What is Multiorders E-commerce Software? Automate Your Inventory Management

What is Multiorders?

E-sellers find it difficult to manage cross-channel ordering and delivery. With various tasks related to fulfilling orders such as toggling between different platforms for collecting orders, contact details, printing, packaging, etc. it impacts the overall delivery and affects business performance badly. And so, it makes sense to find a platform that can perform all these activities in one place. This is where solutions like Multiorders come in. What is Multiorders? Multiorders is an e-commerce platform to manage inventory and other different tasks of order fulfillment from a single place.

In this review post, I will provide more details on how Multiorders works and help the e-sellers run their online stores efficiently. You will also know the pricing and the pros, and cons of using Multiorders for your business.

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What is Multiorders?

Multiorders is a cloud-based all-in-one multi-channel inventory and order management software. With Multiorders, online store owners/e-sellers can integrate with different sales channels or marketplaces, and manage inventory easily.

Multiorders is a useful tool to track and automate order fulfillment, shipment, and delivery. The company started its operation in 2017 with the main focus on shipping and subsequently expanded its services into different e-commerce tasks.

How does the Multiorders software work?

To use Multiorders software you have to subscribe to one of its pricing plans. Before making a payment, you can test all the features of Multiorders software through its 14-days free trial. The pricing starts as low as $9 a month and goes up to $599 per month depending on the number of orders you receive.

Alternatively, you can request a free demo to learn how Multiorders work before beginning its free trial.

Once you become a member, you can then integrate your sales channels/marketplaces with Multiorders software and start taking orders and managing all the inventory, packaging, labeling, and shipping in one place.

To join the platform, visit Multiorders and create your free account.

Multiorders Features

Multiorders has some valuable features that help manage e-commerce tasks easier. Below are a few of them:

Order fulfillment – Fulfilling an order involves multiple tasks that are complex in nature. In normal circumstances, once you receive an order you have to go through your inventories, ensure its availability and then proceed with other tasks such as processing, packaging, shipping, and tracking one by one.

With Multiorders the inventory updation happens automatically as soon as you receive an order. Not only inventory updates, but Multiorders also adds a tracking number, manages to ship, and provides end-to-end reporting on the delivery status of your package. This action also helps keep track of the performance of your stores.

Inventory Management – Managing inventory is an uphill task. It has a direct impact on your customers who may have to face inconvenience, delays, and wrong product deliveries. Such a situation can arise if you don’t keep a track of the stock and end up overselling or underselling.

Inventory management with Multiorders is automated. First of all, the software updates the stocks automatically as soon as an order is received. Secondly, you can easily integrate multiple sales channels online and offline without any manual effort of updating stocks individually.

Multiorders integration features are also helpful in flowing the data related to stocks, shipping, and suppliers. Your only effort is to monitor it from any device or internet browser owing to its cloud-based functionality.

Shipping & Tracking – Shipment is the most important factor from a business point of view. It is the end result and make-or-break situation for your business. And proper shipment involves labeling & packaging, insurance, tracking, and updating order status. This could be overwhelming and any negligence doing it manually could cost a customer.

Multiorders eliminates all the manual tasks of shipping and automatically takes care of labeling, shipping insurance, tracking number, and order status. This can leave a lasting impact on your customers who will come back to your store more often owing to perfect shipping and delivery.

Multilevel Integrations – Selling on multiple channels is preferred by many online sellers. It helps them grow their business and provide multi-dimensional products to reach a new customer base. But managing multiple sales channels, shipping companies, and payments is always difficult.

For this very reason, the integration feature of Multiorders is really good.  You can perform the linking task in a few clicks with the help of Multiorders guideline resources or a technical expert. What’s more, is you can contact Multiorders team in case you want to add any channel of your choice that is not part of the Multiorders integration feature.

Some of the platforms that you can easily integrate are Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, FedEx, DHL, USPS, UPS, Wix, and many more.

Multiorders Pricing plans

The pricing plans from Multiorders are offered basis the number of orders you receive. There are basically 8 plans that you can choose after testing Multiorders features for 14-days.

  1. Pro50 – $9 per month for 50 orders
  2. Pro200 – $19 per month for 200 orders
  3. Pro500 – $49 per month for 500 orders
  4. Pro1000 – $99 per month for 1000 orders
  5. Pro2000 – $149 per month for 2000 orders
  6. Pro5000 – $249 per month for 5000 orders
  7. Pro10000 – $369 per month for 10000 orders
  8. Pro20000 – $599 per month for 20000 orders

The standard benefits on all the pricing plans include unlimited products, sales channel integrations, and shipping integrations. You can check the complete details on Multiorders pricing here.

Can I make money with Multiorders? 

There is no direct way to make money by promoting or referring Multiorders to others. However, you can earn and increase the profits from your online store/business with Multiorders features.

Inventory management is one of the painful tasks and lots of e-sellers spend hours managing it. And manually doing it can still lead to shortage or overselling of stocks that can hamper your overall business.

Multiorders multichannel automation feature of inventory and order management will help you save time and focus more on growing your business.

The automation will also help you improve shipping, and delivery of products to make your brand reliable and trustworthy among your customers.

Is Multiorders e-commerce software worth using? 

Yes, Multiorders inventory management software is worth using from an automation and growth perspective.

Automation features of Multiorders are really useful to manage and sync inventories. The integrations with various marketplaces and sales channels are outstanding. The software has got a big thumbs up from its users in recent years giving it more than 4.5 stars.

If you are someone who struggles to cope up with updating stocks, coordinating with different platforms for labeling, shipping and still cannot track the status of your orders then Multiorders is the best option to work with.


  • Ease-of-use – Multiorders has one of the simplest and easiest interfaces to use its features. The integration feature is smooth and you can connect with most of the marketplaces without any major hiccups. The synching of products and pricing works really well.
  • Excellent Inventory management – Inventory management automation is one of the highlights of using Multiorders software. It is helpful in eliminating the overselling and underselling aspects while updating stocks automatically. With Multiorders, you will never run out of stock and manage the inventory efficiently.
  • Seamless shipping & tracking – A lot of time is spent coordinating and updating the status of shipment till it reaches your customer. All the steps such as choosing a shipping carrier, labeling, packaging, tracking number, and order status are taken care of Multiorders leaving you with just monitoring.
  • Software is cloud-based – Multiorders is a cloud-based application that can be easily accessed through any internet browser on all types of devices. This is helpful in responding to any customer queries or monitoring your store’s progress on the go.
  • Great support – The success of Multiorders is mainly owing to its support team. Even though the application is easy-to-use some of the automation elements are technical in nature. The support team is quick to respond and can be reached through email, chat, and phone. Members can also access various blogs, articles, and how-to guides to use the Multiorders platform.


  • Relatively new – Multiorders is comparatively new in the e-commerce segment. This makes it vulnerable to many shortcomings and glitches while performing certain tasks. This may frustrate many, especially beginners who are new to the whole process.
  • No mobile app –The platform can only be accessed through an internet browser on different devices but there is no dedicated mobile app.

Conclusion: Is the Multiorders software recommended?

Even with some of the flaws, Multiorders is still worth using and recommended. This is owing to its capability of providing integration with multiple channels and inventory management automation.

It is evident that order fulfillment and inventory management are the two activities most used and most prone to errors. This is where a majority of online store owners and retailers fail to make an impact and grow their business.

Multiorders software is made to cover the manual tasks and effort of managing inventories through various marketplaces and sales channels in one place. The pricing options are another advantage that is comparatively low and affordable.

The software is an ideal solution targeted at small and medium-sized business owners who can use its features to grow their online business rapidly.

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