What is Pure MLM? Is it legit or another health supplement scam?

What is Pure MLM

If you are looking for a way to make money from home and are interested in the MLM (multi-level-marketing) industry then you should have come across Pure MLM. Pure is a company that offers a wide range of products and services, and they are currently expanding rapidly throughout the world. It also provides an MLM earning opportunity for individuals by selling its products. Interested in knowing more? In this detailed review, we will take a closer look at what is Pure MLM, and how it works.

We will also help you decide if this is the right opportunity for you by going through its products, compensation plan, and pros and cons. So, let’s get started!

New to MLM?

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What is Pure?

Pure is an MLM company that offers everything from nutritional supplements to weight loss products, and they have something for everyone. Some of the Pure categories of products include dietary and nutrition supplements, and beauty regimens.

Pure was founded in 2009 by its founder Dae Geun Jung. It has a worldwide presence with sales and support across the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Ghana, and Nigeria.

What is Pure MLM?

In addition to the products, Pure also offers a unique opportunity for people who want to start their own business. With Pure MLM, you can become a distributor for this company and start selling their products to people all over the world.

Distributors can earn commissions on the sale of products and can also earn overrides on the sales of their recruited members.

The MLM program offers discounts on Pure products, business tools and resources, a free website, and community support to its distributors.

How does Pure MLM work?

To work with Pure MLM, you have to enroll in the program as an Independent Business Owner. 

To get started, you will need to purchase a starter kit. This kit contains everything you need to start your selling campaign, including products, brochures, and a personal website.

The cost of the starter kit varies depending on your country of residence, but it typically costs between $449 to $1899. There are three types of starter kits to choose from. As an Independent Business Owner, you also need to pay a $25 annual subscription fee.

Once you have successfully enrolled, you will be given your own website through which you can sell Pure products. You can also use this website to build your own team of distributors and make money from their sales.

In addition, you will also receive a personal back office that will allow you to track your sales and progress.

Pure Products

It is instrumental to know about the products you can sell and earn money. Pure products are basically defined in the health and wellness category. Some of its highlighted products include:

Pure Products

Pure Cleanse: This is a dietary supplement in the form of capsules and drops. Pure Cleanse is a short-term constipation reliever that consists of Cascara Sagrada and it helps improve digestive health and maintain normal intestinal microflora.

Daily Build: Daily Build is a multi-vitamin health supplement. The product is offered in capsules and liquid. It contains anti-oxidants and several other vitamins plus fruit extracts to improve immunity and cardiovascular systems.

GoYin: GoYin is another supplement that reduces stress and provides energy to your body. It has a proprietary blend of natural herbs and fruits based on traditional chinese medicine premises that help improve the overall well-being by declining tension, fatigue, and other stressful elements.

All the above three products are part of Pure’s Cleanse, Balance, and Build formula. In addition, Pure also offers various supplements related to weight loss, sleep, metabolism, etc.

Pure products are part of its Autoship program that helps IBOs earn points and get eligible for rewards. All the Pure products are backed by a 90-days return and refund policy for IBOs.

Overall, there is nothing new on offer in terms of product category and their benefits as far as Pure products are concerned. You can find many other MLMs selling similar products with different names and labeling.

Are Pure products worth their pricing?

I couldn’t find Pure product reviews outside of the company’s Facebook page

This is a good thing from a selling perspective as it makes Pure products availability exclusive to direct selling.

The product reviews are mostly positive but I personally don’t rely on feedback and comments posted on social media posts, especially on the company’s own Facebook profile.

The pricing part is interesting. Pure Cleanse that helps improve digestion costs $21.95. Some of the other digestive supplements on Amazon costs between $9 to $25.

Similarly, Pure Daily Build which is a multivitamin supplement cost $59.95 as compared to some of its alternatives on Amazon which start at $20.

Pure product reviews

Overall, Pure product pricing is a mixed bag. Some of them are reasonably priced and some seem to be relatively expensive.

How to make money with Pure MLM?

There are mainly two ways to make money with Live Pure MLM:

Product commissions – You can earn a commission on the sales of your own products,

Team building commissions – You can earn a commission on the sales of products that your team members sell. In addition, you can also earn bonuses and rewards for reaching certain sales milestones.

Pure MLM compensation plan

The Pure compensation plan is one of the most lucrative in the MLM industry, at least on the paper.

It offers 25% retail commissions on your personal sales. That means when you buy Pure products at wholesale price as an IBO and sell at a full retail price, you can keep 25% of the full retail price as commissions.

You can also earn bonuses for sponsoring new customers and building a team of members. The bonuses are as follows:

Sponsor bonus – 20% on the first order placed by a new personally sponsored customer. The bonus can go up to $400 but it demands a certain level of PV (Personal Volume) for eligibility.

Customer retention bonus – 5% bonus on receiving subsequent orders from your existing customers. This will make you eligible for the star ranking system wherein you can start earning more income based on the rankings you achieve.

Additional bonuses include Team Bonus (10% of the total PV), Generation Bonus (7% of the total team bonus), Leadership Bonus (3% of the total company volume), and Leadership Growth Bonus (paid on rank achievement for two weeks or more).

Overall, it is a typical MLM structure wherein your income increases with the increase in the number of sponsors and their volumes.

Watch the below video to understand the compensation structure in detail or check the full compensation plan here.

Can you make money with Pure MLM?

The income disclosure statement available for Pure MLM goes back to 2018. The income figures are highly discouraging.

Pure income disclosure statement

The average annual income of all the active IBOs was $3233. That’s less than $300 per month. It is important to note that these income figures are excluding the running cost of product purchases, membership fees, traveling, marketing, etc. that one may have to incur every month.

I am not surprised to see the low-income figures of Pure MLM IBOs. In fact, 99% of members fail to earn enough money to remain an active member of any MLM.

The money factor purely lies in your selling and recruitment skills which are highly demanding. If you have these two skills along with patience and persistence then you can make some money with Pure MLM.

Is Pure a scam or a pyramid scheme?

No, Pure is not a scam. It is a legitimate company that offers good-quality products since 2009. The company has spent enough years in the MLM industry that also offers an opportunity for people who want to start their own business.

It is not a pyramid scheme either since it has physical products to sell and rewards its members on the sale of products. However, you should do your research before joining any MLM company in order to make sure that it is the right fit for you.


  • Established company – Pure is an established MLM firm operating since 2009. MLMs are vulnerable to collapsing in 3-5 years from their inception but Pure is here to stay. From a joining perspective, you can trust and rely on Pure as a company.
  • MLM resources and support – Pure offers a complete package under its MLM program. As a member, you get discounted products, a free website, business tools, and dedicated support. The resources are backed by a comprehensive and rewarding compensation structure. It surely makes Pure a worthy contender in the MLM segment.
  • Product pricing – Usually MLM products are expensive which makes them a hard sell. On the contrary, Pure has done well to keep (some of its) product pricing in line with its competitors. It can be good from making consistent sales.


  • Over-competitive niche – This is the biggest disadvantage of Pure MLM. It serves the products in one of the highly saturated and over-competitive niche segments. Health and wellness have too many products with too many MLMs offering the same products with different labels and pricing. As a Pure consultant, you have to be too good to earn commissions by selling its products consistently.
  • Recruitment challenges – The money is in the team. The more you recruit, the higher your chances of making income. This is the basic motto of every MLM company out there. Pure is no exception. You have to consistently sell products, and keep adding people to your team to earn sufficient income. This is a challenging task and 99% of MLM members could not sustain their recruitment drive.

Conclusion: Is Pure MLM recommended?

Pure MLM has nothing new to offer in terms of products and compensation. Sure, its product quality is good but that is the case with most of the MLMs.

Pricing of Pure products could be an advantage but again, why would someone want to buy health supplements through direct sales if similar products are available at online marketplaces.

I personally don’t recommend Pure MLM to anyone except a few who are experts in direct sales and networking.

There are many alternatives to Pure MLM that you can find on the internet by researching on make money online topics. If it is hard for you to decide, then check out my recommendation below.

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