What is Pampered Chef MLM? Make Money Selling Kitchen Accessories!

What is Pampered Chef MLM?

I have reviewed many MLM companies in the past before I came across Pampered Chef. It is a compelling MLM company for anyone interested in making money. Selling kitchen accessories like knives may sound like an easy way to make quick money, isn’t it? I have had the course to review MLM companies that are in the same line of business with Pampered Chef and some of them are still in very stiff competition with Pampered Chef. One of them is Cutco. So, what is Pampered Chef MLM and what difference does it bring to the table?

You will get every detail that you need to make an informed decision in this post. I urge you to read on as I make an unbiased Pampered Chef MLM program review.

At the end of the review, you will find out if Pampered Chef MLM is recommended or not and if it is a pyramid scheme or scam or a legit business opportunity.

What is Pampered Chef MLM?

Pampered Chef is an MLM company that is involved in the business of selling kitchen products. Their products include cookbooks, food products, and kitchen tools.

It was established in 1980 in Chicago, Illinois by an economic teacher named Doris Christopher.

The idea behind the birth of Pampered Chef was the provision of high-quality kitchen products while families and friends remain the platform for the distribution of the products.

By the year 1990, the company had gained global prominence and began expanding its business worldwide in 1996.

In 2002, Pampered Chef was bought by Berkshire Hathaway Corporation, a company owned by Warren Buffet.

The United Kingdom operation was opened in 1999, followed by that of Germany in 2000 and then Mexico in 2009.

Now, Pampered Chef is a global company selling kitchen products in many countries of the world.

How does Pampered Chef MLM work?

Pampered Chef is not reinventing the wheel. The company uses the same direct selling method that most MLM companies use in selling to its customers.

The products and the business opportunity inherent in joining the platform are promoted by the consultants through the hosting of parties at their homes and family members and friends are invited.

The product’s usefulness and the business are demonstrated at these parties.

Another method of promoting Pampered Chef by consultants is by creating a website where all products are enlisted and commissions are earned from sales made.

How can I join the Pampered MLM program?

To get started, you will have to visit their website at https://www.pamperedchef.com/be-a-consultant and click on “Be a consultant”.

After that, the company would then link you with a sponsor who would be your coach. And you will have to purchase a kit.

There are three types of consultant kits – starter kit, deluxe kit, and ultimate kit.

  • Starter Kit – It costs $79 and the products given are worth more than $400
  • Deluxe kit – This costs $159 and the products are worth $750
  • Ultimate Kit – It comes at the cost of $259 with products worth $1,100

Pampered Chef products 

Pampered Chef is well-known for its kitchen products. Some of flagship product categories include:

Kitchen Tools: There is a wide range of kitchen tools that includes products related to cooking, baking, cutting, etc. The products are very popular among the female audience and the average price range is between $5-$100.

Cookwares: This category includes all types of cookware products such as pans, pots, trays, dishes, etc. to serve the frying, grilling, and baking needs. The average price of these products is between $10-$200.

Appliances: The big appliances like blenders, grillers, cookers, air fryers, etc. makes juicing, and cooking much easier. The product prices range between $10-$300.

As evident from the above list, Pampered Chef products are targeted to fulfill all the cooking and kitchen needs.

The products are of high quality and are fairly priced barring few exceptions.

What are the ways to make money with Pampered Chef MLM?

There are two ways to make money with the platform:

  • You can make money by selling the products to customers directly.
  • You can also make money by recruiting people into your team and earn commissions from the sales made by your recruited members.

Pampered Chef Compensation Plan 

Pampered Chef has a simple compensation plan that is easy to understand. Five commission rates take care of the monthly sales of consultants.

Below are the various commission rates:

  • Between $1 and $749 monthly sales – 20% commission
  • Between $750 and $1,249 monthly sales – 22% commission
  • Between $1,250 and $2,449 monthly sales – 23% commission
  • Between $2,500 and $3,999 monthly sales – 24% commission
  • Over $4,000 monthly sales – 25% commission

The above commissions are based on your personal sales and making a team of downlines.

The compensation is structured on six-level of positions. They are:

  1. Director,
  2. Advanced Director,
  3. Senior Director,
  4. Executive Director,
  5. Senior Executive Director,
  6. National Executive Director

The higher you climb, the more chances of making commissions and become eligible for additional bonuses, perks, and rewards.

If you want to know more about their compensation plan you can check it here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5388101ae4b04631a5e04b76/t/5fa8cb06099a931d36040d35/1604897543844/Pampered-Chef-Compensation.pdf

Can I make money with Pampered Chef MLM? 

You can make money with Pampered Chef MLM provided you are willing to put in all the effort to learn, apply dedication and hard work, and keep patience.

How much you can earn is a question mark. Pampered Chef hasn’t disclosed their income statement on their website or any other channel so arriving at any earning figure is difficult.

However, it should be noted that you are up against a competitive market of kitchen accessories business and it is not easy to make money. Keeping in mind the costs you have to incur on purchasing starter kits, hosting parties, and keeping your membership position active.

Is Pampered Chef a pyramid scheme? 

No, it is not a pyramid scheme. It is a company that sells physical products and has over 40,000 distributors.

Is Pampered Chef MLM a scam? 

MLM is full of scams. So, you have to be extremely careful before joining one. Pampered Chef MLM is tested and trusted. Qualified independent consultants receive cheques for their payments every month.

Pampered Chef is not a scam. It is a legit company that has been in operation since 1980.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to know how to cook to join the Pampered Chef MLM program?

Answer: Cooking skills are not required to join the platform.

2. Does Pampered Chef have a mobile app?

Answer: Yes, it has a mobile app. It is available both on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

3. Is Pampered Chef rated by BBB?

Answer: Yes, Pampered Chef is accredited by BBB as A+

4. How to contact the support team of Pampered Chef?

Answer: You can call the support team on 888-687-2433 or send an email.


  • Easy to get started – It is easy to get started with Pampered Chef. The platform is not like other MLM companies where you have to purchase a large inventory. Just choose a kit to get started.
  • Trustworthy and credible – Pampered Chef has been in operation since 1980. This means the company has been operating for over four decades. A company that is not trusted cannot achieve this feat.
  • Reasonable commission – The Company offers a reasonable 20% commission for each product sold. Your commission can get up to 25% as you grow your business. There are also bonuses such as sales training, free products, and an opportunity to go on vacation.
  • A+ rating – Pampered Chef is rated A+ by Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is only a stable company with an excellent track record that can achieve an A+ rating. This adds credence to the credibility of the company.
  • Warren Buffet’s name is behind it – The Company is owned by Berkshire Hathaway Corporation, which is a company owned by Warren Buffet. There is no doubt that Warren Buffet’s name adds a lot of value to the business.
  • Excellent training – Pampered Chef MLM has what is called the PC University. It has solid online training to help new consultants succeed in the business.
  • Hosting a party in person is not compulsory – Pampered Chef is in tune with modern technology. So, it is not by force to host a party in person. A party can be hosted virtually by sharing cooking tips and recipes online. You can also do a giveaway to elicit excitement and enrich the experience of everyone online.


  • Starter kit payment – You have to pay for a kit before you can join the Pampered Chef MLM. The least kit goes for $79.
  • Staying active with the minimum sale – You must consistently maintain a minimum sale of $150 to stay active in the business. If you cannot reach the $150 minimum sales, then you will have to purchase products worth $150 for your private use. You will lose your career sales if you become inactive.

Conclusion: Is Pampered Chef MLM recommended?

There are reasons to join the Pampered Chef MLM program. One of them is everything about their MLM program is straightforward. There are no complicated compensation plans like the other MLM companies.

Another reason for recommending it is because Warren Buffet is involved. We all know he knows a lot about money and investment.

The platform won’t just leave you in the cold. It offers solid training for its new consultants.

But you must understand that joining any MLM company requires a strong skill set and some investments.

You must also be patient and persistent while putting in the work. I must remind you that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. The monetary results will come but it may take months or years to get yourself settled into this kind of business.

You need the right mindset to succeed in MLM no matter the type of products being sold.

If you have the above potentials then try it otherwise there are enough alternative earning resources online that provide much quicker success in less time.

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