What is Murad Affiliate Program? Earn selling skincare products

What is Murad Affiliate Program?

We know that bad skin is a turn-off. But radiating skin generates a powerful aura. If you know about Murad, you will understand that they are out to make your skin glow and stand out from the crowd. And if you are already using their products, you will testify to their efficacy. So, apart from having healthy skin, you can also make money selling their products as an affiliate. Interested in knowing how? I will tell you what is Murad affiliate program and all the other details associated with it.

Murad has an affiliate program where you can earn between 0.8% and 30% commission if you can persuade people to purchase its skincare products from your website.

Let me help you with more information on what you need to join the platform so you can start making some residual income from home. Continue reading to get the whole full gist.

What is Murad?

Murad is a skincare company that is into the production of different skincare products. The products are made with naturally formulated ingredients to help you have healthier skin.

The company was founded in 1989 by Dr. Murad, who is a well-trained pharmacist.

Some of the products take care of stretch marks, anti-aging, acne and spots, redness of the skin and sensitivity, men’s shaving, sun protection, cellulite, and many more.

Dr. Murad is a great believer in better skin health and this is why the company has become an authority in the industry.

What is Murad affiliate program?

The Murad affiliate program is an opportunity to make money by promoting and selling the products on your website. Almost everyone likes to show off radiating skin. This is where the potential of selling the Murad products lies.

The products are of high quality and effective. It is said that a good product sells itself. This is true of Murad skincare products.

There is a commission rate of between 0.8% and 30% plus bonus incentives for every product that you sell through your affiliate link.

It has a 30-days cookie length and affiliate payments are made promptly every month. It is also interesting to note that the Murad affiliate program accepts deep linking.

How does Murad Affiliate Program work?

Murad affiliate program works like every other affiliate program where you earn a commission for every product sold through your website.

When you join the program, you will be able to access the tools that you need to promote Murad through your website.

How can I join the Murad affiliate program?

You can join the platform through one of the links of the affiliate network partners provided below:

Does Murad have new products? 

Murad is always expanding its product line. Some of their newest formulas are focused on enhancing the skin’s good bacteria profile. The skin is well nourished when the bacteria is working well for you.

Some of the newest products are:

  1. MultiMist Prebiotic 3-in-1 – This is a makeup set and it also helps in the nourishment of the skin
  2. Revitalixir Recovery Serum – This is a face serum and can also be applied under the eye. It works on the puffiness of the eye.
  3. The MultiCleanser Prebiotic 4-in-1 – It is a makeup set and also for skin replenishment and cleansing.

Do Murad products work and are worth their price? 

Yes, the Murad products work effectively. But the results may vary from individual to individual. The products are also clinically investigated. Some of the products have been recognized with awards.

Murad is accredited by BBB as A+. There are a few complaints regarding their customer service but their quality of products is good and trusted by customers.

What are the approved ways to promote my Murad affiliate link? 

The approved tools for promoting the Murad affiliate program will depend on the affiliate network partner you sign up with. But below are the ways you can promote your affiliate link:

  1. Place banners strategically on your website – When your application is approved, you will have access to affiliate banners of different sizes. Place them in strategic locations on your website.
  2. Make product reviews and tutorials and insert your affiliate link in them – Both tutorials and reviews help to drive traffic to your website. Ensure that you insert your affiliate links inside the two of them.
  3. Create video content and insert your affiliate link – Video content grabs attention a whole lot. Once in a while, make a good video about the effectiveness of the Murad products and insert your link inside it.
  4. Be on social media platforms – Be prominent on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Write interesting articles about Murad and include your affiliate link inside the articles.

Promotion methods not allowed by Murad affiliate program 

Following traffic or sales are prohibited under the Murad affiliate program. Make sure you follow the guidelines to avoid getting your affiliate account terminated:

  • Clicks through PPC (Pay per click) advertising
  • Promotions directly linking to Murad’s official website
  • The deal, discounts, vouchers from third party sources
  • Unapproved email marketing and social media campaigns. All the emails/social media campaigns must be pre-approved by Murad

Can I make money with Murad Affiliate Program? 

Yes, you can make money with the Murad affiliate program because the potential is high. This is because skin products are like food that no one can do without. But to make some handsome amount of money from it, you must ensure you have a website that drives traffic.

The range of the commission rates is decent but it could be huge if you make a lot of sales monthly. The average commission affiliates make with Murad is about 15% per sale.

There are also updated banners and links to make it easy for you to sell the products on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can join the Murad affiliate program?

Answer: Anyone that understands affiliate marketing can join the platform.

2. What countries does Murad accept in its affiliate program?

Answer: Murad accepts all countries except if you are using Commission Junction to sign up which is designated for the USA.

3. What is the Murad affiliate program cookie length?

Answer: The cookie length is 30 days

4. Why did the Murad affiliate program reject my application?

Answer: Your application can be rejected if your website contains sexually explicit material, promotes violence, discriminates based on gender, sex, race, and religion.

5. Where can I get the links to put on my website if I join the Murad affiliate program?

Answer: Once your application is accepted, you will find all the materials that you need from your affiliate account.

6. Does the Murad affiliate program accept deep linking?

Answer: Yes, deep linking is accepted.


  • Free to join: You can join the affiliate program for free. The program is open to all types of affiliates and is well-suited for housewives, nursing mothers, and students.
  • Products: Murad sells high-quality products. There is a wide range of products to sell backed by Murad’s reputed background history. The product feed is regularly updated. This makes it helpful for affiliates to diversify their promotion campaign.
  • Resources: Banners and links are well updated. Excellent tools to set up, monitor, and manage your links. The affiliate resources are part of reputed platforms such as Awin, Commission Junction, etc. who are well-known to provide quality services to their affiliates.
  • Payments: Prompt payment of affiliate commission. This is unlike many other affiliate programs that release their affiliate commissions after holding it for a few days/months.
  • Support: There is an affiliate manager that answers your questions. Dedicated support is required to run your affiliate campaign uninterrupted. You can also contact the support team by sending an email.


  • Products are a bit expensive: This could be one drawback for not making consistent sales. The skincare niche is quite competitive. There are many companies that sell their products at much lower prices on different online channels.

Conclusion: Is joining the Murad affiliate program recommended?

Joining the Murad affiliate program is one excellent way to improve your income consistently. The commission rate is between 0.8% and 30% depending on the affiliate network partner that you sign up with.

With the updated banners and links, it would be easy to monetize your traffic, get conversions and make sales.

With the 30-days cookie period, there is no doubt that 30 days is a lengthy period to make a lot of sales since this is about skincare. The support for deep linking is also a big boost.

The fact that there is an affiliate manager to answer all your questions means you will never be in the dark. I recommend the Murad affiliate program if you are looking for a proven way to make money online.

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