What is Slidejoy App? Slidejoy Money-Making App Review

what is SlideJoy App
What is Slidejoy App

Not too many people know that they can use their mobile phones to make money. Yes, you read it right. Your phone can be a money-making machine. In this article, I will be sharing with you how you can make money from the Slidejoy app using your phone. What is Slidejoy app?

You must have come across some apps that claim to pay some money you earned but never paid a dime. I am also going to address your concern on whether the Slidejoy app is legit or a scam.

The good thing about this app is that it helps you to move a step further beyond just using your phone for making calls and sending text messages. With the Slidejoy app, it is as good as monetizing your phone. Without wasting any more time, let me go into details about this money-making app.

What is Slidejoy app? An Overview

Slidejoy is a mobile app for advertising on your smartphone’s screen lock to earn some money. Apart from ads, other earning methods include taking part in surveys, installation of apps and playing games.

The earnings are in Carats and can be redeemed through gift cards once you reach a minimum payout threshold of 1,575 carats. Gift cards can be redeemed from Amazon, Walmart and eBay.

It is important to state clearly that Slidejoy is not a charity organization that gives people money for doing nothing. Slidejoy has a lot of advertisers which means they are in business and making money too.

How Slidejoy make their money

Slidejoy has advertising partners that have chosen it as a medium to advertise their products and services. So, these ads are served out on the phones of Android users. Slidejoy provides all these advertisers with different revenue models that suit their advertising plans and budgets. There are some great benefits for advertisers.

One of the outstanding benefits for advertisers is that Slidejoy provides them with a platform that offers excellent engagements and exposures for their products and services.

Slidejoy benefits to advertisers

  1. Unparallel visibility – Slidejoy provides instant visibility for advertisers’ products and services. Millions of people worldwide use Android phones. This makes it a veritable platform to increase visibility when users lock their screens. According to statistics, users are served ads more than 60 times a day. This is a high level of exposure for advertisers.
  2. First impression – They say the first impression is everything. That is exactly what Slidejoy offer their advertisers. Ads are first noticed by the users before they go to the home screen of their phones. This helps to improve user engagement and experience. The android phone lock screen is an exceptional advertising space since the space is not competitive.
  3. High-targeting – The data gotten from users are used to serve relevant ads based on the user’s experience. User’s browsing behavior, demographics, and geo-location are used to achieve high targeting.
  4. Hub for contents – Since ads and contents are pushed out through the app, it becomes a hub for content like a news story or new ad. An average of 10 minutes is spent on the app by users; this makes it highly engaging for the audience.

How does Slidejoy work?

The Slidejoy app serves you the very latest news and personalizes your phone screen with ads. You are paid for allowing the ads to be displayed on your phone.

There is nothing for you to do to earn from Slidejoy other than just making your phone screen available for ads and news. As soon as you unlock your phone you will start earning points. When the app is installed, you are at liberty to choose how you interact with the content served on the lock screen.

How to interact with your lock screen

SlideJoy Screen Unlock

There are four ways to interact with your lock screen after installing the Slidejoy app.

  • You see the latest news when you swipe up on your lock screen
  • To unlock the phone and see the home screen, you need to slide to the right
  • To see more information on any content, you need to slide to the left
  • To see notifications, you will have to swipe down on your phone’s lock screen.

How much can one make from Slidejoy?

The earning calculation is not in the public domain. This is because Slidejoy makes use an algorithm to determine what people earn. But you can make between 15 cents and 45 cents per day. That falls between $5 and $15 in a month.

1000 carats equal $1 and you need to earn a minimum of $2 to get paid.

How to increase earnings with Slidejoy?

Earning from the ads served on your lock screen is just one of the ways of earning money from Slidejoy. You can use the app and make more money in other ways. These additional earning methods are:

  • Taking part in quizzes
  • Playing of games
  • Taking part in surveys
  • Watching of videos

How does Slidejoy make payment?

Slidejoy makes the payment in three ways. Payments are done through PayPal and gift vouchers but payment using PayPal has been stopped. If you are based in the United States of America, you can redeem your gift cards from Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Visa Prepaid Card.

For other countries, you can redeem the gift cards from Westside, Big Bazaar, and BookMyShow.

How to take part and earn from Slidejoy?

To start earning from Slidejoy, you will need to download the app from Google Play Store and install it. You can also join by visiting the Slidejoy website at https://www.getslidejoy.com/

Other screen locking app you can earn from

To make a meaningful amount of money from screen lock apps, it makes sense to download more apps to increase earnings. Installing many apps does not interfere with one another. I am going to recommend five apps. These apps are:

  • S’more
  • AdMe
  • ScreenPay
  • Fronto
  • Perk Screen

Who is it for?

Generally, Slidejoy is for money makers. If you are interested in making some money online, Slidejoy app is right for you. If you are a student, nursing mother, or housewife who wants to make some money from home then this is an ideal app for you.


  • The app can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store 
  • It helps you to make money doing nothing.
  • There are multiple ways of earning through the app
  • You can earn the cash through your Visa Prepaid Card
  • You can use the app in parallel with other screen lock applications to increase your earnings.


  • Not available for Apple users 
  • No more payment through PayPal
  • It is not available to all countries
  • Low earnings per day with an average of 20 cents
  • There are privacy issues since the company tracks your data to serve you relevant advertisements.

Legit or scam

There are more than a hundred reviewers of the Slidejoy app on Google Play Store. Many of the reviews are positive. Also, the company has got several partnerships with advertisers raking in millions of dollars yearly. So, in summary, the Slidejoy is a legit online money-making app.

Conclusion: Is the Slidejoy App recommended?

Yes, the Slidejoy app is recommended for people who are interested in making a decent amount of money. It is not an app that can make you a millionaire but can help you meet some basic needs.

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