What is Ordoro? Ordoro Review, Features, and Pricing

What is Ordoro?

The road to any e-commerce success starts from having a good inventory and shipping management system. Businesses that have the understanding of implementing, automating, and optimizing their stock levels and deliver in-time order fulfillments would smile to the bank. This is exactly what the Ordoro dropshipping app does to businesses that want to run smoothly. What is Ordoro?

Ordoro is a one-stop-shop for every e-commerce business that wants to effectively manage its inventory and shipping processes. The platform comes with a lot of efficiencies and great automation that sets you up for success.

With Ordoro, store managers can monitor every part of their e-commerce business with full integrations.

Continue reading this review to be sure Ordoro is the appropriate tool for your business.

New to Dropshipping/E-commerce?

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What is Ordoro? An Overview

Ordoro is a SaaS product that enhances the inventory and shipping process for many e-commerce businesses.

With Ordoro, you can compare shipping prices from different shipping companies like DHL, Canada Post, UPS, and USPS so you can make the right choice. It is an app that helps merchants to fulfill orders after the orders have been placed by a customer.

It comes with a plethora of shipping features for the easy management of inventory levels, tracking of all orders until the items reach the doorstep of the buyer.

How does the Ordoro Dropshipping work?

Ordoro has a free trial that you can start with. After testing it and you feel it is right for your business, you can then go for the premium plan that starts from $59.

To start with the free trial, you have to visit the website at https://www.ordoro.com/pricing and click on “Start with a free trial”.

Features of Ordoro dropshipping app

Ordoro offers advanced features that help you to manage, automate and optimize your inventory and shipping processes.

The app allows merchants and online retailers to sync with different e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, eBay, Magneto, and many more.

Take a deeper look at some of the core features of Ordoro.

1. Inventory management – Ordoro is central to everything you want to achieve when it comes to inventory functions. With it, you can sync with different sales channels, marketplaces, shipping companies, and product suppliers.

Ordoro allows you to monitor, track and manage several warehouses. This is not just about your warehouses; it includes other dropshipping inventory management and logistics companies.

 2. Shipping management – The Ordoro shipping management provides you with different controls and automation for the effective management of order fulfillment and shipping.

With the tools, it is super easy to tag items and orders to check the order statuses and fulfillment journey.

The auto-audits allow you to have detailed insights about shipping performance and its efficiency. This auditing feature manages different metrics like shipping postage, timelines, and many more.

3. Built-in automation – Automations are an intricate part of any inventory management process and Ordoro delivers highly in this area.

The simplest part of the automation is the auto-sync feature. It keeps background tabs on all your products while you focus on other businesses. With it, you can set product thresholds so that the app can reorder your inventory anytime your stock is running low.

4. Multichannel management – The high number of sales channels has made many e-commerce managers develop a multi-channel roadmap for their businesses.

Though this can be handled when setting up a store on the frontend, it is, however, difficult to synchronize all the orders across these different sales channels. Ordoro centralizes all your sales channels.

It syncs all your incoming sales while also managing multiple warehouses and supply lines.

5. Barcode labeling and scanning – This is another important feature that Ordoro comes with. Barcode scanning helps to boost your inventory and shipping management.

With Ordoro, it is extremely easy to generate and print barcode labels for different inventory and customer orders.

6. Inventory and shipping analytics – Ordoro provides you with robust analytics and reporting. This goes beyond the normal inventory levels. It gives you a deeper look into the overall health of your e-commerce business.

The app tells the whole story about the level of resources you have put into the business. It includes the amount of money spent and warehouse space.

It also monitors your turnover ratio and tells you how much your remaining stock is worth and the ROI of these items.

Pricing of Ordoro

Ordoro has three different plans. They are as follow:

  • Express – Starts from $59 monthly
  • Pro – $499 per month
  • Enterprise – $999 per month

Click here https://www.ordoro.com/pricing to learn more about the plans and pricing.

Can I make money with Ordoro Dropshipping? 

While you cannot make money directly with the Ordoro app, you can make money through the order fulfillment that leaves your customers very satisfied. This in turn means an increase in sales which translates to more money in your pocket.

Is Ordoro a scam?

Falling for dropshipping app scams can be painful and agonizing. It also amounts to a waste of time and money. To avoid being a victim, you have to choose a reputable platform for the smooth running of your e-commerce business.

Ordoro is known for effectiveness and efficiency. So, it is a well-recommended tool to take your business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I contact Ordoro?

Answer: Ordoro can be contacted through email at info@ordoro.com. You can also call 512.271.9453

2. Does Ordoro integrate smoothly with popular e-commerce platforms?

Answer: Yes, it has a robust integration with Amazon, Shopify, and BigCommerce. There are also shipping integrations with shipping companies like DHL, UPS, and others.

3. Does Ordoro provide an open API?

Answer: Yes, it provides an open API that integrates users with new platforms and custom-built channels.

4. Does Ordoro support dropshipping?

Answer: Yes, it supports dropshipping so well. You are allowed to design a customized workflow that can meet your unique order fulfillment requirements.

5. What support does Ordoro offer?

Answer: It offers phone and email supports.

6. What are the other alternatives to Ordoro?

Answer: The alternatives are ShipStation, Cin7, Orderhive, and Scubana.


  • You can start with the free trial
  • Allows you to compare shipping rates
  • Streamlines the shipping process by bringing all the orders to a central point
  • Supports different integrations, including Amazon, eBay, DHL, WooCommerce, Walmart, and more
  • Real-time inventory update across different sales channels
  • Simple and easy-to-use dashboard
  • Exceptional customer service and technical care team


  • Lacks forecasting
  • No mobile app access
  • No inventory management features on the $59 plan. This means you have no option than to go for the $499 monthly plan if you are interested in tracking your inventory levels

Conclusion: Is Ordoro dropshipping recommended?

Many users have attested to the powerful features that Ordoro is built with. Its user-friendliness coupled with the incredible support team makes the tool the number one choice for many businesses.

The platform’s support for many e-commerce sites is excellent. Its integration with shipping companies gives you a lot of leverage since you are at liberty to compare prices.

Ordoro’s ease of use is also stellar. The platform has a clean and sleek design with a simple dashboard. This means the tool can easily be used by anyone who has a basic knowledge of the internet.

All in all, Ordoro has been able to match the expectation of many store owners because of the rich features that stand it out from the competition.

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