What is SalesWarp (Review 2022): Effective Omnichannel Software!

What is SalesWarp

Manage less and automate more. This should be the slogan of every business owner who wants to work on improving their business prospects rather than fulfilling tasks manually. To do this, there are many platforms that offer tools and software to automate business operations. One such tool is SalesWarp. It is a comprehensive software that offers a variety of features and services that help businesses improve their order fulfillment process and increase sales. In this detailed SalesWarp review post, you will learn what is SalesWarp, how it works, and the features it offers.

We’ll also discuss the different pricing plans, and the pros and cons you must be aware of before considering using the platform.

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What is SalesWarp?

SalesWarp is multi-functional order fulfillment, and inventory control software that helps businesses of many sizes to increase their sales and streamline business operations.

With SalesWarp, businesses such as retailers and small and medium-sized enterprises can manage their online and physical store sales, and inventory, and fulfill orders through a centralized automation system, resulting in increased profits and enhanced customer experience.

SalesWarp was founded in 2009 by David Potts and the company is located in the US.

How does SalesWarp work?

SalesWarp is a cloud-based software that works on any web-based application supporting device. You don’t have to download or install the program separately.

To use SalesWarp for your business, you need to create an account to get started. To create an account, schedule a demo and discuss your business requirements with the SalesWarp team who will also offer you insights on the software features that are best suited for your business. 

The demo call is necessary to finalize the pricing plans according to your business needs. According to some online resources, SalesWarp does offer a free trial for its new users.

Once your account is created, you can start connecting your sales channels, import/create products, and fulfill your sales orders.

We will go into the details of SalesWarp features in the next section.

SalesWarp Features

Here are some of the key features provided by SalesWarp:

Integrations – SalesWarp has an endearing list of e-commerce, shipping, accounting, payments, CRM/Marketing platforms, and social media channels that you can integrate with easily.

SalesWarp Integrations

The popular ones include Amazon, eBay, Walmart, USPS, UPS, ShipStation, Quickbooks, PayPal Pro, Salesforce, Twitter, and many more.

The integration process is not too cumbersome. It does depend on your existing store partners/platform’s accessibility and API to connect with SalesWarp smoothly.

There is a ‘Stores’ option in the navigation bar of SalesWarp which you can use to connect your online stores. You will find some channels already listed in the dropdown menu and it is a matter of a few clicks and API codes between the two platforms to set up a store.

Not just one but you can integrate many and work on them simultaneously using SalesWarp centralized dashboard and tracking features.

Inventory management and control – SalesWarp makes it easy to manage your inventory and take control of fulfilling multiple sales channel orders from a single dashboard.

It provides a real-time view of your inventory across all sales channels thanks to its automated synchronization. The software’s easy-to-use interface helps you consolidate the inventory data from different warehouses, 3PLs, suppliers, drop shippers, marketplaces, etc.

The process of synching the data is through an FTP/API connection with your respective channels. Once the data is synchronized, SalesWarp automatically updates the information at the product level so that you can remain aware of the stock numbers in hand, sold, and the ones that became redundant.

SalesWarp Inventory Management

The software lets you adjust the quantity at each sales channel which is instrumental in controlling the over-selling situation. Once a product is sold, the information is synched on all your sales channel allowing you to track and re-order the stocks.

You can pre-set the threshold limit for re-ordering which helps you create purchase orders. SalesWarp automatically tracks the purchase orders based on your rules and once the orders are received the data is synched across channels.

You can also use in-built barcode scanning to receive and track your inventory. Once a new inventory is received, SalesWarp uses a barcode scanner to scan each item and automatically updates inventory. The software works with different barcodes and once integrated you can expedite the order fulfillment with ease.

The inventory management from SalesWarp is very effective in automating and streamlining the process which let you sell more and manage less.

Order management and fulfillment – SalesWarp order management feature is a complete step-by-step process to help you fulfill orders for your customers efficiently.

The Distributed Order Management system of SalesWarp can be easily integrated with multiple sales channels such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. It also can be connected with different POS (Point of Sales), Payments, and Shipping platforms.

You don’t have to manually distribute the order based on the warehouse, e-commerce channel, or a shipping provider as SalesWarp automatically consolidates each order, updates inventory, and routes them to the respective fulfillment service.

You can set different rules through the SalesWarp Rule Engine option which includes delivery, returns, and shipping.

SalesWarp Order Management System

The order fulfillment screen provides a 360-degree view of order status, inventory, customer, and shipping information upfront. You can also take payments, send email invoices and even process returns from a single screen.

SalesWarp offers a separate screen to create orders manually from the scratch for a new/existing customer.

In terms of delivery, SalesWarp helps your warehouse print pick tickets, and order ship checks manually or through barcode scanning.

SalesWarp fulfills the shipment by exchanging files on order and delivery with the help of the Order Bin manager. This helps you track your orders at every step till it reaches your customer’s doorstep.

Product listing and management – Managing products on different channels can be complicated. To make this easier, SalesWarp has an advanced store builder option and a product management system.

The advanced store builder works with the products you import through suppliers/drop shippers into SalesWarp. This can be done via an FTP or an API file transfer option. Once the data is imported, SalesWarp automatically maps all the data to the respective product fields.

Further, you can create attributes using a drag-and-drop interface, upload images, organize your product listing based on categories, and variations, and even customize, configure or bundle a different group of products together.

SalesWarp Product Management

The products can be sent to your website using the advanced store builder option or through in-built templates.

When it comes to viewing the products, SalesWarp allows you to display the listings based on a specific product, category, or whole catalog. You can check the product status (active/inactive), and set flexible pricing rules on individual products or categories.

You can deep dive further and filter the products based on ID number, name, type, SKU, price, and quantity. You can also view the recent inventory history.

SalesWarp provides an ongoing software update to keep your store listing up to date. This will help you align your product listings according to the latest trends on various e-commerce channels.

Reporting and analytics – Automating and managing your business operations are not enough until you know where your efforts are heading. This is only possible through constant tracking and monitoring of the performance of your business.

SalesWarp has a dedicated reporting section where users can view detailed reports on orders, inventory, sales, and revenue. The reports can be filtered and customized to see specific details. You can also export and print the reports in PDF/CSV formats.

SalesWarp Reporting and Analytics

In addition, the in-depth performance of your online and retail businesses can be seen through a single-screen dashboard. The screen is occupied with data including sales performance, orders, purchase orders, inventory, customers, tickets (complaints) raised, and business profits.

Owing to SalesWarp centralized managing of data, users can track their business progress through advanced reporting and analytics that is helpful in making effective decisions on future improvements.

SalesWarp pricing

Pricing details are not available upfront. In fact, the official SalesWarp website doesn’t have a pricing section at all. As mentioned earlier, SalesWarp does offer a free trial to its new users but how much you actually have to pay post-consuming your free trial is a question mark.

SalesWarp claims to offer pricing plans based on order volumes, annual revenue, as well as its features. The best way to get your desired quote is by having a demo call with the SalesWarp team.

Is SalesWarp worth its pricing? 

SalesWarp is an advanced order and inventory management solution for retailers and B2B businesses. The software offers automation to manage and control inventory, receive and fulfill orders efficiently, and ship and take payments for your orders all through one consolidated system and dashboard.

The platform is well-received and appreciated for its order management software, flexibility, and customer support on some of the reputed online review platforms.

SalesWarp Reviews

There are many other alternatives to SalesWarp that offer similar solutions. A couple of them is Selro and Multiorders. Selro is very much relevant to SalesWarp in terms of features and its starting price is $99.

Whereas Multiorders on the other hand is much easy to use and affordable. It has multiple pricing ranges for beginners and professionals alike. The starting price to use Multiorders is just $9 per month for 50 orders.

Although the pricing details are unavailable, SalesWarp is at par with its competitors but it can be a bit expensive for beginners and businesses with limited orders/tight budgets. The idea of volume and feature-based pricing is good however it may not fit every individual.

Can you make money with SalesWarp?

There is no direct way to make money with SalesWarp since it does not have any referral/affiliate program.

Yes, you can expect to make money with SalesWarp by using its features. Creating a list of products manually and keeping a track of in-hand stock is always a pain.

Add to that the woes of managing multiple warehouses individually, coordinating with suppliers/drop shippers, and searching for cheaper and dependable shipping partners.

SalesWarp helps you automate all the above processes that can be managed from one single system. It is a matter of a few clicks and screens to know the volume, sales, and profits of your business.

Such automation and centralization of business can result in improved customer experience and greater returns on investment.


  • Intuitive dashboard – SalesWarp is very easy to use and has an intuitive dashboard on offer. It makes navigating easier and you can manage and view multiple information on your sales, inventory, and orders. No technical skill or coding knowledge is required to use SalesWarp software owing to its friendly user interface and supportive onboarding team.
  • Excellent order management and inventory control features – SalesWarp Distributed Order Management system is one of its kind. It is a one-stop shop to view consolidated data across multiple sales channels and easily identify, track, monitor, and manage them individually or in a group of bundles. In between, SalesWarp’s Inventory Management system is a savior to automate real-time inventory synching across all the channels and provide you valuable data on the available, sold, and re-order stock to never let you go out-of-stock situations.
  • Wide range of integrations – One of the reasons to use SalesWarp is its wide range of integration options. You can connect multiple sales channels, e-commerce platforms, accounting and payment software, POS, and shipping partners. The integration works with a few clicks and it helps you view and manage multiple tasks related to order processing and fulfillment, processing purchase orders, and receiving payments.
  • Professional customer support – SalesWarp provides a dedicated client engagement manager to every user to make onboarding and implementing your business aspects easier. The normal response time is 24 hours and you can remain in touch with the client engagement manager through phone, email, and chat. In terms of training, you can find various resources such as blogs, webinars, videos, and case studies to help you use the system effortlessly and improve your business prospects.


  • Lacks pricing transparency – The pricing details are completely missing. SalesWarp doesn’t offer a free version and there is no complete transparency on its free trial. Some users have criticized the pricing to be comparatively expensive. All these scenarios can lead to misconceptions about SalesWarp and may encourage new users to look for other alternatives.
  • Integrations lack simplicity – Integrating with other platforms/sales channels could be intimidating using SalesWarp. Although the process works with a few clicks and largely depends on the accessibility levels of your integrating partners, you may need to have some knowledge about API configurations to connect your stores correctly. This may not suit everyone and could lead to errors and technical issues while integrating.

Conclusion: Is SalesWarp recommended?

SalesWarp is an easy-to-use and comprehensive software to automate business operations of all kinds of retailers and online store owners.

Its versatility in terms of order management, and inventory controls are top-notch. There is no denying the fact that using SalesWarp does help its users save time, and effort, and streamline multiple tasks.

It also lets you work on multiple sales channels that can take your business to the next level generating more profits.

SalesWarp is well-recommended for all types of retailers and B2B business owners provided the pricing plans suit your business needs.

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