What Is Live Chat Affiliate Program: Earn Money Chatting

Live Chat Affiliate Program

There is no doubt affiliate marketing is a billion dollars industry. It provides residual income for many online professionals consistently. Another surefire affiliate program I want to introduce to you is the LiveChat affiliate program. In this review, you will find out what is live chat affiliate program.

What is LiveChat Affiliate Program?

This is an affiliate partner program where you can earn recurring income for selling the LiveChat software with your affiliate link.

The LiveChat software itself is a great application that allows website and business owners to engage their customers in a real-time chat. This is an excellent software that has a readily-made market since almost every online business owner needs to integrate a live chat to make their website responsive.

LiveChat Overview

LiveChat is a technology-based organization established in the year 2002. The LiveChat software enables website visitors to have live chats with the customer support team. This helps companies to provide instant responses to customers who need solutions to urgent issues.

LiveChat as a company has got more than 30,000 customers in over 150 countries. It is interesting to know that LiveChat is a publicly quoted company in Poland. It is quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

About the LiveChat Affiliate Partner Program

The LiveChat affiliate program allows an affiliate to earn up to $4,500 for each customer referred. There is a 20% recurring commission for affiliates. This is an exceptional residual income program that any affiliate that knows his or her onions would grab with both hands.

LiveChat free trial for affiliates

One great advantage of using LiveChat is that it allows affiliates to offer free trials to potential customers. With this, potential customers can test the software for a limited time of 30 days and then decide whether to purchase a full version or not. This makes it extremely easy to attract new customers who might show interest in the end.

How to become a LiveChat affiliate

It is easy to become a LiveChat affiliate. No technical knowledge is required and anyone can join the program.

However, LiveChat will refuse approval for websites that promote offensive material like porn websites.

To join the LiveChat affiliate program, this is all you have to do:

  1. Go to the affiliate website at https://partners.livechat.com/
  2. Choose banners suitable for you and place them on your website. You can also share the affiliate link with prospective customers.

In addition to that, you can add your affiliate link to the newsletters that you send out.

How the LiveChat affiliate partner program works

  • Your website visitor has got to click your banner or the affiliate link that comes along with your tracking code
  • The cookie is then saved on the browser. It takes 120 days for a cookie to expire. This means a customer who signed up on the first day and makes a purchase within 120 days of signing up will still make you earn a commission
  • There is a 20% commission for every sale made through your website or referral link. The threshold is $50. Once you reach $50, you can withdraw your earning through a PayPal account.

How to succeed with the LiveChat affiliate program

There are different strategies that one can employ to succeed with the LiveChat affiliate program. These strategies will help you to drive sales and increase your income.

Below are some of the strategies.

  1. Show a high level of trustworthiness – Your website visitors are already aware that you will get paid for the adverts displayed on your website. The minimum expectation is not to mislead them by exaggerating your product descriptions or reviews. Try to be as honest as you can be.
  2. Avoid spamming – It is clear that you want many people to click on your banners or affiliate link but you must understand that spamming is a sign of desperation. So, you have to avoid spamming people’s emails.
  3. Be helpful – Many people may not understand how to use the software. As such, it will be helpful if you can make a tutorial on how to use the application.
  4. Be responsive – A lot of questions will be asked by your website visitors. You must try as much as possible to answer these questions. If there is a question you are not sure of the answer to, it is advised that you contact LiveChat customer care.
  5. Use a variety of traffic sources – Apart from your website, there are other sources you can use to drive traffic. Don’t overlook the use of social media.

Benefits of LiveChat affiliate program

There are many benefits attached to becoming a LiveChat affiliate program member. Below are some of the benefits:

Live Chat Affiliate Commission
  1. 20% recurring commission – 20% commission is huge. This will give any affiliate a consistent flow of income. Note that every LiveChat license lasts for just two and a half years. This is where the recurring commission comes in.
  2. No discriminations – There are no discriminations if you want to join the LiveChat affiliate program. It is open to everyone no matter your location. A lot of questionable affiliate programs will block IPs from some countries. This is not the case with the LiveChat affiliate partner program.
  3. 120 days cookie – While some affiliate programs have just 30 days cookie, the LiveChat affiliate has a 120-day cookie. This stands it out from the other programs out there.
  4. Easy tracking of your efforts – The LiveChat affiliate program helps you to track your efforts with ease. Right inside the dashboard, you can know which of your campaigns is performing well using the Google UTM codes. Just attach the UTM codes to your custom URL to make your affiliate life easier.
  5. Link shortening – This is another great benefit derived from joining the LiveChat affiliate program. You can shorten your URL and share it with a customer using the LiveChat tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the duration of cookie tracking?

Answer: The duration of the tracking cookie is for 120 days.

2. How does LiveChat pay their affiliates?

Answer: Payment is done through PayPal once you reach the $50 threshold.

3. Are banners and other marketing materials provided by LiveChat?

Answer: Yes. Different marketing materials such as banners, logos, videos, screenshots, and marketing guides are available.

4. What is the cost of becoming a LiveChat affiliate?

Answer: It costs nothing to become an affiliate.

5. Can I participate if I live outside Canada?

Answer: Yes, you can participate provided you have a PayPal account.

6. Will I be paid if a client signs up for a free account and later upgrade?

Answer: Yes, you will get paid.

Who is it for?

The LiveChat affiliate partner program is meant for people who are interested in making money online as affiliate marketers.


  • LiveChat affiliate allows you to make recurring incomes
  • The software is needed by many online entrepreneurs.
  • There is no limit to the amount you can earn
  • It is easy to use and very helpful to e-commerce business owners
  • LiveChat affiliate is free to join


  • PayPal is the only means of payment
  • Cookies expire after 120 days

Legit or scam

The LiveChat affiliate partner program is a legit affiliate program. It is not a scam.

Conclusion: Is LiveChat Affiliate Program recommended?

Yes, LiveChat affiliate is recommended if you are looking for a way to make residual income as an affiliate marketer.

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