What is Staples Affiliate Program? Sell Stationery To Make Money

What is Staples Affiliate Program?

In this post, I will be taking a deep look at the Staples affiliate program as a good alternative to the Amazon Associates program. A lot of people love Amazon Associates for obvious reasons like a high conversion rate. But there are areas where Staples is outstanding. So, what is Staples affiliate program?

Staples is a reputed platform that provides office stationery to businesses and also offers an earning opportunity through its affiliate program.

Staples offer commission for commissionable products. I will list the commissionable and non-commissionable products as I go further in the review.

So, why should you join the Staples affiliate program? Before I go deeper into the review it is important to tell you a bit about Staples.

What is Staples?

Staples Retail is a retail company that is into the supplies of office products, furniture, electronics, stationeries, and other items to small and large businesses.

The company has over 1,000 physical stores spread across many countries and also sells a variety of products online.

What is Staples affiliate program?

The Staples affiliate program is a referral program that rewards affiliates with up to 5% commission if a product is purchased through your affiliate link.

Staples have commissionable and non-commissionable products. The commission rate is between 1% and 5% depending on the type of products purchased through your affiliate link.

It doesn’t matter if you are a digital media marketer, social media marketer, or blogger. No matter what you are on the internet space, you can refer visitors to the website of Staples and earn a decent commission.

How does the Staples affiliate program work?

The way the Staples affiliate program works is by signing up with the affiliate network partner, which is Commission Junction. It takes up to 5 days to know if your application has been approved or not.

Once your application is approved, you will have access to tools you can use to promote Staples including text links and weekly promotions that can entice your website visitors.

When someone purchases through your affiliate link, Staples will take care of everything from order to shipping and customer service, and you simply earn a commission without lifting a finger. Sales can also be tracked through the CJ.com dashboard.

How can I register with the Staples affiliate program?

To become an affiliate for Staples, you will have to sign up on Commission Junction as a Publisher. Click on this link https://signup.cj.com/member/signup/publisher/#/ to sign up.

Staples Products 

Staples products cater to different office needs and requirements. The company has been providing paper, printers, scanners, Ink & Toners, and more for decades.

Staples later expanded its products category covering computers & accessories, electronics, furniture, etc. It has a wide range of products sold across the US, UK, and Canada.

The company has a good reputation and an authoritative retail presence that makes its products worth buying.

Staples Commissionable Products 

Below are some of the products that could earn you between 1% and 5% commission for selling any of them through your affiliate link:

  • 5% commission for binders, calendars, staplers, trimmers, pen refills, rubber bands, tape, punches, clips, and planners.
  • 4% commission for surge protectors, cables, computer bags and cases, stamps, envelopes, labels and label makers, school supplies, forms, digital media, batteries, file folders and papers, Rolodex, pens, lighting, boards.
  • 3% commission for medical supplies, business books, MP3 and PC components, keyboards, mice, desks, cleaning supplies and janitorial, snacks, calculators, bookcases, shredders, telephones, safes, ink, and toner.
  • 2% commission for digital projectors, files and storage cabinets, chairs and tables, office décor, iPod accessories, monitors, shelving, armoires, stands, carts, media cabinets.
  • 1% commission for scanners, drives, software, cameras, hardware, memory, GPS, and accessories.

Non-commissionable items include laptops, business cards, printers, fax machines, copiers, and desktops.

Staples vs. Amazon: Areas where Staples is better than Amazon 

Though Amazon stocks more products than Staples with a high conversion rate, there are areas where Staples beat Amazon hands down. Find the analysis below:

  • In April 2020, Amazon made a cut on commission rates in some product categories. For instance, Home and Furniture was cut to 3% from 8%, and Business Supplies was reduced to 3% from 6%. If you are promoting products in any of these categories, it is high time you switched to Staples.
Amazon Associates Program Commissions
Amazon Associates Commissions

For instance, Staples offer a 5% commission for Office Supplies, and Furniture has got a 4% commission. Though the commission rates are low it is better than that of Amazon.

  • The Staples website is easier to browse on desktop and mobile compared to the Amazon website that is too clustered. This point could be argued but this is my observation.
  • Staples ship orders faster than Amazon. No one wants to wait for too long before getting their ordered items.
  • On Staples website, there is a section known as “Shoppable Spaces”. It is where you can get product inspiration plus ideas on how to design a workspace. This is like an online showroom and it is a nice resource for people who want to set up a workspace either at home or in the office.

Can I make money with the Staples affiliate program? 

Yes, you can make money from the Staples affiliate program. The least you can earn per product is $15. It means you can make some cool cash if you refer a lot of people to the Staples website.

The company also pays for generating traffic to the homepage. The EPC for 3 months is about $70, and up to $100 for 7 days EPC. This means you can earn almost $100 for every 100 clicks that you send to the Staples website.

Can I use email promotion to promote Staples? 

For affiliates, email promotion is one of the ways to promote Staples. It comes with no consequences. It is unlike Amazon where you will get a ban for promoting it through email. So, if you have a decent email list, you can experiment with email promotion.

Is Staples worth promoting? 

Yes, Staples is worth promoting because the platform has a higher commission than Amazon though Amazon converts better. Apart from earning a commission for products sold through your affiliate link, you can also earn money with EPC.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Staples cookie duration?

Answer: The cookie duration is 24 hours.

2. Which of the affiliate partners handles the Staples affiliate program?

Answer: It is handled by Commission Junction.

3. What tools does Staples provide for affiliates?

Answer: Staples provide text links and weekly promotions.

4. Can I track my performance from a dashboard?

Answer: Yes, you can track your performance when you log in to your CJ.com account.


  • It is free to join the affiliate program: Staples is an ideal platform to promote many items that are needed in day-to-day professional lives. Commission Junction is a well-trusted affiliate network partner and is accessible to everyone. There is no obligation to possess any expertise or skills to promote Staples products.
  • Staples is a well-respected brand: The company has been in the business of office supplies for more than 30 years. A lot of businesses rely on Staples to run their business. This makes it the most sought-after platform to make regular sales.
  • Decent commissions: Earning between 1% to 5% commissions in office stationery is very attractive. The commission rates are much better than Amazon and the likes. There is enough potential in Staples to make consistent income as an affiliate every month.
  • Tracking & Resources: It is easy to track your performance through Commission Junction. The supportive resources, banners, links, and a dashboard courtesy of CJ are very helpful. The weekly promotions are part of the tool you get to promote Staples through your affiliate website. You can continue to monitor your affiliate progress and improvise it for better conversions.


  • 24 hours cookie duration: The cookie duration makes Staples and Amazon even. You are on the verge of losing quite a few sales and commissions owing to 24 hours cookie duration.
  • Commission-restricted products: Commissions cannot be earned with important products like desktops, copiers, laptops, fax machines, and printers. This is another instance where Staples affiliates are kept away from making decent commissions on higher-priced products.

Conclusion: Is the Staples affiliate program recommended?

What determines the success of any affiliate marketer is your chosen niche. Staples.com has got different niches such as cleaning supplies, bags, office workspace, etc. So, choose a niche to start with.

Most of the commissionable products have high search volumes when I did my research with Jaaxy. This will help you get a lot of organic traffic that could convert to sales.

The fact that Staples.com has a higher commission rate than Amazon is encouraging. So, earning a commission by selling Staples products and earning through EPC could mean double blessings for you.

Staples offer text links and weekly promotions as tools for promoting your affiliate link. This is enough incentive to increase traffic and make sales. I will recommend Staples since CJ.com is their affiliate partner network.

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