by many similar offerings.


  • No transparency on pricing – One drawback is pricing which is not available upfront. Interested individuals may have to spend extra time and effort discussing their business with the StoreAutomator team to get suitable pricing.
  • Tricky UI – The User Interface could be tricky for some. Although, the overall usage is smooth and easy newbies may take time to get used to it.

Conclusion: Is StoreAutomator worth using and recommended?

StoreAutomator is a well-designed and crafted software from an automation perspective. The features on the listing of products, inventory management, pricing control, and multichannel usage are superb.

There is no doubt that getting associated with StoreAutomator will help you improve your store capacity, and make it more engaging and intriguing among your visitors.

Pricing invisibility could be one of the factors to draw a complete conclusion on using the platform but as such there are no major complaints/issues raised by its existing users on making payments to StoreAutomator.

Looking at the ease of use, flexibility, and convenience it provides to its users, StoreAutomator is well-recommended and worth using for every e-commerce/drop shipper out there.

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