What is Scentsy MLM? Make Money Smelling!

What is Scentsy MLM?

Scents and fragrances are loved by everyone. They provide a great sense of feeling, and pleasure and generate positive energy physically and mentally. Do you want to find an opportunity that will allow you to sell fragrances and earn money? If the answer is yes, then Scentsy MLM is one of the best options.  What is Scentsy MLM? Scentsy is a network marketing company that offers an array of scented candles, waxes, sprays, diffusers, and more.

 If you’re looking for a new home-based business where you can be in control of your time then this could be just what you’ve been looking for. Read on to find out more about the Scentsy MLM program. This review will also tell if Scentsy MLM is legit or a scam and worth joining.

What is Scentsy MLM? An Overview

Scentsy is a Multilevel marketing company that sells scents and fragrances. Scentsy products are a combination of many refreshing fragrances that are available in the form of warmers, waxes, diffusers, oils, and pods.

Scentsy products are made from soy which makes them very environmentally friendly.  Customers love how their products make their homes smell great while also making them feel cozy and warm.

Scentsy was originally founded by Kara Egan in 2003 in Utah. The company went through acquisition in 2004 and was re-launched by Orville Thompson who adopted the Multilevel marketing method to promote and sell Scentsy products.

Scentsy later expanded its presence in Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany and has been recognized by Forbes and America’s Best Midsize Employers.

How does Scentsy MLM work?

Scentsy MLM works purely on direct selling of their products through independent consultants. There is no retail selling of products and one has to depend solely on recruiting members for their business to grow.

The best way to make customers is by promoting and selling Scentsy products to your friends, and relatives by hosting parties.

How to join the Scentsy MLM program?

To join you will need to invest in purchasing a starter kit of Scentsy that costs $99. The other way of joining is by purchasing a Host-Exclusive Starter kit that can be earned through Host Rewards by hosting a party.

A debit/credit card is needed to make the payment for a starter kit. You can visit https://scentsy.com/Join/pick-a-consultant-sponsor
and choose your sponsor to become a member.

The Scentsy starter kit consists of different Scentsy products like warmers, wax testers, catalogs, etc. that come in handy in promoting their products.

Scentsy Products

Scentsy has different types of fragrance products to suit your mood. The products are available in different categories for different needs but their flagship product is Scentsy wax warmers. Let’s have a look at their products:

Scentsy Wax Bars: These are clear favorites of the Scentsy audience. The Scentsy Wax Bars have many fruity flavors and are mainly priced at $6.00 each. The bars can be placed with a Scentsy warmer that gives refreshing fragrances for few hours.

Diffusers & Oils: Another way of generating a pleasant smell is through Scentsy oils. There are more than 20 oils with different fragrances. The oils can be dropped in a Scentsy diffuser to create some awesome fragrances. The oils come at an average price of $12.00 each.

Air Purifiers: The latest upgrade in fragrance technology is air purifiers. They make your life easier by just plugging in your favorite scent through Pods. The Scenty offers fan diffusers to use their pods. The pods can be added to different fan diffusers to keep your surroundings smelling good for long hours. The average price of pods is $10.00 each.

Scentsy also offers some products in the category of laundry and cleaning with improved fragrances. While the products may seem a bit pricey considering their use, the good thing is Scentsy products are only sold through direct marketing and are not available in any retail stores.

Scentsy MLM Commission Plan 

Below is what you can earn with Scentsy MLM:

As a consultant Scentsy pays 20% commissions on the first 1000 PRV and 25% going forward.

PRV (Personal Retail Volume) is attributed as points assigned to each Scentsy product based on which commissions are paid. 1000 PRV sales is a must to attain lifetime certification and ranking advancements.

The consultants need to generate 200 points or more in PRV in a single month throughout the 12- month period to keep their position active.

You can increase your earnings by advancing to higher positions. The Scentsy commission plan is based on an 8-level consultant structure. The higher you climb, the more you will earn commissions, with added perks, and bonuses.

Scentsy MLM Benefits

To help their consultants achieve higher sales and earn more money, Scentsy provides the below benefits:

Personal Website: Scentsy provides a personal website to its consultants. The website is free for the first three months and can be utilized to promote the products and take orders. After three months, the maintenance of the website costs $10 per month.

Training & Tools: Scentsy has online training and tools that offers valuable information about their products and how to sell them. The training resources are very useful for the members who are new to the MLM business model who can learn and earn at the same time.

Support: Scentsy has a dedicated support team for its consultants. The consultants can get in touch with the Scentsy support team for all their issues regarding the promotion, sales, commissions, etc.

Incentive Trip: The consultants achieving a higher number of sales and enter into the top 50 rankings are eligible for a free trip by Scentsy. The free trip details are not clearly disclosed by Scentsy but it does have a dose of encouragement and motivation for its consultants to perform better.

Can I make money with Scentsy MLM Program? 

Scentsy has quality products and resources to help its members achieve greater earnings on their investments. But not to forget it’s an MLM business model.

The money is there to make but the earning truth with Scentsy is you have to make genuine sales regularly, keep your consultant position active through sales, and improve your earnings by recruiting downlines. Not an easy task.

According to the 2020 Income Disclosure Statement of Scentsy, the average earnings of a consultant was $2901 (i.e. approximately $250 per month). The earning numbers are for the dedicated consultants who remained active throughout the year.

As per the research, more than 99% of Scentsy consultants failed to earn income that fulfills their monthly needs.

My take is, don’t expect that you can achieve your financial freedom with Scentsy MLM. Making money is only possible if you can devote yourself towards building your business by hardcore selling and recruitment, and spend a considerable amount of time (maybe a few years) to earn good money.

Is Scentsy MLM a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

Not a scam nor a pyramid scheme. Scentsy has been around since 2003 and still going on with its MLM business model.

Their products are actually loved by their customers and are sold through direct selling so it cannot be termed as a pyramid scheme.

Recruiting of downlines is there that reflects a pyramid scheme in disguise but this is the case with every other MLM business model out there in the market.

Lawsuits against Scentsy? 

Scentsy has been criticized for using its business model to recruit American military spouses owing to their frequent movement. Scentsy consultants had been accused of making money by selling products within the military base through their recruits.

The interesting part is Scentsy remained protected against serious legal proceedings or penalties for running their business model until now.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Scentsy MLM free to join?

Answer: No. To join the Scentsy MLM program you have to purchase a starter kit worth $99.

2. Is Scentsy accredited by BBB?

Answer: Yes. Scentsy is rated as A+ by BBB.

3. Is Scentsy fragrance harmful?

Answer: Scentsy products are normally safe but some of the ingredients may be mildly harmful to human reproduction.

4. What are the supportive channels for Scentsy consultants?

Answer: Scentsy provides consultant support via phone and chat.

5. Does Scentsy offers discounted products to their consultants?

Answer: No, but consultants earn some discounts or get products at half-price through Scentsy Host Rewards by hosting parties.


  • Scentsy offers good quality products to its customers. This is an advantage for its MLM members to sell the products on the go
  • The commission plan by Scentsy is very generous. In addition, Scentsy provides bonuses, and perks to their consultants meeting higher sales and recruitment
  • Scentsy products are available in multiple countries and regions such as the US, Australia, Europe. The availability of products provides ample business opportunities for its consultants
  • The training and tools provided by Scentsy are available on-going basis. This is helpful to grow your position and business in the long run
  • The consultant support team is valuable. You get multiple support channels in the form of phone and chat throughout the week


  • The MLM program is not free to join. The starter kit, membership, and your personal expenses could take over your income in the long run
  • Scentsy products are comparatively expensive to be sold through the MLM business model
  • The pricing of products may not be profitable to earn maximum commissions
  • Hosting parties is not convenient nor flexible for everyone to sell Scentsy products
  • The scope of earnings is less since Scentsy products are sold through direct selling only
  • The support channel is not available through email

Conclusion: Is Scentsy MLM recommended?

Scentsy has many things going in its favor. The quality of products, training resources, and tools, the support channel are all exclusive for its consultants that can help their business grow.

On the other hand, the pricing you have to pay to remain its member, extensive selling, and recruitment are the factors not affordable to everyone.

In such a scenario, it is better to have thorough research and hands-on experience with MLMs. If you cannot sell, and recruit then Scentsy MLM is a no-no. There are many alternatives to making good money in less time such as affiliate marketing, dropshipping, etc. Have a look at them.

Or else you can try testing and pushing your abilities to make less money against more hard work with regular investments for a longer period of time.

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