What is ShipHero (Review 2022): Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

What is Shiphero

Managing order tracking, controlling inventory, shipping labels, and managing returns are difficult when working on multiple sales channels. To tackle various business operations tasks, the e-commerce section has come out with some great automation tools. One such tool I found is Shiphero. You’ll find more about this tool by reading this detailed review post. You will know what is Shiphero, how it works, and how you can get started using it.

We will also explore the different features offered by Shiphero and explain the pricing plans in detail. Finally, we will give our verdict on whether or not we recommend using this software.

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What is Shiphero?

Shiphero is a shipping and order management software that helps businesses of all sizes to streamline their business operations and shipping process. It offers a variety of automation features related to order fulfillment, shipping process, returns management, and more. With Shiphero, businesses can save time and money on their shipping process.

Shiphero started a warehouse management system in 2013 and expanded its services in order fulfillment by 2019. The company is owned by Aaron Rubin, who is an experienced e-commerce entrepreneur himself.

Shiphero has more than 5000 e-commerce brands using its services and it covers major locations in North America and Canada.

How does Shiphero work?

Shiphero is a cloud-based software which means you can access it from any device and location. It works by integrating with a business’s shopping cart or eCommerce platform.

Once it is integrated, Shiphero will automatically import orders into its system and provide shipping labels for the corresponding packages. Businesses can also track the status of their orders and returns through Shiphero’s online portal.

To get started with Shiphero, you will need to first sign up for an account. Creating an account with Shiphero depends on your business requirement. You can ‘Schedule a call’ to know more about Shiphero features. 

Its services are based on two different modules fulfillment services and shipping software.

Once you have chosen your services and created an account, you can then integrate Shiphero with your shopping cart or eCommerce platform. There are a variety of instructions available on the Shiphero website on how to do this.

Shiphero features and services

Shiphero offers a variety of features that help businesses to save time and money on their shipping process and order fulfilments. Some of the key features offered by Shiphero are as follows:

Business integrations: No matter where your store is, you can easily integrate it to Shiphero to streamline its operations. Some apps/platforms can be directly integrated with Shiphero which means you don’t have to depend on any third-party system or technical aspects to do this.

Shiphero integrations

Integrations include solutions from major e-commerce players such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and others. While you can also integrate some of the popular marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, etc. shipping carriers are where Shiphero excels.

It has many options for integration to make shipping affordable and efficient. FedEx, DHL, Shippo, UPS, USPS, and Canada Post are a few of them.

Shiphero also supports connecting with Loop Returns, and Returnly return management systems as well as quite a few reputed marketing platforms such as Klaviyo, Oracle Netsuite, and Channel Advisor to help you promote your business.

The best part of Shiphero integrations is you can directly connect to your favorite app/software with a few clicks or make use of its integration partners like APIWorx, Pipe 17, and Viking consulting.

Inventory warehousing: This feature allows businesses to manage their inventory in one place. This makes it easy for businesses to keep track of how much inventory they have on hand and prevents them from running out of stock.

Shiphero inventory management

The inventory management from Shiphero helps you centralize your stock and manage them from a single warehouse.

Shiphero is well-placed in terms of warehouse locations. It covers major ports and important destinations around the country that help them distribute your stocks intelligently. This definitely improves delivery time which can keep your customers coming back for more.

The inventory management services come with real-time updates and warehouse tracking. The system gives you a clear view of your inventory levels, products that are best-sold, and balancing/restocking the goods to avoid over/under-selling instances.

Order management: Centralization of inventory also helps you manage your orders from one place. Warehouse location and proper distribution of goods are instrumental in fulfilling orders on time.

Shiphero fulfillment process includes receiving orders, picking the products, packaging, and shipping including boxing, and labeling. Shiphero has a ParcelView feature which is an advanced tool to perform cross verification of goods that are packed and delivered to customers.

This feature helps you take a screenshot/picture when the order is packed. The picture acts like evidence to avoid any misuse, wrong product delivery, or instances of broken/damaged goods on delivery. This ensures accountability, transparency, and greater satisfaction at the customer end.

Order management is also equipped with automatic order tracking feature that will help you track orders in real-time. This also allows businesses to keep a close eye on their shipments and ensure that they are delivered on time.

Note: A minimum of 500 DTC (Direct to Consumer) orders is a must to create an account for order fulfillment with Shiphero.

Automated shipping: Shiphero offers excellent shipping features to its users for better delivery, savings, and customer satisfaction.

With Shiphero, you get discounted shipping rates through its partnerships with major carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS which will help you save money on shipping costs. It has a real-time carrier rate shopping feature that works on per barcode scanning giving you access to the cheapest shipping labels for printing.

The feature is helpful in creating and printing shipping labels automatically. This eliminates the need for businesses to manually create and print shipping labels, which can be time-consuming and error-prone.

Once your package is out for delivery, you can start tracking the shipment with Shiphero’s informative analytics and reporting. You can track the status of your shipment till it is delivered to your customer’s doorstep.

Detailed reporting: When it comes to reporting Shiphero has a special tracking and delivery feature called PostHero. This tool lets you predict the delivery of your shipment with its step-by-step reporting analytics.

Some of the information covered under the PostHero feature is tracking packages across carriers. You can filter the data based on shipment destination, shipment dates, and fulfillment gaps.

This will help you see which carrier is performing the best to identify more growth opportunities as well as which one needs improvement to address and fulfill the gaps for improved customer experience.

PostHero can be integrated with the Klaviyo email marketing platform to set up a trigger and email-based notifications which can provide more visibility to your customers. The downside of PostHero is it’s only available for US clients.

Shiphero reporting feature also covers detailed reporting on your business operations. You can view reports related to inventory, shipments, sales, etc. The reports can be customized based on your business KPIs with the help of Shiphero customer support.   

This makes it easy for businesses to track the status of their orders and view details such as order dates, shipping addresses, and tracking numbers.

Shiphero pricing

Shiphero pricing is divided into order fulfillment and shipping categories.

Order Fulfillment pricing:

The order fulfillment pricing from Shiphero has a list of charges calculated on the package weight. The pricing varies with standard delivery, 2-day delivery, overnight delivery, and zone-wise delivery.

For standard delivery, you pay from $5.60 to $32.34

For 2-day delivery, you pay from $11.69 to $56.67

For overnight delivery, you pay from $35.34 to $127.50

For zone-wise delivery, you pay from $9.27 to $127.50

As mentioned earlier, a minimum of 500 DTC orders are a must to avail of Shiphero’s fulfillment process.

The pricing could differentiate further based on the numbers and size of packages your business deal with. You can talk to the Shiphero fulfillment sales team to request a pricing quotation to suit your business needs. 

You can also check or download the Shiphero fulfillment pricing list here. 

Shipping software pricing:

Shiphero offers two different pricing plans for its shipping software solution: Standard, and Enterprise.

Shiphero pricing

Standard pricing is priced at $1850 per month. This includes access for up to 5 users with 10 store connections. It comes with benefits related to returns, automation rules, shipping rate shopper, setup and training, warehouse routing, and lot & expiration.

You will have to pay extra charges for every user and every store you want to add after Shiphero’s standard pricing limit.

Enterprise pricing is quotation-based. It comes with all the features included in its Standard pricing package along with an increased API rate, sandbox account, and contract options as extra added benefits.

You will have to contact Shiphero’s sales team to get the pricing quotation.

For 3PL (Third-party logistic) users, the pricing starts at $1995 per month with all the standard and enterprise features included.

Overall, Shiphero’s pricing plans are competitive and offer a variety of features that businesses can take advantage of.

The biggest downside to the pricing plans is that they are not very affordable for businesses that have lower volumes and limited budgets.

Is Shiphero worth its pricing?

Shipping and delivery remain one of the biggest pain points for e-commerce businesses. People decide the fate of a company based on the accuracy, efficiency, and timely delivery of goods. A lot of e-commerce solutions do offer software related to inventory/order management with standard shipping features.

Shiphero is different. Not only does it makes order fulfillment and inventory management easier, it also offers advanced shipping software to ensure your products/packages are well-tracked and reach your customers in top condition. The software is instrumental in achieving greater customer satisfaction that will help you scale your business.

Shiphero is highly praised for its ease of use, customer service, order fulfillment, inventory management, and shipping automation. The platform gathered more than 4-star ratings from its user which is really good.

Shiphero reviews

Shipstation and Pirate Ship are couple of alternatives to Shiphero. While Shipstation is very similar to Shiphero in terms of features it lacks robust automation related to shipping. But its pricing plans are way more affordable than Shiphero. Pirate Ship on the other hand is one of the cheapest options with even shipping software that is free to use with its standard pricing plans.

All in all, Shiphero does offer value for money but is comparatively more expensive than its competitors.

Can you make money with Shiphero?

Yes, you can. Shiphero will help your business gain traction with its powerful shipping automation software. It also lets you centralize the warehousing of stocks, fulfill orders in a zip, and provides step-by-step details on the whereabouts of your shipment till it is delivered to your customers.

Shiphero offers transparency and good customer support to help you achieve better customer satisfaction that will improve overall sales and generate more revenue.


  • Ease of use – Shiphero dedicates a representative to fulfill all your onboarding and setup needs. The platform isn’t too complicated and one can use their own knowledge to navigate and use its features.
  • Streamlines shipping and business operations – Shiphero offers a variety of features, including order fulfillment, shipping labels, returns management, and more. It manages your inventory really well owing to its multiple warehousing connection points, fulfills your orders in four quick steps of picking, packing, labeling, and shipping, and it also provides in-depth analysis and data on shipment tracking and delivery. Overall, it’s a complete e-commerce package with effective automation software and efficient operation services.
  • Multiple integrations – Shiphero integrates with multiple businesses’ shopping carts, eCommerce, shipping carriers, and marketing platforms. Integrating with your favorite store or app is a breeze and it provides you ample opportunity to connect with multiple stores and run your business uninterrupted.
  • Customer support – Shiphero offers excellent customer support through its website, email, and phone support. This allows businesses to get help with any issues they may encounter while using the Shiphero solution. You can also find various blogs, videos, and podcasts helping you tackle and resolve various issues related to Shiphero features.


  • Expensive – Shiphero does not talk about any free trial or free version on its website. This means you have to spend money upfront by subscribing to its paid plans. There is lots of flexibility while paying for its fulfillment services however, using the shipping software of Shiphero is very expensive. Starters and people with a low budget may not be able to afford to pay $1800+ as a starting price.

Conclusion: Is Shiphero recommended?

Shiphero is an excellent shipping and order management software that offers good practicality and automation in streamlining the shipping process.

With Shiphero, businesses can save time and money on their shipping process as well as run their operations with ease using its order fulfillment features.

The pricing of Shiphero may disappoint considerable amounts of users from the startup and small business segments.

But for those who can afford its pricing, Shiphero is well-recommended and favored to scale the business and shipping utilities.

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