What is Liquid Web Affiliate Program? Earn Money with Web Hosting

What is Liquid Web Affiliate Program

There is no doubt that web hosting provides some of the highest paying affiliate programs. Some of them offer affiliates between $150 and $7,000. You must be asking which affiliate program pays this kind of mouth-watering commission. It is the Liquid Web Affiliate program. Now, you are eager to start and asking how can I get started. Firstly, I have to start by telling you what Liquid Web is, and what is Liquid Web affiliate program so you can have a grasp of it all.

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What is Liquid Web? An Overview

liquid web

Liquid Web is a premium web hosting company based in the United States of America. The company offers fast and reliable WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server within a managed web hosting environment. Liquid Web is trusted by big brands like FedEx, Motorola, and Bic.

The web hosting company has more than 250 experienced technicians, engineers, and administrators to ensure that the lives of their customers become a lot easier.

What is Liquid Web Affiliate Program?

liquid web affiliate program

The Liquid Web Affiliate Program is where you can earn up to 150% on product sales and this can translate to between $150 and $7,000 commission for selling the Liquid Web products. You will earn a commission based on the type of product you have chosen to promote.

The affiliate program provides you with banners and links to promote Liquid Web. You will earn a commission anytime someone purchases a package through your referral link. The interesting part of the affiliate program is that it has a 90-day cookie.

This means if someone visits your link today and comes back within 90 days to make a purchase, you will get a commission for the transaction.

The Liquid Web Affiliate Program can be joined through Commission Junction or Impact Radius. Once you join through any of these platforms, you will instantly get an affiliate link.

With the affiliate program, partners will be able to grow their businesses and increase revenue.

How to sign up for Liquid Web Affiliate Program?

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There are two ways you can choose to join the Liquid Web affiliate program. They are through:

  1. Commission Junction (CJ) – CJ is one of the most experienced and trusted companies in the business of affiliate marketing. If you want to join the affiliate program through CJ, you will have to visit the website at https://www.cj.com/
  2. Impact Radius – Impact Radius is Liquid Web’s in-house platform for joining the affiliate program. To join through Impact radius, just visit https://app.impact.com/campaign-promo-signup/Liquid-Web.brand?execution=e3s1 and register as an affiliate.

Liquid Web Affiliate Program Commission Rates

liquid web commission rates

There are different commission rates that you are going to earn for joining the Liquid Web affiliate program. Below are the commission rates:

  • The commission rate for selling Managed WordPress plan is between $150 and $2,000
  • For Managed WooCommerce plan, the rate is between $150 and $3,000
  • VPS Hosting plan commission is between $150 and $300
  • A dedicated hosting plan offers between $150 and $7,000
  • Cloud Hosting plan is between $150 and $5,000

How you can promote Liquid Web products?

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There are different ways in which you can promote the Liquid Web products. The commission rate is not the same. It varies from one product to another. What makes it more interesting is that Liquid Web has more than 100 products that you can promote. The products can be promoted in the following ways:

  • If you have a website or blog, you can place banners or links on your website or blog. This can help you to attract an audience and potential buyers of the Liquid Web products.
  • If you use social media a lot, you can talk about Liquid Web and share your link with your followers
  • Talk to people about Liquid Web and its benefits. You can tell colleagues, fellow bloggers, or webmasters about it.
  • Start an email marketing campaign by sending email messages about Liquid Web to your subscribers.

Benefits of Liquid Web Affiliate Program

Different benefits come with joining the Liquid Web affiliate program. Some of the benefits are:

  • 90-day cookie
  • High paying commission
  • There is a dedicated account manager
  • You can get real-time tracking of your performance
  • There are training resources available to sharpen your affiliate marketing skills
  • Affiliate partners will receive special offers through their email addresses
  • If a customer is referred to Liquid Web, the sales team will take care of the rest and you will earn a commission once there is a purchase

What are the Liquid Web products to promote?

There are different Liquid Web products that you can promote as an affiliate.

They are:

  • Managed WordPress
  • Managed WooCommerce Hosting
  • Cloud VPS
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Cloud Sites

Liquid Web Pricing

People don’t purchase Liquid Web hosting plan because it is cheap. The hosting plan is purchased because it will meet your needs. Below are some of the web hosting pricing and products:

  1. Managed Hosting – This product costs $29.95 per month and domain. There are additional plans if you are hosting more than one website.
  2. Managed WooCommerce – This is a premium product for online store owners. The product costs $249 monthly.
  3. VPS – The price starts from $29.99 per month.
  4. Cloud Hosting – Cloud Hosting starts from $150 monthly. It is the right choice for the developer environment.
  5. Server Clusters – This is for the building of large apps or the scaling of online stores. The cost is $743 per month.
  6. Dedicated Servers – This is a dedicated machine for your website. It costs $199 per month.

Should you join the Liquid Web Affiliate Program?

It won’t be a bad idea to join the affiliate program. The company has got more products offering than HostGator. That is where the opportunity lies. You can make big money if you create a sales funnel and find the right audience for the Liquid Web products.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I contact Liquid Web Affiliate Program?

Answer: They can be contacted through email at affiliateprogram@liquidweb.com

2. How much can an affiliate earn?

Answer: An affiliate can earn up to 150% on product purchases which can be up to $7,000.

3. How long is the Liquid Web cookie?

Answer: The cookie lasts for 90 days.

4. What products can affiliates sell?

Answer: Affiliates can sell web hosting plans.

5. What are the payment options?

Answer: The payment options include PayPal, cheque, and web hosting credit.

Who is it for?

The Liquid Web Affiliate Program is for website designers and developers, IT companies, professionals, consultants, freelancers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and anyone interested in making money through an affiliate program.


  • To sign up is easy and free
  • Joining the program is instant
  • Good commission rates
  • Quick payments
  • You are provided with free banners
  • Free newsletter and full information about the product is provided


  • The products are expensive
  • Buyers can clear your cookies

Legit or scam

Liquid Web Affiliate Program is 100% legit. It is not a scam at all. The company itself is reputable for selling web hosting plans and offers excellent service to its clients.

Conclusion: Is the Liquid Web Affiliate program recommended?

Yes, it is recommended if you are looking for a way to make substantial income as a Liquid Web affiliate. The commission rates make the program very enticing and you can hit it big as an affiliate if you join the program.

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