What is Mary Kay MLM? Legit or scam?

What is Mary Kay MLM

If you are someone that loves cosmetics and beauty products generally, this could be a chance to become a Beauty Consultant for a reputable company and start selling the products you already use and love. In this industry, Mary Kay is already a household name. The fact is that Mary Kay is a strong brand that appeals to a lot of women. It is a company that is passionate about empowering women and helping them to maximize their potential. So, what is Mary Kay MLM?

In this article, I shall be reviewing the Mary Kay brand and its MLM program so you can be armed with the right information needed to succeed.

As a woman that loves beauty products, this may as well be an opportunity to become a businesswoman.  So, let’s get started.

What is Mary Kay MLM? An Overview


Founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash, the company is established and known for producing top-quality beauty products for women.

With more than 5,000 people in its employment and over 3.5 million independent consultants, there is no doubt Mary Kay is a powerhouse in cosmetics.

The categories of its products include fragrance, body care, facial, skincare, and nail care. The American company was ranked as the 6th largest MLM Company in the world with a volume sale worth $3.25 billion in 2018.

Mary Kay now operates in close to 40 countries enriching the lives of many women and their families worldwide. Longevity is one thing you must look out for when joining any MLM program.

Mismanagement and lack of foresight are the common reasons that lead to the closure of many MLM companies. The fact that Mary Kay has operated for more than 50 years tells you a lot about its stability, resilience, and consistency.

How to join the Mary Kay MLM program

Joining Mary Kay as an Independent Beauty Consultant does not require a long process of documentation. All you need to do is to locate an independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and sign up to get started.

To join Mary Kay, you will be required to pay $100 for a starter pack. You will also be required to place a minimum order worth $225 every 90 days to maintain an active status that would qualify you to earn a 50% commission.

Apart from selling the products, you have to go all out to sign up some individuals as Independent Beauty Consultants who will be in your team.

Mary Kay Products

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to sign up as an Independent Beauty Consultant? 

Answer: If you cannot find a Beauty Consultant in your locality, you can go to https://www.marykay.com/ and click on “Independent Beauty Consultant”. Type in the Zip Code of your city and click “search” to locate a Beauty Consultant.    

2. How to make money with Mary Kay? 

Answer: With Mary Kay, you can earn as much as 50%  of all sales. This means if you want to earn $100 monthly as a commission, you must be able to sell products worth $200. You don’t only make money from retail sales; you can also make money off your downline depending on their efforts. If you are a good recruiter, you can be a Director in no time and earn 13% additional income. Just like other MLM programs, Mary Kay rewards a large volume of sales.

3. Is there a detailed manual to help recruits?

Answer: Yes, there is a well-detailed PDF manual for prospective recruits at http://www.myunitsite.com/common/recruitingnotebookdianeunderwood.pdf 

4. Are Mary Kay products worth buying?

Answer: The Company operates in almost 40 countries. With its annual revenue, you can understand that the products sell a lot. For instance, products like Mascara, Lipstick, and Mineral Foundation have excellent reviews even though they are costlier than other brands. The products provide incredible value for money.

Who is it for?

Mary Kay is perfect for women who want to be self-employed. Mary Kay MLM is perfect for single moms, married women, retirees, pensioners, and enterprising ladies. It is also suitable for young and strong independent women.


  • The stability of the company for over 50 years means they have overcome their challenges and become stronger. So, there is no fear of closing down.
  • Mary Kay provides you with high-quality sales tools that help their Independent Beauty Consultants (IBC) to excel in their businesses. These tools include digital marketing tools, a free mobile app to help you sell anywhere and anytime, a personalized website for one year, and wonderful customer support. 
  • There are juicy incentives and financial rewards to encourage IBCs. The commission is as high as 50% for every product sold.
  • As an IBC, you have a flexible work hour to manage the time and schedule as per your requirement. 
  • Joining Mary Kay MLM means you will be leveraging on a well-known brand to improve sales and performance. A well-respected brand saves you advertising costs.


  • You won’t make any meaningful progress alone until you start recruiting other individuals as your downlines. This usually starts with recruiting family and friends who may not be eager to join since MLM is very drilling.  
  • Mary Kay keeps changing product formulas and packaging since customers want newer versions. This makes the old leftover products in the hands of the IBCs outdated.
  • The products are not exclusive to IBCs alone. Amazon and eBay sell these products too. This is capable of affecting the sales of IBCs.

Legit or scam

Mary Kay MLM is not a scam. It is very legit and the company pays their Independent Beauty Consultants and Distributors up to 50% commission with other incentives.

Conclusion: Is Mary Kay MLM recommended?

Yes, it is recommended for people who are sick and tired of the normal rat race of a 9 to 5 job. It is ideal for women who want to earn money while living an independent life.

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