What is Modalyst App? Modalyst App Review, Features, Pros, and Cons

What is Modalyst App

Ecommerce has grown exponentially in the last decade. The truth is that the growth won’t slow down soon. In 2021, the e-commerce business has been valued at $4.6 billion. Everyone is looking for one thing to buy or sell. This is a great opportunity for new drop shippers and retailers to capture part of the e-commerce revenue. One nagging problem that drop shippers face is where to get credible suppliers with quality products. You don’t have to worry. It is for this reason I have decided to make a review of the Modalyst app. So, what is Modalyst app? You will find out in this post along with all the features, pros, and cons.

What is Modalyst App? An Overview

Modalyst App

Modalyst is a dropshipping tool that helps dropshippers to add products to their online stores. With the Modalyst app, you can find and connect with credible and trustworthy suppliers, add products, monitor your inventory digitally, set pricing of your products, and manage shipments.

It is an all-in-one tool that links you with suppliers in Europe, Canada, Australia, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.

You can find products in different categories like apparel, accessories, gadgets, and many more.

Retailers or drop shippers can make use of the app to track and manage their inventories in real-time. Automated shipment notifications can be configured for both retailers and customers.

Modalyst was founded by Jill Sherman and Alain Miguel in 2012. The company is located in the United States of America and also has a presence in Poland and Ecuador.

Features of Modalyst App

All the details that you need to start using the Modalyst app are available in this section. Modalyst app comes with some great features:

Modalyst Products
  1. A wide range of products – There is an assortment of products to choose from. You can select from more than 40 categories and over 10 million products. Adding products is also easy. Products are added just in one click. Since you don’t purchase the products upfront, you are at liberty to add as many products as possible.
Modalyst Suppliers
  1. Suppliers are selected from the EU and US – Modalyst works with the US and EU-based suppliers. These suppliers have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet the standards set by Modalyst. Pricing requirements, shipping, and strict return policy have all been pre-negotiated with suppliers. So, as a retailer or merchant, you don’t have to renegotiate a different deal with the suppliers. This makes everything transparent and straight.
  2. Fast shipping to consumers – Fast shipping is one of the benefits of using the Modalyst app as a retailer or drop shipper. This is one of the advantages of having EU and US-based suppliers. Apart from suppliers sending the item to the consumer directly, the suppliers can also send the orders to you so you can send the goods to your customers directly. After the suppliers have shipped the products, the tracking information will be shared with you through the Modalyst dashboard so you can track all the orders in transit.
  3. Sell your products on different marketplaces and social media platforms – You are not restricted to selling on your e-commerce website alone. You can also sell on different marketplaces like Amazon and eBay including on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Universal return policy – When it comes to dropshipping, return policy can be a tough one for the suppliers, retailers, and consumers. Modalyst has an agreement with all the suppliers to allow a 14-day return policy. This means products can be returned as far as they are not damaged. The return policy helps retailers or drop shippers to keep everything simple and straight.
  5. Real-time information – You are provided with real-time insights and analytics when you log in to the Modalyst dashboard. You will get important information like the products that have the most impressions and suppliers that have checked your profile. These insights help you to know how the products are performing. The data you get can help you improve your marketing strategy.
Modalyst Integrations
  1. Seamless integration with Shopify and BigCommerce – One great advantage of using the Modalyst app is its seamless integration with the most popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce. Once you download Modalyst from the app store you can integrate it with any of the two e-commerce platforms. The integration is important to allow you to add products with the utmost ease. You will also be informed when some products are out of stock.

How to get started with Modalyst App

To get started, visit the website at https://www.modalyst.co/ and click on “Sign up”.

Pricing of Modalyst App

The pricing for Modalyst starts from $35. There are three plans – Hobby Plan, Monthly Start-up Plan, and Pro Plan.

Modalyst Pricing
  1. Hobby Plan – This plan is completely free and allows you to add only 25 products. You can process unlimited orders and integrate them with your e-commerce store.
  2. Monthly Start-up Plan – It cost $35 to use this plan. You can add 250 products with unlimited processing of orders.
  3. Pro Plan – This goes for $90 with an unlimited number of products. You will have access to Luxury Brand Suppliers.

Why do you need to choose Modalyst? 

There are many reasons why you should use Modalyst. Some of the reasons are:

  • Modalyst holds its suppliers to high standards
  • Product rates have been pre-negotiated by Modalyst. So, you don’t have to waste time renegotiating.
  • Shipping is fast
  • There is a 14-day return policy
  • You will have access to more than 10 million products in over 40 categories.
  • There is a free plan that allows you to add 25 products.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Modalyst offer a free plan?

Answer: Yes, there is a free plan for a lifetime. The plan allows you to add 25 products with unlimited processing of orders.

2. Is the Modalyst app web-based?

Answer: Yes

3. What are the Modalyst app’s main features?

Answer: The main features include payment processing, data management, order tracking, analytics, e-commerce platforms support, online payments, product comparison, etc.

4. How much does Modalyst cost?

Answer: The cost of Modalyst starts from $35.

5. Does Modalyst support any mobile platform?

Answer: None.

6. What is the Modalyst deployment type?

Answer: The deployment type is cloud-based.

7. What are Modalyst available supports?

Answer: The only available support is email.

8. What are the e-commerce platforms that Modalyst integrates with?

Answer: It integrates with BigCommerce and Shopify.

Who is it for?

Modalyst is designed for e-commerce retailers, dropshippers, and online merchants who are interested in making a success of their e-commerce business using technology. The tool is also perfect for SMEs, enterprises, agencies, and start-ups.


  • No upfront investment needed for inventory
  • Stock level notifications are synchronized with your store real-time
  • Suppliers are from the United States and the European Union
  • Products are imported in one-click
  • The whole process can be handled from the Modalyst dashboard
  • You will get insights into how your products are performing
  • Integrates perfectly with Shopify and BigCommerce
  • There are over 10 million products in more than 40 categories


  • If you choose the Modalyst free plan, there will be a 5% transaction charge
  • You cannot customize the shipping and do product packaging since the suppliers ship the products on your behalf
  • No live chat support, no phone call; there is only email support.

Legit or scam

Modalyst is a legit dropshipping app that many retailers and drop shippers have used to succeed in their e-commerce business. So, it is not a scam at all.

Conclusion: Is the Modalyst App recommended?

Yes, Modalyst is highly recommended for new and old dropshippers who are still finding it hard to succeed in their dropshipping business. The app will help to put them one step ahead.

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  1. The Modalyst app makes it easier than ever for anyone with no experience or investment in starting their own online store, and there are plenty of high-demand goods that people can sell using this platform. Modalyst can make even beginners into experts in no time at all! You can’t go wrong if you try this app out today. 🙂

    • Hi Pitin,

      Thanks for sharing your valuable comments on the Modalyst app. It is indeed a great app for people looking to start an online store.

  2. Hi, thanks for this review about the Modalyst App. It is indeed an interesting business model. I like the fact that they have the hobby plan which is their free plan, nowadays people wants to try out something before they invest their hard earned money. The only down side with the free plan is the $5 transaction as you outlined, this may discourage lot of potential clients from trying it out.


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