What is Mailify (Review 2022): Effective but pricey!

What is Mailify

Emails can be a very powerful way of communicating with your clients. If you are into online business then you need to have a comprehensive email marketing platform that offers a wide range of email sending and automated features. In short, you are looking for Mailify. What is Mailify? It is an email marketing company that offers an automated solution to build an effective email campaign. Want to know more?

In this detailed review post, we will take a look at what Mailify is, how it works, and the different features and pricing plan it offers. You will also know about the pros and cons of using Mailify for email marketing.

New to Email Marketing?

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What is Mailify?

Mailify is an email marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes improve their email marketing efforts.

It offers a wide range of features and services to help businesses with their email marketing, such as: -A customizable email builder that allows businesses to create beautiful and responsive emails, a wide variety of email templates to choose from, multi-level integrations with other software, and platforms, an automated workflow to send emails/SMS, and much more.

Mailify (also known as Sarbacane) was started in 2001 as an email software provider. Mathew Tarnus is its current CEO. The platform has more than 10000 customers worldwide and has a presence in the US, and European countries.

How does Mailify work?

Mailify works as an email marketing software that provides a customizable email builder to create beautiful and responsive emails. The software is cloud-based which means you can work with it on any device and from any location.

Getting started with Mailify is easy. You can create a free trial account with Mailify that can be used for 30-days for sending 500 emails and 10 SMS. The account creation process is simple and does not require any payment details.

Once you have created your account and logged in, you have to first verify your Mailify account using your email. Once you have successfully verified you can start creating and sending emails using a wide variety of templates, and other software features of Mailify.

There are numerous help and guidance available to get your started and use Mailify features.

Mailify Features

Email campaign – The email campaign from Mailify comes with some very powerful features that you can use to create and send compelling emails. The key email campaign features include:

Email builder: Mailify offers a user-friendly email editor with drag-and-drop functionality. True to its name the email builder is pre-built with blocks that you just have to choose, drag and drop into the email template.

Mailify email builder

There are no special designing skills required although, you can customize, and amend the templates if you like creating your own designs.

The email editor lets you add attachments such as PDF/GIF/Videos to promote your e-courses or products. You can add images of your own or from the gallery of 1000+ royalty-free images offered by Mailify.

You can also add dynamic fields such as your client’s name, last name, age, address, etc. to make your email more personalized.

Email templates: Mailify offers 100+ templates to create beautiful and effective newsletters. The templates are pre-designed and divided into different categories such as events, activities, themes, etc.

Mailify templates

All the templates are mobile-responsive and can be edited to change colors, fonts, text, layouts, and elements.

Mailify also offers a Smart Template tool that analyses your website and generates multiple templates. The templates are optimized to suit the relevancy of your website which helps in saving a significant amount of time creating/customizing them manually.

Contact management: If you are looking to send bulk emails to a list of subscribers then Mailify offers an effortless and efficient way of importing your contacts. You can use Outlook, excel or a text file, Google sheets, and even manually add the subscribers into Mailify’s newsletter program.

Mailify contact management

From a technical perspective, users also have an option to sync their contacts directly from CRM systems using Mailify’s API, FTP file transfer options, or through SQL coding. However, working with API has a dependency on your CRM platform’s accessibility levels and interoperability.

Mailify also gives an option to synchronize your contacts with WordPress, Magento, and Prestashop if you have a website or an e-commerce store.

Once your contacts are imported, the software has the capability to automatically analyze and rectify email addresses, manage un-subscriptions, and handle complaints from your existing subscribers to help you send emails to a clean and quality email list.

The newsletter program is greatly equipped with filters to segment and send targeted emails according to the personalization preferences of your subscribers. The segmentation works on basic ingredients of personalization categories such as name, gender, events (birthdays/anniversary), etc.

Email delivery: Mailify ensures that your emails land directly in your subscriber’s inbox rather than going to the spam folders. One of the solutions offered by Mailify is authenticating your email domain. This is well supported by SPF, DKIM, and DMARC processes which are part of Mailify’s deliverability functionality.

Mailify email delivery

Every email that you send is stamped with personalization authority such as your name, actual domain, and tags that help you send bulk messages with individual preferences.

A/B testing is also on offer so that you can split emails into two different formats and choose the best-performing ones for delivery.

Mailify performs a set of quality checks before you send an email. The checklist contains alerts and red flag notifications in case you have missed out on any information in your email.

It also runs a spam test and observes the pattern/activity performed by your subscribers on your emails. This helps the system to determine the best possible time, or event that was used by your subscribers to open, read, and act on your emails. This results in achieving maximum email delivery, opening, and click rates.

What’s more, Mailify offers AI-based machine learning algorithms to improve delivery and email opening rates.

Mailify AI email delivery

This is a predictive email sending process that works on the automated triggers based on opening habits such as time, event, duration, etc. used by your subscribers. You just have to activate the predictive sending option to automate your sending of emails.

Forms/Landing pages – Mailify provides an option to create forms to capture leads/subscriptions. There is an intuitive opt-in form editor that helps in creating message-oriented forms through drag-and-drop elements. The forms are responsive and compatible with multiple devices.

Mailify landing page creator

The visual editor is efficient in creating invitation/event registration forms, and survey forms, that can be embedded on your website, used as a pop-up, and displayed as a standalone page (landing page) to engage your audience and collect leads.

In addition to the forms, you can even create Landing pages that are customizable, and mobile responsive.

The landing pages can be integrated with email and SMS campaigns as well as shared on your social media profiles which can help you redirect your followers/audiences to your business platforms.

Marketing automation – If you find performing email creation activities one by one tedious and time-consuming then Mailify has a solution in the form of an email automation tool.

The automation tool can be used to set a workflow for sending a series of emails/SMS. The multi-path workflow runs on triggers set during the setup. Some of the triggers include email opened, link clicks, bounced emails, page views, cart abandonment, etc.

Mailify marketing automation

But the trigger setup is not pre-defined. It can be activated using extension tools such as plugins to connect with your website or a store to generate the best results.

The interface to set up a workflow is again based on drag-and-drop elements. You can start by adding a subscriber to the list. The workflow has connection points that can be used to link a series of emails and SMS messages. Based on the conditions met by your users you can customize the workflow.

For example, if a subscriber has opened your first email you can connect another email following up with a link or product promotion. On the contrary, if the email is not opened, you can either disconnect or reconnect the link of your first email or an SMS.

The workflow setup can be activated, deactivated, and put on hold if you want to do amendments or redesign it completely.

SMS Marketing – SMS messages are a very effective and powerful way of communicating and engaging with your clients. With Mailify, you can create an SMS campaign in a few minutes and clicks.

Mailify SMS marketing

The process works with your existing subscribers who have opted to provide their contact numbers. Mailify lets you import your subscriber’s contact numbers through excel/text/CSV files as well as registration forms. This can be done manually or by uploading a bulk file. You can also pull in the contact details from an existing contact list.

Once imported, you can customize the contact list according to the name, last name, title, position, birthdate, etc. Your SMS campaign allows you to add personalization fields so that your contacts recognize you/your brand immediately.

While writing content for your SMS, you can make use of Mailify’s Rich-Message editor. The editor has block elements with multimedia, images, fonts, colors, and many more than can be just dragged and dropped into the SMS template.

The SMS campaign is divided into two types – Marketing and Notifications. While the marketing type can be used for promoting the products/services, notifications work for sending alerts/invitations or appointments.

On completing your SMS format, Mailify allows you to test and preview your message before sending it. Once satisfied, you can send the SMS immediately or schedule it according to your user’s preferences.

Reporting and analytics – Mailify’s reporting and analytics tools are very comprehensive. You can track the performance of your email campaigns and make necessary adjustments to improve your results.

Mailify reporting

This is possible by monitoring the data through a detailed dashboard and downloading reports. You get standard reporting on contacts, emails (opened, clicked, bounced/unsubscribes, spam, etc.) as well as some advanced reporting pertaining to geo-tracking, devices used, heat maps, and time spent on reading the emails.

Mailify also allows you to integrate your account with Google Analytics which obviously adds up more data and fields to the existing data.

The reporting is real-time that helps you gather valuable information and behavior of your clients to make your future campaigns more effective and result-oriented.

Integrations – Mailify smoothly connects with Magento, Prestashop, Google Analytics, Teamleader, and WordPress. These are standard integrations that are further boosted by webhooks and API configurations.

Mailify integrations

The integration is supported by FTP file transfer and SQL options too which give you an additional option to synchronize your contacts if you are a tech-savvy person.

Mailify offers comprehensive supporting guides and video tutorials to connect with your own system in case you are a newbie.

Mailify pricing

The pricing plans from Mailify are not available upfront. However, from some of the online resources, it is found that Mailify offers a variety of pricing plans based on the number of volumes (emails sent).

There is a free trial on offer for 30-days. This includes the usage of all its premium features. Once you have exhausted your free trial the lowest starting price plan (Essential) of Mailify begins with $69 per month for sending 5000 emails.

The pricing goes up to $99 per month for sending 10000 emails, $139 per month for sending 25000 emails, and $179 per month for sending 50000 emails.

Unfortunately, details on the standard features and benefits of each pricing plan are only available to users who create a free trial account with Mailify.

However, looking at the price you have to pay for sending a certain volume of emails the pricing is a bit on the higher side.

The plans are flexible though but I personally feel they are more suitable for users who have larger audiences/email volumes. Beginners and basic users with a tight budget will find it difficult to afford Mailify’s pricing plans.

Is Mailify worth its pricing? 

Mailify is well-suited for business owners in the commercial segment such as automotive, agencies, tourism, and online users dealing with e-commerce. If you are an individual or solopreneur, make sure you have reached a certain stage in your business to afford an email marketing platform like Mailify.

Mailify does offer some excellent email marketing features comprising of intuitive email builder, useful templates, landing pages, and forms. It makes the creation and sending of emails and SMS easier with its marketing automation workflow and AI-based predictive sending.

It is well-rated and appreciated for its ease of use and customer support on some of the reputed review platforms.

Mailify reviews

On the other hand, if you compare the pricing with some of its contenders such as Aweber, or ActiveTrail you will find the latter two at par or cheaper than Mailify.

Aweber is people’s choice and is a very comprehensive email marketing tool with basic to advanced-level features. However, it doesn’t offer SMS messaging as part of its email campaign. If SMS marketing is a worthy part of your business, then you have an alternative in the form of ActiveTrail.

ActiveTrail is almost similar to Mailify in terms of features and user interface. It is also affordable with starting price of $8 per month for sending unlimited emails to 500 contacts however, it is more geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises with lower volumes.

So, it depends on the number of volumes, contacts, and capacity of your business. If you are an established player in your business segment having bulk contacts to deal with then Mailify is worth it’s pricing.

Can you make money with Mailify? 

Mailify has an affiliate program that will help you make money by using your website. The affiliate program offers a fixed €10 for just creating an account by your referrals. If your referrals opt for a paid plan Mailify pays up to €229 or according to a percentage of the amount of the subscription opted by your referrals.

The affiliate program has a 90-day link tracking duration and offers dedicated support and guidance to its affiliates to earn more income.

Secondly, you can take advantage of Mailify’s email marketing features to generate more revenue from your business. The automation workflow will save you lots of time and effort and SMS marketing campaigns will help get more personal with your clients.

Overall, Mailify will help you focus more on increasing your business prospects resulting in more money.


  • User interface – Mailify’s interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can easily find all the features you need and use them with just a few clicks. The dashboard offers a clear view of all the options and using its feature doesn’t require any professional skills or technical knowledge.
  • Variety of features – Mailify offers a wide range of email marketing features that are fully customizable. You can easily create beautiful emails with the drag-and-drop editor using pre-designed templates, segment your contact lists, integrate with other popular software, and use the predictive sending technology to obtain a maximum response and improved delivery.
  • Effective automation – Mailify’s marketing automation tool is simple yet effective. It helps you set up a trigger-based workflow that sends a series of emails/SMS automatically. Intelligent automation produces results based on your subscriber’s behavior and improves overall engagement and conversions.
  • Excellent customer support – Mailify offers adequate knowledge-based support in the form of blogs, articles, webinars, and video tutorials. The resources are very handy to get you started and use various functions and elements of Mailify with ease. In terms of contact, Mailify has phone, email, and chat support available. The response from the team is fairly quick and satisfactory.


  • Lacks numbers and sophistication – Mailify has a limited number of templates/landing pages to choose from. Hundred-plus templates are comparatively lower which also reduces the imagination and creativity of a user using it. The platform still needs improvement with its automation feature. The workflow works on basic triggers that do not include tagging and complex segmentation.
  • It is expensive – Mailify pricing plans are expensive. For the users/enterprises with less than 5000 volumes paying a starting price of $69 per month may not be affordable. Over-pricing can certainly reduce the potential of Mailify to become a popular and most-used email marketing platform.

Conclusion: Is Mailify email marketing recommended?

Mailify has some great features that make it a good choice for email marketing. The ability to create beautiful and responsive email newsletters, a wide range of templates to choose from, the ability to send automated emails based on subscriber behavior, and customer support are commendable.

However, there are also some downsides to using Mailify that you should be aware of before you decide to use it for your business. The email automation lacks the punch of personalization and the cost could be too high for a certain section of users.

Overall, Mailify is well-recommended if it fits your budget and you are okay with standard email marketing features and basic automation tools.

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