What is Longrich MLM? Longrich MLM Review

what is Longrich MLM

There are plenty of companies operating the MLM model. Some of them are legit while many others are scams. It is difficult to separate the chaff from the wheat if you are going into MLM business for the first time. This is why the Longrich MLM review is very germane at this point. This post will tell you what is Longrich MLM to save you a lot of time and money.

In this post, I will open up on everything you need to know about the Longrich MLM. I am sure you are interested in finding out if the Longrich MLM is legit or a scam amongst other information that will help you make an informed decision. So, let’s get started without much ado.

What is Longrich MLM? An Overview

Longrich is one of the leading Chinese MLM companies focused on the development, production, and provision of beauty and health products for international consumers.

Established in 1986, the company has expanded its tentacles to include nine segments such as health and wellbeing, cosmetics and personal care, real estate, logistics, household services, organic agriculture, finance, commerce, etc. 

The company has more than 2,000 products and operates in more than 180 countries. Xu Zhiwei is the founder, CEO, and president of the company. Its revenue yearly is more than one billion dollars. Longrich has more than 10,000 employees worldwide with millions of business associates.

Longrich Products

In this section, you will find all the information you need to make up your mind about the Longrich MLM.

There is no doubt that Longrich has exceptional products that can help you boost your sales. Let me highlight some of these products.

Longrich products
  1. Superbklean – This is a magnetic anion sanitary pad designed to improve women’s health. It helps to enhance women’s hygiene during their period. It relieves menstrual pains, improves blood circulation, and regulates hormones. It also eliminates odor. This sanitary is chemical-free.
  2. Alkaline cup – Alkaline water is very good for the body. The Longrich alkaline cup will change acidic water into alkaline water. This is water free of chlorine, heavy metals, and toxins. It helps to balance the body’s PH level. The cup is good for people living with stroke and diabetes.
  3. Energy pot – The energy pot preserves the taste of every ingredient used in cooking a particular meal. Food stays fresh for longer with this energy pot. It preserves the nutrients in food and vegetables. It lowers high blood pressure and improves the flow of oxygen in the body.
  4. Nutri V Rich Pink – It contains plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains. The main ingredients include brown rice, pomegranate, green tea, beet ally sorghum, shaddock, kelp, and many more. Glucose levels are regulated with the inclusion of green tea as part of the ingredients. A blood clot is prevented thereby reducing the risk of a heart attack. It also manages the cholesterol levels with the inclusion of sorghum.
  5. Libao – This supplement is made for men to treat fertility problems. It eliminates fatigue and improves the immunity of the body. It also improves sperm count and enhances sexual performance.
  6. Herbal moisturizing body wash – This is not a greasy body wash. It moist and smoothens the skin making you look radiant all the time. It helps to prevent odors and reduces the redness of the skin. It is made with a long-lasting and refreshing fragrance.
  7. Green tea – The Longrich green tea improves metabolism and reduces weight. It regulates glucose levels to fight diabetes. It lowers your blood pressure and reduces cholesterol.

Longrich compensation plan

Longrich MLM has attractive compensation plans. These plans are very generous. Some of the benefits include a brand new car, traveling abroad, and a housing plan.

How can I join the Longrich MLM?

To join the Longrich MLM is easy. Just visit https://www.longrichbioscience.com/ and click on “Registration” to fill out the form. You must have a national ID card number or tax ID to register.

The requirement for joining Longrich MLM 

There are people that say joining the Longrich MLM is free. This is far from the truth. Even if the organization doesn’t take registration fees officially, you are required to purchase a starter pack as a beginner before you can receive your ID. Below is what the entry-level packages look like:

  • QSilver – This requires you to pay $90
  • Silver – You will pay $360
  • Gold – It cost $1,080
  • VIP Platinum – The cost is $2,500

Who is it for? 

Longrich MLM is for independent-minded people. It is perfect for people who have experience in direct sales. This makes it ideal for housewives, students, single moms, and anyone interested in making money within a flexible schedule.


  • Established company – Longrich has been in operation for 34 years. This shows that it is a reputable and credible company. Not many companies have been able to operate for this long before going under. The company has operated the MLM model for 11 years. This is a sign that the business is stable.
  • Great compensation plan – Longrich has one of the best compensation plans in the MLM business. Apart from offering mouth-watery weekly bonuses, other compensation plans include brand new cars and all-expense paid travels.
  • Quality products – Longrich produces high-quality and effective products. The products speak for themselves. This makes it attractive for many consumers.
  • Flexible schedules – As an independent distributor or business associate, there is no regimented work schedule. Everything is flexible. Work at any time you like. What matters at the end of the day is the result.
  • No monthly targets – There are no monthly targets or forceful purchases but you must start with a starter pack.


  • Pyramid scheme – It is important to note that Longrich MLM is a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes may last for a hundred years but may eventually collapse one day. This is not ideal for people looking for a long-term business with a sustainable income. Even if the business doesn’t shut down on its own, the regulatory body known as the Financial Trade Commission (FTC) may shut down the business after several sanctions.
  • Confusing compensation plan – MLM business models have very complicated compensation plans. The Longrich MLM is not an exception. You will hear of different ranks and levels, many percentages when it comes to commissions, entry levels, performance bonuses, shares, weak and powerful legs. All of these are confusing to the new entrants. Someone that wants to start as a Business Associate will find all these very incomprehensible.
  • Expensive starter packs – Another major drawback of the Longrich MLM is the expensive starter pack. For instance, the QSilver pack costs $90. This limits you to 3 products. Those who want to get serious about the business will have to go for the Silver pack which is $360. This allows you to have many products for both demonstrations and samples. You will also have to purchase at least $50 worth of products to qualify for monthly bonuses. All of these are way too expensive for the average person.
  • No website replication – Most MLM business models like MaryKay give their independent distributors or business associates separate websites to sell their products locally. This is not the case with the Longrich MLM. In this e-commerce era, not having a website is an archaic way of doing business.

Legit or scam

Longrich MLM is a legit business that has been operating for 34 years. This shows it is not a scam.

Conclusion: Is Longrich MLM recommended?

No, it is not recommended since it is a pyramid scheme.  

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  1. It is important when choosing a type of passive income or an online business to know about the good, the not so good, and the scams. I appreciate the details set out in this article because i know know the name, and can make an informed decision. The first red flag for me is the pyramid scheme. I have been caught by one such scheme that i joined on the recommendation of my friend. I lost big time. Confusing compensation plans are not for me and that start up of $90, really $360 for some reasonable transactions is quite expensive. Thank you for the review. Now i know


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