What is Lyoness MLM? An Opportunity or a Pyramid Scheme?

What is Lyoness MLM?

The earning through many MLM companies rely on heavy recruiting and direct sales. If you are looking to make some money other than just selling and recruiting then this Lyoness MLM review is important. In this review post, you will find out what is Lyoness MLM, how does it work, its pros and cons, and if it is worth joining.

What is Lyoness MLM? An Overview

Lyoness is an MLM company that originated in Austria in 2003. The company currently has five million members across 40 countries around the world and they are active on six different continents.

Lyoness is a company that includes at least 7 corporations registered in Switzerland, 9 corporations registered in Austria, and 42 additional national and regional corporations all around the globe. Hubert Freid is the CEO of Lyoness since 2004. In 2014 a new name “Lyconet” was introduced for the same group of corporations.

The Lyoness business opportunity offers you the chance to earn money by shopping at your favorite stores! You can also get paid simply for introducing others to join the Lyoness program with your personal referral code. The Lyoness program is a global company with over 120,000 members and approximately 400 stores.

How does Lyoness MLM work?

Lyoness allows its customers to shop at any store they want without paying anything out-of-pocket or have membership fees as long as they have a Lyoness card. The company is owned by its members, which in turn creates more value for the customer because of free money-back offers and discounts at member stores.

For retailers who join this program, it can increase their sales volume through cross-promotion between other partner shops.

Lyoness differs from many MLM companies because customers are not required to buy products or recruit others into the business opportunity to earn commission on any purchases made with these cards; rather you will get paid simply for introducing others to join!

You can also receive a commission if your referral code was used by someone else when shopping online with Lyoness partners (eBay/Amazon).

How much does Lyoness membership cost?

There are two different types of membership available:

– a free basic account that has no monthly fee and restrictions on the amount you can earn


– an upgraded Premium Membership for $79 per year which offers unlimited commission earning potential.

Membership includes access to all Lyoness merchant partners as well as discounts at many other places such as Costco or Walmart.

You will also get a special card with your own personal referral code which expires after 12 months if unused; this is very important because it’s how you make significant income from this company!

Less expensive: As with any MLM company, you are required to embody various marketing and customer service practices while also purchasing products at wholesale prices. However, membership fees to Lyoness are less expensive than most other MLMs (I’ve seen an annual fee of $50 for some and upwards of $200).

How to join the Lyoness MLM opportunity?

Joining the MLM opportunity is simple and free. Just visit https://www.lyconet.com/us/registration/public
and fill out the required details to become a registered member.

Benefits of joining the Lyoness MLM:

There are some benefits when you join and excel in Lyoness MLM opportunity:

  • Lyoness has a generous compensation plan with multiple ways to earn commissions at 20%.
  • Lyoness MLM is a company that provides its members with a variety of advantages in the form of discounts and cashback on purchases.
  • You can also make money by recruiting others.
  • The membership fee for joining is $79 per year.
  • Lyoness members are rewarded with points whenever they make purchases at participating retailers.
  • Points can be redeemed for various rewards, including gift cards and electronics.

The compensation plan of Lyoness MLM

Lyoness offers a commission-based structure for its members. Earnings are generated by recruiting new members and signing up friends or family to join the company as well. However, Lyoness commissions are not based on how much is sold; instead, they’re based on how much those people purchase from the store.

They also offer incentives to purchase their products like discount cards, shopping credits, cashback rewards, and even a free car!

Lyoness offers commissions from sales made by those you refer to (15%). If someone uses your referral code when they shop online, then you earn 20% commissions on their purchase (referrals who use their own referral codes receive 15%). This means that if someone spends $1000 on your referral code, you’ll earn a $200 commission (or 20% of the purchase).

Lyoness MLM is also an affiliate marketing business that provides its members with a variety of advantages in the form of discounts and cashback on purchases.

Lyoness offers special benefits to cardholders, such as points for every purchase at participating retailers which can be redeemed for various rewards including gift cards and electronics.

More opportunity: A Lyoness member has the opportunity to build successively higher levels of qualification by obtaining qualified customers under their sponsor scheme or recruiting more members into the system. At each stage, they can rank up from Basic Level I status all the way through Level VII Ranking Status which includes earning commissions on this bracket’s volume growths.

Is Lyoness MLM a pyramid scheme?

Lyoness MLM does not employ traditional promotional mechanisms such as the use of a pyramid scheme.

How much money does one need to invest in order to start earning money with Lyoness MLM? 

You do not need to invest any money in order to start earning with Lyoness MLM.

It is possible for you to get paid commissions from your sales as an affiliate without ever needing or investing anything into the company itself, which makes it a low-risk proposition and allows you more time and resources if all of this seems intimidating.

Lawsuits against Lyonesse MLM

Lyoness was involved in many lawsuits in most of the countries it operates. The lawsuits generally alleged Lyoness of running a pyramid scheme in the name of offering cashback and discounts.

The majority of lawsuits were investigated by the lawful agencies and Lyoness was cleared of all the charges.

However, in January 2019 Lyoness had to pay a hefty fine for their cashback practices which was ruled as a pyramid scheme in Italy.


  • Lyoness MLM has no monthly fee and restrictions on the amount you can earn.
  • The Lyoness membership includes access to all Lyoness merchant partners as well as discounts at many other places such as Costco or Walmart.
  • Your personal referral code lasts 12 months so there is a chance for significant income from this company.
  • It’s super easy to use because they have an app available that has been downloaded 13 million times worldwide.
  • With every purchase made through the Lyoness website, they donate 0.01 euros worth of food to charity! This means if someone spends $1000 on purchases then Lyoness will donate 100 pounds of food to charity.


  • Lyoness MLM is not available for customers in Asia, Africa, or North America.
  • No chance for income unless you have at least 1000 points per month which equals $1000 worth of purchases (but can still make money with referrals).
  • Another negative aspect about joining Lyoness as a customer would be a lack of financial backing because most people want some form of insurance in case anything should happen to them or their loved ones.

Conclusion: Is Lyoness MLM recommended?

Lyoness MLM is a network marketing company that offers members the opportunity to make money by selling its products and services, recruiting new members, or both.

It’s hard to say if Lyoness is a scam company because there are so many mixed reviews. The compensation plan of Lyoness MLM has been criticized for being too complicated and promising unrealistic earnings expectations.

In conclusion, we don’t recommend joining Lyoness MLM. It’s not the best opportunity for a number of reasons, including high prices, low commissions, and recruitment.

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