What is Momondo Affiliate Program? Get Paid for Travel Clicks

What is Momondo Affiliate Program?

Are you looking for a viable travel affiliate program to join? If the answer is yes, then, the Momondo affiliate program is for you. What is Momondo affiliate program? If you have a travel, lifestyle, or business blog that generates more than 200,000 web traffic monthly, then, Momondo affiliate program is an incredible opportunity for you to monetize it.

The program pays one of the most attractive commissions in the travel industry.

Read on to find out more about the Momondo affiliate program.

What is Momondo? An Overview

Momondo is a universal travel search website that helps you to compare the prices of cheap hotel accommodations, car rentals, and flights.

Note that Momondo is not a travel agency. It is just a travel search website for price comparisons of cheap flights, hotels, and car renting deals.

What is Momondo affiliate program?

This is an affiliate program where you can monetize your blog or website and earn commission as an affiliate for every click out from the search results page that converts.

You have to also note that the commissions are paid for only flight deals; not on hotel accommodations or car rentals.

The platform partners and displays flight deals from more than 1,000 airlines.

With Momondo, you can assist your customers to find cheap flights more easily while you make some money and the customers save some money too. This makes it a win-win situation.

The commission rate is between $0.45 and $0.65 per click that converts. It has 30 minutes cookie duration.

How does the Momondo affiliate program work?

The Momondo affiliate program works in three simple steps:

  • You will have to sign up with one of the Momondo affiliate partners like Commission Junction (CJ) or Webgains.
  • After you must have successfully signed up, you can add your Momondo affiliate link to your travel-based blog or website.
  • And start earning money anytime a customer clicks out from the affiliate link and ends with a conversion.

How can I join the Momondo affiliate program?

You can join the program through Webgains at https://www.webgains.com/front/publisher/program/view/programID/8613 and click “Join”.

Benefits of joining the Momondo affiliate program

1. Stunning commission – The affiliate program offers you a stunning and impressive commission. You can earn up to 75% of the revenue. It translates to $0.45 on mobile and $0.65 on desktop and tablet. It is difficult to find this rate in any other travel-based affiliate program.

2. Clear statistics – There are no hanky-panky or gimmicks with the Momondo affiliate program. You will see the statistics clearly to measure your performance. Sales are approved daily so you can qualify for commission. The process is completely transparent and trustworthy.

3. Strong and reputable brand – Joining the Momondo affiliate program means you are associating with a strong and established brand. This is great leverage for any affiliates.

4. Result-oriented tools and resources – As a Momondo affiliate, you are allowed to do deep linking. There are also plenty of banners and links including coupons and deals. This is only available to United States affiliate members.

5. Money-saver – Due to the cheap ticket prices on the Momondo website, your audience can save some money because it is higher when you buy the tickets directly from the airlines.

Dos of Momondo affiliate program 

Traffic sources must come from the following sources:

  • Travel-related blogs or websites
  • Through email and the content must first be approved by Momondo
  • Content websites

Don’ts of Momondo affiliate program 

Traffic sources must NOT come from the following sources:

  • Third-party websites
  • Social media platforms
  • Website forums
  • Stuffing of cookie
  • PPC bidding
  • Coupon voucher and cashback websites

Why you must consider joining the Momondo affiliate program 

  1. Free to join the program
  2. It offers recurring commissions
  3. The commission is very attractive
  4. Momondo is a strong and well-established brand
  5. There are great tools that affiliates can use on their blogs to increase conversions.

Can I make money with the Momondo affiliate program? 

Yes, you can make money with the Momondo affiliate program. The commission rate is $0.65 per click-out from a desktop or tablet device while you will earn $0.45 per click-out from a mobile device. This is one of the highest CPA rates you can find anywhere in the travel affiliate domain.

Is the Momondo affiliate program free to join?

Joining the Momondo affiliate program doesn’t cost you anything as it is completely free. However, you will have to fill out a form in three steps. This is to ensure that you are not a robot.

Is the Momondo affiliate program a scam?

There are many travel-based affiliate programs out there that end in a scam. You are never paid when you get to the minimum payment threshold. But the Momondo affiliate program is tested and trusted. It runs transparently and affiliates are paid commissions for their conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can one reach out to Momondo?

Answer: You can send a mail to affiliate@momondo.com

2. What kind of website is suitable for the Momondo affiliate program?

Answer: You would need a travel, lifestyle, or business-based website. Travel-based blogs are more ideal.

3. What tools will be available to Momondo affiliates?

Answer: There are many tools including six HTML links, 17 banners, and deep linking.

4. How popular is Momondo?

Answer: Momondo is very popular with a TV presence in many countries like the US, UK, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Russia, and the Netherlands.

5. What kind of commission does the Momondo affiliate program offer?

Answer: It offers a flat-rate commission which is revenue sharing.

6. Does Momondo pay its affiliate with PayPal?

Answer: Payments are through wire transfer.

7. Does Momondo pay a recurring commission?

Answer: Yes, it is a recurring commission, and payment is made every month.


  • Excellent commission rates
  • Reputable and well established
  • Affiliate partners have plenty of tools and resources to help you succeed. This includes deep linking, a variety of banners, and links
  • Payment is done through direct deposit and wire transfers
  • The Momondo website is easy to navigate and highly functional. This makes it easy for users to find the best flight ticket deals


  • The cookie duration is just 30 minutes
  • No commissions on hotels and car renting deals
  • No PayPal payment
  • Low-quality traffic can reduce the rates

Conclusion: Is the Momondo affiliate program recommended?

The Momondo affiliate program is fast becoming the cash cow for many affiliate marketers in the travel industry. If you have up to 200,000 visitors on your travel-based blog, then, this is a veritable affiliate program to join. The 75% commission is enticing. The big payout is a great opportunity to join the program.

One drawback of the program is the in-session cookie which lasts for just 30 minutes. That notwithstanding, it can still be a rewarding program for anyone who has a travel business, or lifestyle blog.

The program offers affiliates excellent tools to increase conversions. Deep linking, 6 HTML links, and 17 banners are enough tools to ensure that your audience can take advantage of the cheap flight deals that Momondo offers on its website.

Joining the Momondo affiliate program is an impressive program I would like to recommend to any affiliate marketer that wants to have a slice of the billions of dollars in the travel and tourism industry.

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