What is Spocket Dropshipping (App)? Spocket App Review

what is spocket dropshipping app
What is Spocket Dropshipping App

In today’s post, I will be sharing a review of the Spocket app. This will make an interesting read if you are looking for a good dropshipping/e-commerce app to jumpstart your adventure in dropshipping. At the end of this post, you will find out what is Spocket Dropshipping app? What does it offer? If it is legit or a scam and if it is recommended or not. So, let’s get started.

What is Spocket Dropshipping app? An Overview

The Spocket app is an application that gets you connected to suppliers in countries like the United States and the UK. You can also connect to merchants in Australia and New Zealand. It extends to the European Union in general.

On the Spocket app, you will find tens and thousands of products and when you find the products you like, you can import them directly into your e-commerce store. It is as easy as that! The program integrates perfectly with Shopify and WooCommerce.

Spocket app is an excellent dropshipping app designed for e-commerce platforms. The platform offers a wide range of products in different categories and locations. The incredible thing about the app is that you can order some sample products to be sure of their quality. What stands it out from the rest of the competition is that the Spocket app doesn’t solely duel on AliExpress dropshipping.

You cannot go wrong with more than 30,000 dropshippers that make use of the app. You can open a free account on the Spocket app which is valid for 14 days to start selling products of your choice immediately. Selling products through social media like Facebook and Instagram is also allowed in case you don’t have an e-commerce store.

How does the Spocket App work?

Choose products from different categories such as toys, gaming, computing, automotive, home and garden, electronics and tech, fashion and clothing, etc.

Use keywords to search through an array of products to find your desired products. The products come with between 30% and 60% discount on the retail prices. This guarantees a higher profit margin.

How to set up the Spocket App?

Before you setup Spocket, you will have to decide which e-commerce platform you want to integrate with it. It is either you choose WooCommerce or Shopify.

How to open a Spocket account?

Create a Spocket account by visiting https://app.spocket.co/upgrade and start with a trial version. There are four options to choose from which include Starter, Pro, Empire, and Unicorn. All come with a 14-day trial.

Linking the store to the Spocket app

There are two ways to do this. It either you get it done directly from the Spocket app or from your e-commerce platform which should either be WooCommerce or Shopify. Follow these steps to connect your store to Spocket:

  • Login to your Spocket account
  • Go to the dashboard menu to choose “My Shop”
  • Connect to Shopify by typing in the URL of your store and that’s all.

To connect to WooCommerce, follow these steps:

  • First of all, install the Spocket plugin. Ensure that it is activated.
  • Go to “Setting” and click on “Spocket”
  • Then, paste your Spocket website ID which you will find by clicking on “My Shop” after selecting WooCommerce from the Spocket’s dashboard menu.

How to import the products to your store?

Spocket App Products

It is time to add the products to your store after you must have chosen the products that you want to display. Move your cursor over it to see a green bar appear showing “add to import list”. When a product is clicked, it will automatically be added to your “import list”.

Check the “import list” to review the entire products one after the other before they are published live on your store. The details of the products can also be changed. Details such as product name, description, category, images, and tags can easily be modified. After you are satisfied, you can now click on “Push to Store”.

Spocket vs. Oberlo

There is a need to make a short comparison between Spocket and Oberlo. Oberlo is also a dropshipping tool just like Spocket.

Here are the comparisons in brief:

  1. Product suppliers – Oberlo focuses only on AliExpress while Spocket has plenty of vetted suppliers. So, it means there are multiple ways to do product sourcing with Spocket.
  2. Automation – Both of them offer great automation but Spocket has got an edge
  3. Branding – When it comes to branding, Spocket ensures that your package is well branded just as you instructed before being shipped to the customer. Oberlo does the same but Spocket does it better
  4. Deliveries – Spocket product deliveries are faster when compared to Oberlo
  5. Support – They both offer exceptional support to their dropshippers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where are Spocket’s top retailers located?

Answer: The top retailers are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Canada.

2. How do I receive my orders?

Answer: You will receive a notification when you receive orders directly on your Spocket account.

3. Can I do a bulk export with my orders?

Answer: Yes, the bulk export of orders is allowed. Orders can be exported in a CSV file and then uploaded to your chosen e-commerce platform like WooCommerce or Shopify.

4. How is the payment done?

Answer: Payments are processed every Friday. The payment will take care of the orders received in the past week.

5. What is next after filling out the Spocket application form?

Answer: Your application would be reviewed by the Spocket team members. This is usually done within 24 hours. The next thing is to start importing products to your store after the activation of your Spocket account.

Who is it for?

Spocket app is designed for anyone who wants to make money online by venturing into dropshipping. This makes it ideal for online entrepreneurs, digital marketers, bloggers, and many more.


  • It provides awesome support with knowledgeable staff
  • Ease of sorting products with superior product selection
  • Seamless integration with some of the best e-commerce tools
  • The whole process is automated
  • No inventories are involved
  • Up to 60% of the suppliers reside in the EU and USA.
  • Spocket ensures that products are delivered to your customers on time
  • It offers an excellent profit margin of up 60%
  • The vetting process is very thorough to ensure that all products are of high-quality
  • When you add products from Spocket to your store, all the added products convert to the currency of your store
  • Offers the customization and branding of invoices
  • Product samples can be requested to be sure of their quality
  • Orders are automatically processed eliminating the need to manually send the orders
  • The interface is very sleek and extremely user-friendly


  • Spocket doesn’t support all e-commerce platforms. It doesn’t support Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.
  • Telephone support and chat are only available to people who subscribe to Spocket’s paid plans
  • You cannot communicate directly with the suppliers. If you run into any problems, you will have to communicate with the Spocket team
  • Taxes and customs duties are excluded. This means if they are added, it will increase the cost of the product on the average

Legit or scam

The spocket app is 100% legit. It is not a scam. Many drop shippers have used it and they have got excellent comments to make about the dropshipping tool.

Conclusion: Is Spocket dropshipping app recommended?

Yes, it is well recommended if you have been contemplating starting a dropshipping business. It helps you reduce the stress involved in starting a dropshipping business from the scratch.

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