What is Runners Need (Affiliate Program)? Make Money with Running Shoes

What is Runners Need

Running has become an essential workout for many people. Whether it be for weight loss or gaining fitness, running can have a powerful impact on one’s life and health. However, many runners are not aware that there is an entire industry devoted to the sport. The running products industry is worth over $1 billion globally and continues to grow year after year.  In order to make the most out of this amazing opportunity, you need to know what affiliate programs are available for you to promote them. After all, no runner wants their hard work to go unnoticed. This blog post will tell you about Runners Need company that has an affiliate program associated with it. So, continue reading to find out what is Runners Need and how does its affiliate program helps you make some money.

What is Runners Need? An Overview

Runners Need offers worldwide leading brand fitness products especially running shoes. Apart from footwear, the company also provides a gamut of products related to fitness such as gym clothing, nutrition, technical gadgets, etc. If you are a fitness freak and loves running then Runners Need is your go-to store.

Runners Need is the result of its founder Chris Bould whose personal running experience inspired him to influence others in taking running seriously. Runners Need was started by Chris and his wife in 1982 and presently has more than 40 stores around the US.

What is Runners Need Affiliate Program?

Runners Need affiliate program is where you can make money by referring visitors to their website. Whenever a visitor purchases a product on the Runners Need website using your affiliate link, you can earn commissions.

Runners Need offers 2%-6% commissions as revenue sharing with 30-day lasting cookies. You can make decent money with their affiliate program considering the category, brand, and pricing of products sold by Runners Need.

How does Runners Need Affiliate Program work?

Runners Need affiliate program works on revenue sharing. You are paid 2%-6% commissions based on the category of products and network. The commissions are calculated on the Net order value of each product.

Runners Need affiliate program is partnered with Webgains that provide all the resources and support to their affiliates.

How to join the Runners Need Affiliate Program?

To join the Runners Need affiliate program you have to visit http://www.webgains.com/front/publisher/program/view/programID/5503
and click on join. The affiliate program is free to join.

What are the benefits/features of the Runners Need Affiliate Program?

Since fitness occupies many minds with running at the forefront you have very high chances of converting visitors into customers with the following features/benefits of the Runners Need affiliate program:

Reputation: Runners Need prides itself on being in the fitness and sporting product business for almost 4 decades. Spending so much time in a specific industry means gaining immense knowledge and building blind trust among its customers. As an affiliate, you won’t find it hard to convince customers to visit the Runners Need website.

High-quality Products: Runners Need deals in a wide variety of branded products that are of high quality and appreciated worldwide. Brands such as Asics, Adidas, Nike, Garmin, etc. need no introduction. There are tons of information and trust available online to promote these products.

Niche: Fitness is something that will remain forever and the easiest and most commonly performed activity under fitness is running. Irrespective of the age, country, and region you will always find endless people searching for fitness products every day.

30-days Cookie: The 30-day cookie duration is worth mentioning. You have high chances of conversion in case your visitors click on your affiliate link and come back purchasing that product within 30-days.

Commission Rates: 2%-6% commission may not be too high but can provide decent financial outcomes. If you have a high turnaround of visitors on your website there is every possibility that you may end up making a few sales every day.

Affiliate Resources: There are several affiliate resources available to promote Runners Need products. You can use your website blogs, and social media posts, as well as deep links, and banners as promotional tools offered by the Runners Need affiliate program.

Network and Support: Runners Need affiliate program is partnered with Webgains. The network is known to provide quality resources and support to its affiliates. As an affiliate, you can always keep yourself updated with Webgains affiliate tracking and support.

Runners Need Affiliate Program commission plan 

Runners Need affiliate program offers an average of 2%-6% commissions on their products. As an affiliate, you can make as high as 6%-8% commissions on all types of fitness products except electronic products.

The electronics products are offered 2% commissions that include voucher code sites.

Can I make money with Runners Need Affiliate Program? 

Yes, you can make decent money with the Runners Need affiliate program provided you have an authoritative online presence and a clear strategy towards promotion.

The 2%-6% commission rates collaborate well with any e-commerce website that has hundreds of products to choose from. The 30-days cookie period is an added advantage for future conversions.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Runners Need affiliate program 

You have to follow certain rules and policies that are allowed and prohibited while promoting and attracting traffic for the Runners Need affiliate program:

Following traffic sources and promotions are allowed:

  • Cashback site
  • Community forum
  • Content site
  • Blogs/Social-Media
  • Newsletter and Leads Generation
  • Shopping Directory
  • Display Ads
  • Data feeds and Deep Links

Following traffic sources and promotions are prohibited:

  • Paid Per Click (PPC) to own site or advertiser site
  • Discount/Voucher site
  • Bidding on Runners Need brand name, or URL

Affiliates are also discouraged from promoting Ashmei
brand on their websites via a data feed.

Is Runners Need affiliate program a scam? 

There are affiliate programs that claim to offer high commissions in exchange for self-promotion and upsells. You may be also asked to pay joining and recurring fees to retain your affiliate status with lackluster training and resources.

Runners Need affiliate program is legit and provides valuable support to their affiliates with decent commissions. It is far away from being termed as a scam.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Runners Need affiliate program free to join?

Answer: Yes. It is free to join.

2. How does Runners Need pay their affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates are paid directly to their accounts through wire transfer.

3. What are the affiliate tools provided by the Runners Need affiliate program?

Answer: Affiliates are provided with tools such as deep-linking, data feeding, and 24 banners.

4. How to contact Runners Need for support?

Answer: You can contact the dedicated affiliate manager at Webgains affiliate network.


  • Affiliate program is free to join
  • Runners Need is a reputed and trustworthy platform
  • It offers decent commission rates calculated on products net value
  • Multiple promotional tools and banners are available
  • Runners Need affiliate network provides valuable support to their affiliates
  • You can promote branded products through multiple channels such as blogs, social media, newsletters, etc.


  • 30-day cookie period is not sufficient
  • 2%-6% commission rates are comparatively low
  • Fitness niche is very competitive

Conclusion: Is joining Runners Need affiliate program recommended?

Runners Need offers up gear for all distances and abilities. Their products are designed with the specific needs of runners in mind. This will help increase your performance as an affiliate marketer.

The running fitness niche has great potential of attracting visitors. As an affiliate, you are provided with sufficient resources and tools like banners, deep linking, etc. to scale your affiliate promotions.

The commission rates and 30-day cookie period add value to the program which runs on similar lines with Amazon Associates program. I am sure a lot of affiliates would like to test their affiliate marketing abilities with the Runners Need affiliate program.

Runners Need affiliate program is recommended for every affiliate marketer (beginners and experts alike) to improve their existing portfolio of affiliate commissions.

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