What is Natura MLM? Natura MLM Review, Pros, and Cons

What is Natura MLM

If you are considering a decent work-from-home opportunity, selling some good skin and beauty products may be the right way to start. Have you heard of Natura products? If the answer is yes, then, joining their MLM program will be a good opportunity. In this review, I am going to reveal what is Natura MLM and all that you need to know about its products, their pros, and cons.

What is Natura MLM? An Overview


Natura is a Brazilian MLM company based in Sao Paulo founded by Antonio Luiz Seabra in 1969. The product line of the company is cosmetics and personal care products.

In 1974, the company switched to direct selling. With over 1.7 million consultants, there is no doubt that Natura is one of the most thriving MLM businesses in the world.

In January 2020, Natura made a major acquisition. The company acquired Avon Products, which is another MLM company. Natura also owns the Body Shop.

In 2018, Natura announced the sum of $10.9 billion in revenue compared to $141.2 million in the previous year. By revenue, Natura is the largest cosmetics company out of Brazil. It has a presence in 73 countries except for Antarctica.

How to join Natura MLM?

All the information that you need to get started with Natura is available in this section. To join Natura as a consultant, you don’t need to buy a starter kit but it is advisable. The price of the starter kit is between $49 and $199. There are no monthly fees but your sponsor will have to provide the training. You can sign up at https://www.naturabrasil.com/.

How much can one make as a consultant of Natura MLM?

As a consultant, you can earn between 25% and 30% commission on your sales. To make a decent amount of money, you will have to recruit a lot of people into your team. Consultants can host parties to increase sales.

Are the Natura products worth the price?

Natura Products

Natura has three product lines. They are Natura products, Body Shop, and Avon products. The products are free from animal testing and cruelty. They are also worth the price because they are all quality products. The product can be bought online and from consultants too.

Is there any opportunity in the Natura MLM? 

Yes, the Natura MLM offers you a great opportunity to earn some money from home. Though the products can be bought online many customers would like to buy from consultants. One excellent advantage of the Natura MLM is that you have the opportunity to sell three product lines.

The product categories include hair, skin, fragrance, bath and body, men, mom, and baby. This means you can increase your income by selling more than one product or product line.

Natura MLM Compensation Plan

Many MLM companies are secretive about their compensation plan. Natura’s compensation plan is not made public. There is nothing like it on their website. But I was able to scoop out something.

From what I can deduce, there are four levels in the Natura MLM program and the commission is between 5% and 50%. There are commissions from your sales and downlines. There are also bonuses. There is a leadership bonus, the company’s total sales bonus, and position bonus which ranges from 1% and 2%.

Benefits of joining the Natura MLM

There are some benefits attached to joining the Natura MLM. Below are some of the benefits:

  1. The products are high-quality, natural, and eco-friendly.
  2. No animal testing and no harmful chemicals in the products.
  3. You will work at your convenience as an independent distributor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Natura qualify for a pyramid scheme?

Answer: Natura is not a pyramid scheme since it requires recruitment. More commissions are earned through recruitment than sales.

2. What is the best way to make money with Natura?

Answer: The best way is through direct selling. Massive recruitment is another way.

3. How can I make money with Natura?

Answer: There are two ways to make money with Natura. The first is through direct selling, the second is through the recruitment of others.

Who is it for?

Natura is for anyone who wants financial freedom by working within a flexible schedule. It is ideal for students, nursing mothers, housewives, single mothers, and the unemployed.


  • More than one product line can be sold – The Company has three product lines and consultants are allowed to sell more than one product line. This helps to increase revenue.
  • Lots of products – There are plenty of products to sell. This can also help you to increase sales and make more money.
  • Evergreen niche – The skin and beauty niche is very evergreen. People will never lose interest in taking good care of their bodies. This means that the Natura products will still be in demand for many years to come.
  • Different ways of selling – This is not like the other MLM companies that restrict their consultants to only direct selling. You can also sell online through Amazon and other marketplaces. You are allowed to set up your website and sell the products directly from your website.
  • Long history – For the fact that the company has been in operation since 1969 speaks volumes. Not all MLM companies can still be in business after five decades. This is not a mean feat. This shows that the company has got a good pedigree and track record.
  • Publicly traded – Natura is a publicly traded company on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange since 2004.


  • High competition – Natura products can be gotten from many sources without buying from a Consultant. This makes it very competitive and many consultants may not make a lot of sales due to this.
  • A bit expensive – Some of the products are a bit expensive. This means not many people who like the products would be able to afford them. This is a big minus for the consultants.
  • Saturated market – There are many companies in the skin and beauty segment. This makes it a very saturated market. Competing with other brands can be a bit difficult for many consultants.
  • The initial investment is required – The fact that you need to make an initial investment can be discouraging. Most people may not have the fund to invest in the MLM business.
  • Recruitment is required – MLM is still MLM no matter how it is disguised. This is because recruitment is always involved. Without massive recruitment, it is difficult to make any success in MLM. Many people are now enlightened and find it hard to join any MLM program because it is a tough business model that requires a lot of hard work to succeed.

Legit or scam

Natura is 100% legit. It is not a scam. The company has been in operation since 1969. This shows it is a credible and trustworthy company. If it is a dishonest company, it would have been shut down a long time ago by a regulatory body like the Financial Trade Commission (FTC).

Conclusion: Is the Natura MLM program recommended?

Yes, it is recommended if you love the idea of selling beauty and skin products by the side. It may as well be a good opportunity to gain financial freedom.

Natura MLM is not for you if you cannot recruit committed people into your team. This is the hallmark of all MLM models.

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  1. I’m glad to read this is a legit site. It obviously has cons as any other platform (nothing is perfect), but they are legit. I really don’t like that they are quite expensive and that recruitment is required. I am not good at recruiting. But the fact that they have a long history and that they have so many cool products to promote makes me wanna give it a try.


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