What is Mailtrap SMTP? Review, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

What is Mailtrap SMTP?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) as the name suggests is helpful in improving the deliverability of emails. It is also useful in ensuring your emails reach the recipient’s inbox without going to the spam folder. There are many SMTP servers out there, but in this review post, I will be explaining to you why Mailtrap SMTP is the best amongst the rest. So, what is Mailtrap SMTP?

Mailtrap SMTP testing tool helps its users properly test their email samples and fix them before being forwarded to their clients.

Read on to find out more about Mailtrap. I will discuss its features, pros and cons, and how it works. There is also a recommendation at the end of the post.

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What is Mailtrap SMTP?

It is safe to say that Mailtrap is a playground for the testing of emails before they are forwarded to the intending recipients. Its SMTP services provide a great environment for spam triggers, previewing of email, and deliverability.

Mailtrap is a multi-functional software designed by Railware. It is a simulated tool that is capable of separating the testing environment from the production environment. The app also runs proper checks on email addresses and helps in bypassing spam filters. It ensures that you don’t send spamming emails to real recipients.

How does Mailtrap work?

To know how Mailtrap works, you have to first sign up on their website at https://mailtrap.io/. You can go for a free account in case you want to evaluate the program or subscribe to one of the plans.

After creating an account, you can set up a development and staging environment for the testing of emails. Ensure that you configure Mailtrap with your email client’s SMTP credentials.

Then, you can start to send email messages to your inbox or team’s inboxes to see how it is delivered. You can use the real recipients’ email addresses for testing purposes just to validate them. Be assured that Mailtrap won’t send test emails to real recipients during testing.

Features of Mailtrap

Mailtrap has a great interface with a lot of email testing and management functionalities. Here is a breakdown of the tool’s main and advanced features:

Main Features

Storing and viewing test emails – Emails sent from different apps are stored in the test box of Mailtrap. The platform has nothing to do with the production environment. This is why your test emails cannot accidentally go to your customers. The Mailtrap storage is GDPR-compliant and also encrypted.

HTML templates debugging – HTML templates can help you enhance brand awareness. However, HTML-rich email messages can be fraught with a lot of errors. This is why the development team should test the emails to ensure they are in order before pushing the “Send” button.

Mailtrap comes with a management environment to help tech teams do HTML debugging. Just click on “Check HTML” to view a test message that may need debugging.

Analysis of spam and blacklist – Mailtrap helps you to run a spam report. This is to ensure that there are no spam triggers in your email copy. When you click on the “Analysis” tab, you can check if an email address has been added to the roll call of blacklisted email addresses. Empty headers are also a common error that Mailtrap can detect with ease.

Mailtrap Advanced features

BCC testing – With Mailtrap, you can check SMTP commands, track BCC recipients’ activity, and validate BCC email addresses. You can see that the BCC field is visible but no recipient would see the list of BCC addresses.

Team collaboration – One outstanding feature of Mailtrap is that it enhances collaboration amongst your team. Teammates can be invited through an email address to view the inbox or collectively debug test emails.

API – Mailtrap supports REST API. It also allows the return of JSON and XML calls.

Mailtrap Pricing

Mailtrap has got 6 plans so you can choose the one that suits you perfectly. Below are the different available plans:

  • Free – This comes at no cost at all. It is for free for a lifetime. You can also use it to evaluate the software.
  • Individual – $9.99/monthly
  • Team – $24.99/monthly
  • Business – $49.99/monthly
  • Premium – $99.99/monthly
  • Enterprise – $299.99/monthly

Click on the link https://mailtrap.io/pricing/ to see the benefits that come with each plan and choose the one that meets your needs.

Can I make money with Mailtrap? 

Mailtrap is a great tool to improvise and enhance your email marketing. With the help of its SMTP services, you can test and polish your emails to perfection which will increase deliverability, engagement, and conversions. With an improved click-through and opening rate, you can make money by promoting your products and services.

As you achieve success using Mailtrap, you can introduce it to different organizations, show them how it works, and sell the app to them with a profit margin since Mailtrap allows the reselling of the tool.

Unfortunately, you cannot make direct money with Mailtrap since it doesn’t have an affiliate program.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is Mailtrap?

Answer: It starts from $9.99/month and there is a free version for life.

2. Is it possible to send a test email to Mailtrap from the Gmail account?

Answer: Yes, you can if you subscribe to the Business, Premium, or Enterprise plan.

3. Can I use Mailtrap to send emails to my customers?

Answer: Mailtrap is an email tester. It cannot be used to send messages to real email addresses.

4. Can Mailtrap be used to preview email in different email clients?

Answer: Mailtrap comes with an “HTML Check” feature that analyses an email template for support in different email clients and shows you where to make quick fixes.

5. What email clients does Mailtrap support?

Answer: Mailtrap supports popular email clients such as SendGrid, Gmail, HubSpot, etc.


  • Free account forever – Mailtrap allows you to create a free account that you can use forever if you don’t want to go for any of the paid plans.
  • Make quick fixes – You don’t know the importance of an email tester until you send an email message full of errors. This is what Mailtrap helps you to fix. You can work on the email designs and fix other issues before moving to the development environment.
  • Email debugging – With Mailtrap, you can debug your emails in both the development and production environment. This ensures that you send clean emails to your customers.
  • No spamming – You cannot accidentally spam your customers if you use Mailtrap. Messages can be well analyzed and deemed fit before they are sent out.
  • API integration – Mailtrap comes with API integration. It allows you to make unlimited API calls for the easy configuration of automated testing.


  • Free version limitations – The free version of the tool is almost worthless because of its limitations. For instance, it supports one project, one inbox, and 50 emails per inbox.

Conclusion: Is Mailtrap SMTP service recommended?

Email integrity is very important for any organization that wants to improve its brand. Mailtrap is one of the best email automation tools to keep your email integrity intact. The tool has got support for different programming languages such as Laravel, PHP, RAILS, python, .NET, Symphony, and Django.

The software provides a playground for businesses to test their emails for deliverability and performance, campaign tracking, spam rate monitoring, and email debugging.

One downside of the tool is that email validation can take time but this has got nothing to do with the functionality of the software itself. The debugging of HTML emails is a great way to ensure that everything is right before the message is sent.

Mailtrap is an exceptional program that I am going to recommend to all businesses and professionals to ensure that their email messages come out perfect before pushing the “Send” button.

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