What is SeneGence MLM? Make Money Selling Lipsticks!

What is SeneGence MLM?

Beauty and skincare products are always in demand among women. There are many companies that offer these products through different selling methods. The need for such products will never die down and it carries a lot of business value for the sellers. If you are a woman looking to make some income by selling beauty and skincare products then you should know about SeneGence MLM. What is SeneGence MLM?

It is a company that is selling women-oriented beauty and skincare products for more than 2 decades. They are better known for their ‘LipSense’ product that is widely popular and well-received.

If you are interested in reading more about SeneGence MLM, its products, compensation plan, etc. continue scrolling down. You will also know if SeneGence is a legit MLM program and worth joining.

What is SeneGence MLM?

SeneGence is an MLM company that is into selling skincare, anti-aging, and beauty products. The list includes cleansers, moisturizers, foundations, creams, etc. that help improve the appearance and aging of eyes, skin, face, and body.

SeneGence started their journey with a lipstick called ‘LipSense’ which is still their flagship product.

Joni Rogers-Kante is the founder and CEO of SeneGence that is based out of California, US. The company expanded its presence in Canada, Australia, UK, Italy, and Indonesia.

It operates with more than 500,000 distributors that sell its products in as many as 13 countries as of 2018.

How does SeneGence MLM work?

SeneGence uses a multilevel marketing business model to sell its products. The platform purely relies on hiring independent distributors with attractive commissions plan and perks on personal sales.

Their profits are further enhanced by encouraging their independent distributors to make a team of downlines to strengthen their own commissions and position.

SeneGence offers two plans to their distributors with a certain percentage of discounts on the products for the first 90-days. The plans are called ‘Jump Start’ and ‘Fast Start’ which seem impressive first steps to convince more people to join their program.

How to become an independent distributor of SeneGence MLM?

If you are interested in joining SeneGence MLM as an independent distributor then you will have to find one in your own section by visiting https://seneweb.senegence.com/us/career/start-programs/. Alternatively, you can go to their Contact page to get more details.

Once you are through to the joining process, next is an investment. Yes, you will have to buy a distributor kit that costs $65. It comprises the essential items that are helpful in jump-starting your business.

Apart from the cosmetics, the kit also includes SeneSite and business apps to help you connect with your audience.

You may have to spend additional money on refilling your stock every month that may cost around $200.

SeneGence Products

Let’s look at what you can sell and earn commissions on. Below are some of the products SeneGence is known for:

Lip care (LipSense): As stated above, this is SeneGence’s flagship product. The product is a combination of lip care items that are sold as a set. The set includes lip color, lip sense, lip balm, a gloss, and a remover.

The product claims to be free of all types of rubs and smear-offs that improve and enhance lip appearance. The whole set costs between $50-$70.

Skincare: The skincare items are basically cleansers and moisturizers to reduce early aging and improve skin properties.

The products are a result of the SeneGence SeneDerm skincare system that provides protection to your skin. The products are sold between $30-$50.

Anti-aging: The anti-aging products are simply an extension to skincare items with the addition of SeneDerm SenePlex complex and anti-aging ingredients.

It includes anti-oxidants and necessary vitamins to improve and revitalize your skin. The cost of products ranges between $50-$100.

Likewise, SeneGence offers many solutions in the above categories that cater to eyes, face, lips, hair, and body care for women.

The company has extended its products in the men’s category as well. They offer shaving creams, moisturizers, cleansers, and hair balms to suit men’s skin needs and protection.

Are the SeneGence products worth their cost? 

SeneGence products are debatable. Though, the cost of products is fairly priced the customer reviews surrounding their products are not so encouraging.

Most of them are negative that comprises the after-effects such as burning sensations and rashes from their Lipsense products.

Other complaints are related to bad customer service experience with their distributors.

What are the methods to make money with SeneGence? 

Replicating other MLM methods, there are two ways to promoting and making money with SeneGence:

  • Personal Sales – Make sales by promoting SeneGence products to your friends, relatives through meetings or parties.
  • Downline Teams – Recruit team members and earn commissions on their sales and further recruitments.

SeneGence MLM compensation plan 

SeneGence offers below compensation to its distributors to make money –

Immediate Sales Income: This is the commission derived from your personal sales.

Reorder Sales Income:  This is the recurring commission based on the subsequent sales to your existing clients.

The commissions incurred on the above methods are called ‘Retail Profits’ that can be earned between 25%-100% range.

The commissions are calculated basis your personal PV (Point Value). A PV is an indication of the number of sales you achieve to claim commissions.

Below is a chart that explains the number of PV required to earn retail profit commissions:

SeneGence also offers commissions and bonuses on your downlines. The downline commissions are calculated on the number of CVs (Currency Value). The CV is used to convert the PV to pay commissions in your country-specific currency.

The downline commissions are structured on your personal PV and CV which is between 5%-30%. The independent distributors are further eligible for Group Sales Bonuses depending on your personal sales and downline achievements.

SeneGence commissions are purely based on certain obligations and conditions that should be met regularly in the form of personal sales and recruitment.

If you are interested in learning more about the SeneGence commission structure check here.

Can I make money with SeneGence MLM? 

Yes and no.

Yes – If you want to make money with SeneGence then you have to be at your best in selling and recruitment. If you are able to achieve the personal sales and recruitment target then SeneGence’s compensation plan is very generous.

There are regular commissions, and bonuses on offer for highly dedicated and result-oriented individuals.

No – On the other hand, if you are looking to make quick money then you will fail.

If there are no sales there is no money. Remember, before making sales you have to invest money to the extent of purchasing products, hosting your audiences, and maintaining your distributor position.

How much money you can make is a question mark. SeneGence’s website does not include any income disclosure statement so it is difficult to arrive at any specific income figure.

The independent distributor testimonials are not encouraging. There are lots of complaints regarding their relationship with SeneGence customer service which is not a good sign.

Is SeneGence a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

SeneGence is not a scam. The company has been selling beauty and skincare products since 1999. It has gone through several financial challenges and still going strong.

The company has adopted a multilevel marketing business method that is always misinterpreted as a pyramid scheme.

SeneGence has physical products that are sold directly as well as on other platforms so it cannot be called a pyramid scheme.

However, SeneGence distributors have been accused of making false claims and misrepresenting the products to achieve their sales target.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are SeneGence products safe?

Answer: SeneGence products are usually safe except for a few ingredients associated with their lip care products. The ingredients in LipSense (Propylene Glycol) may be harmful to a few especially pregnant women and nursing mothers.

2. Do SeneGence offer discounted products to their distributors?

Answer: Yes, the distributors are offered between 20%-50% product discounts depending on the order size.

3. Is SeneGence BBB accredited?

Answer: Yes, SeneGence is rated as A+ by BBB.


  • Company history: SeneGence is into selling reputed beauty products for more than 2 decades. Spending such a long time in any business is no small achievement. The reputation and history of an established organization build trust and reliability among its users.
  • MLM Resources: As an independent distributor you are entitled to a starter kit that includes a personal website and business apps. The resources are helpful in keeping you connected with your customers and grow your business.
  • Product Guarantee: SeneGence offers a 100% money-back guarantee on their products. The money-back guarantee is always an attractive feature to gain selling momentum as it builds a sense of trust among customer’s minds.
  • Compensation Plan: The compensation plan is quite lucrative. 20%-50% commissions are very encouraging. Putting in the hard work and patience can bring in huge returns in the long run.


  • Product Knowledge: Beauty products are something better known to experts. It may look straightforward but the involvement of various scientific ingredients related to human body parts needs proper explanation to satisfy your audience. It can be wisely said that GeneSence MLM is not for everyone.
  • Competitive Niche: The market is overburdened with beauty and skincare products. There are many companies who are selling these products and it may be hard to make regular sales. The products are even sold on online platforms at a much cheaper price making it more challenging.
  • Product Complaints: This is another drawback. SeneGence Lip care products are surrounded by criticism and complaints from their customers. The ingredients in the product are found to be harmful for some sections of ladies.
  • Customer Support: The support from SeneGence for its distributors is questionable. There are many negative reviews about their customer service on BBB. The distributors were not happy with the responses to TAT and refunds.
  • Investment: Start-up cost is on the higher side. The starter kit and follow-up cost on purchasing the stocks, and promotions can add up to your financial woes. It may not be sustainable in the long run if you are not able to achieve continuous sales.
  • No Income Disclosure: Disclosing the income statement is not mandatory but it gives a fair idea of how the company is treating and paying its members. It could be assumed that SeneGence independent distributor’s income figures are not encouraging to release the income statement.

Conclusion: Is SeneGence MLM recommended?

There is no doubt that SeneGence has a reputation for women-oriented products. The company still exists with its MLM business model which is noteworthy.

The good thing about SeneGence MLM is its compensation plan.  However, as is evident with many MLMs making money is not easy.

You have to spend time, make regular investments, and exceed your sales and recruitment talent to achieve results.

SeneGence product reviews and customer service are a problem. The MLM business opportunity is good for a few people especially housewives, or students. It is not recommended for someone looking to make a living out of it.

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