What is Morinda MLM? Make Money Selling Noni Fruit Juice!

What is Morinda MLM?

Real fruit juices and concentrates are good for your health. Some of the fruits are even beneficial to keeping your sugar and blood levels in check. But have you heard of noni fruit? This fruit concentrate is helpful in reducing and curing diabetes, depression, hemorrhoids, and more. It also helps in reducing your age levels considerably. Now all these claims are made by its manufacturing company Morinda which is also an MLM. If the claims and topic have caught your attention then in this post, I will reveal all the details about what is Morinda MLM.

In addition, you will find the products it offers, its pros and cons, and if you can really make money with its compensation plan. So, continue reading.

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What is Morinda MLM?

Morinda is a multilevel marketing company that is known for Tahitian Noni juice. The company also sells other products like dietary supplements, personal care, and essential oils. Morinda is a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Age Beverages Corporation since 2019.

Morinda was originally founded in 1996 owing to the research and introduction of Noni fruit. It has a presence in Tahiti, Japan, China, Germany, and Utah, US. Morinda remained a subsidiary of its parent company Morinda Holdings, Inc. for a long time prior to its present merger.

The company became a phenomenon in the health industry offering different noni-based health solutions related to early aging, personal care, etc. and its Tahitian Noni juice is still popular worldwide.

How does the Morinda MLM program work?

Morinda sells their products through a multilevel marketing business model claiming to offer a passive income-earning opportunity to many individuals which they call independent product consultants. It offers a robust compensation plan to its consultants along with the use of its products.

The company offers 53% direct commissions on every sale plus a variety of perks, and bonuses without any breakage. There is instant support and tracking of your sales and leads. Morinda also offers personal development plans and other training to their consultants under the MLM program.

How to join the Morinda MLM program?

If you are interested in joining Morinda’s MLM program, then you can visit https://enroll.newage.com/Sponsor and search for your brand partner. If you don’t have a brand partner upfront there is an option to search for a brand partner on the joining page.

The enrolment fee is $35 for purchasing a starter kit that includes different Morinda product packages.

As an independent product consultant, you get access to different tools, training, system, and seminars to improve your promoting and selling skills.

Morinda products

Morinda is popular for its superfruit noni juice. However, they have expanded the benefits of noni fruit by adding its extracts to develop other health and personal care products.

You can use the following products to learn their benefits and promote them further to kick start your Morinda business opportunity:

Tahitian Noni Juice: This is a flagship Morinda product and a good one to make consistent sales. The noni juice is a mixture of pasteurized noni puree, grape, and blueberry concentrate. The product is promoted as an anti-aging solution that helps reduce the causes of early aging and improves health.

TrueAge Max: Another product that helps reduce the age levels by up to 24%. The TrueAge Max consists of iridoids (noni compound) with blueberry, cranberry, olive leaf extracts, and cornelian cherry. All the ingredients are pre-researched by Morinda professionals and found to be helpful in providing great health benefits.

TrueAge Rapid Fuel: Rapid Fuel is a health supplement based on proteins. The product helps improve body muscle, reduces fats, and regularizes blood sugar to keep you fit and fine. The supplement is made of regular protein-based ingredients with noni fruit concentrates.

Temana: Temana’s range of products includes solutions related to personal and skincare problems. There is a wide variety of cleansers and creams including some form of noni fruit to improve the appearance and skin age.

Likewise, there are many products in the form of beverages, supplements, essential oils, body care, etc. that caters to different health improvement and aging solutions.

Are the Morinda products worth their price? 

To be honest, Morinda products are expensive. But the reviews and ratings provided to Morinda products are fairly positive.

Morinda is currently not rated by BBB. It was surprising to get product reviews and ratings on Amazon as I thought their products are only sold through multilevel marketing methods. This can make selling products through independent product consultants more challenging.

The reviews and ratings on Amazon are on the higher side. The noni juice has garnered more than 4.5-star ratings which are very good.

How to make money with the Morinda MLM program? 

The primary method to make money with Morinda lies in your efforts to fulfilling compensation plan sales targets. Achieving personal sales targets will ensure you rank higher and earn more money consistently.

There is also a quarterly Global Team bonus offered basis the personal volume and your rankings.

Morinda compensation plan 

The compensation plan offered by Morinda is very constructive. Morinda offers commissions and additional perks, bonuses on achieving personal sales volume.

20% commissions are what you can earn as a personal rebate on your sales volume of 120QV per month.

You also get 53% direct commissions without breakage on climbing higher rankings. Morinda follows a dynamic compression method to ensure their deserving consultants are paid on time without lapses.

The compensation plan consists of 9-levels commissions and bonuses which you can go through in the below screenshot.

Can I make money with the Morinda MLM program? 

Making money with Morinda is possible provided you are at your best in making regular sales. There is no denying the fact that Morinda offers generous commissions to its consultants. But money is not easy. If there are no sales there is no money.

Morinda claims to have created more than 300 millionaires in the last 20 years. The numbers are too good to be true but it does have some truth looking at their income statement of 2015. The percentage of consultants making money with Morinda was at 57.49% which is much better compared to other MLM programs.

Does that mean you can be the next millionaire? It’s far from the truth. The income statement clearly states that individuals who made a million dollars took an average of 7 years to achieve financial freedom. Are you ready to wait that long?

The actual earnings figures are inconclusive. Remember, it is an MLM program that requires a tremendous amount of hard work, and dedication to achieve financial success.

Is Morinda a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

Morinda is not a scam. The company is legit and has been operating its nutrition and health supplements business since 1996. It has survived through the toughest financial challenges and mergers across two decades.

The company focuses on making earnings and rewarding its consultants through consistent sales of its products. Pyramid scheme companies do not have physical products which is not the case with Morinda. So, it cannot be termed as a pyramid scheme.

Morinda product controversies 

Morinda couldn’t escape controversies.

The company had to settle $100k as investigative costs and refund payments to customer complaints in the year 1998. The compensation was against unsubstantiated claims on noni juice treatment and prevention of numerous diseases without any proven evidence.

Another matter related to XanGo company stealing Morinda’s noni concept was settled internally by the two parties in 2003.

Morinda also came into the limelight in 2007 owing to cocaine contamination found in noni juice bottles. The issue emerged in parts of Spain. It was later found that the noni juice bottle bore illegal labeling without legitimate manufacturing credentials produced in Mexico.

The noni fruit juice was found to be sensitive to hepatotoxic effects as claimed in medical case reports of 2009. The claims were based on studied evidence from consumers drinking the noni juice and complaining of hepatotoxic symptoms.

A bad history about any product can hamper sales performance and profits in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Morinda accredited by BBB?

Answer: No. Morinda is not rated by BBB.

2. Is noni juice safe to consume?

Answer: Noni juice is mostly safe to consume in adults. However, people with stomach issues related to the liver should avoid consuming noni fruit/juice.

3. Is noni products FDA approved?

Answer: No. It is not FDA-approved.


  • Morinda’s stability: The company is still going strong despite several controversies and backlash owing to the false claims and side effects of its products. Reliability and trust are the two factors you should always look at in every MLM company and Morinda scores high on this even after two decades of existence.
  • Excellent training and support: The tools, training, and supportive tools provided to its consultants are awesome. Morinda provides advanced tools such as the TrueAge scanner, Morinda office pro, Morinda operating system, and Morinda University that help in learning and tracking its consultant’s business progress.
  • Effective compensation plan: Unlike other MLMs, the compensation plan from Morinda is not complicated. It has straightforward sales commissions and perks associated with different levels of positions. The percentage of commissions is lucrative and the bonuses and vacation trips offered to higher-level consultants are very enticing.


  • Over-saturated niche: The health supplements and personal care products category is over-saturated. There are many programs offering these products under the MLM business model. The competitive niche demands innovative selling methods and ever-improving skills to remain in the business.
  • Expensive products: Morinda’s product pricing is questionable. Even though the products are well-received by its users the pricing may impact the overall sales with growing competition and low standard distribution methods.

Conclusion: Is Morinda MLM recommended?

The noni juice concept is a winner for Morinda. Though, the effects of noni juice are very much similar to any other fruit juices according to European scientific research it still holds value among its users. The noni juice will be your go-to product to gain success in the Morinda MLM program.

The company value and depend on their network marketing business model to make profits and it is evident from the training, support, and compensation they offer to their consultants. Morinda’s dynamic compression method is an attractive gimmick to enroll more independent consultants but it is also a confirmation that the company is serious about making payments.

Does that mean Morinda MLM is recommended? Well, it all comes down to your personal ambition and intent. Success with MLMs is rare.

With Morinda, there is an investment, learning, hard work, dedication, and persistence but in the end, patience is what matters most. You will have to spend a considerable amount of time or even years to earn consistent income to make a living.

Morinda as a company is recommended but MLM as a business is not. There are many alternative options in the online industry better than MLMs to make consistent passive income. Check my recommendation below.

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