What is Kinsta Affiliate Program? Make Passive Income with Web Hosting

What is Kinsta Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs are a sure way to make consistent money online. There are many of them but I prefer to join an affiliate program that pays good commissions on a recurring basis. I am emphasizing more on recurring as it actually serves your purpose of making money online. The commissions keep hitting your bank till you and your customer remain associated with the program. One such affiliate program that offers recurring commissions is Kinsta. The company is into the world of web hosting and has an excellent affiliate program with mouth-watering commissions. To know more about what is Kinsta affiliate program and its features keep going through this review post.

You will learn about the products/services, commissions, pros, and cons of joining the Kinsta affiliate program.

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a cloud-based platform that provides WordPress web-hosting services. The company was founded in 2013 and offers superior hosting features and support to all kinds of online businesses.

Kinsta serves more than 20,000 customers around the globe establishing itself as one of the most trusted and reliable web-hosting company among its users.

What is Kinsta affiliate program?

Kinsta offers an affiliate program where people can earn commissions by promoting their hosting plans through their affiliate links. It is an ideal platform for web designers, developers, and agencies but not limited to.

The affiliate program offers between $50-$500 one-time commissions depending on the subscribed plan followed by 10% recurring commissions as profit sharing every month.

The affiliate program has all the necessary tools, resources, and support to make life easier for its affiliates.

How does the Kinsta affiliate program work?

Kinsta affiliate program is best suited for people involved in website development and hosting activities.

However, the program is open for all types of individuals such as bloggers, marketers, etc. provided they have a professional online presence with quality content and follow the legal promotional methods.

There is no obligation to be an existing member of Kinsta to promote their products. With one-time + 10% recurring commissions, the affiliate program offers a 60-days cookie period, affiliate dashboard, and banners as promotional resources.

The Kinsta affiliate program is a complete package in the making to ensure their affiliates earn good money by applying conventional methods for promotion and conversions.

How to become an affiliate of the Kinsta affiliate program?

The program is free to join. To become an affiliate of Kinsta visit https://affiliate.kinsta.com/register
and fill out the registration form. Once you submit the form it takes a maximum of 3-days to approve or reject your application.

Make sure to read the affiliate program FAQs before you plan to join the affiliate program. You will have to abide by certain factors related to your website content and promotional methods as mentioned above.

Kinsta Products and Services 

It is important to know and get familiar with the products and services of a company you want to promote. Below are some of the features offered by Kinsta:

Super-fast Hosting – Kinsta provides one of the fastest and superior web-hosting services. Kinsta hosting infrastructure is built on a powerful Google-Cloud platform with its 28 data centers.

The Google cloud is known for its outstanding speed and reliability that reduces the connection hurdles for the smooth transfer of data.

SSL-Security – The hosting is equipped with the latest trend in security features that consists of SSL, PHP 8, HTTP/2 CDN, etc. The security features are one of the highlights of Kinsta offerings that prevents any potential malicious attack by hackers.

Real-time check and support – Kinsta runs regular uptime checks to monitor the running status of every website. The checks are run every 2 minutes so you don’t have to worry about your website’s performance.

In the unlikely event of any downtime, Kinsta has dedicated support from WordPress experts available 24/7. The team ensures timely resolution and fixes so that you get complete peace of mind.

The above hosting features are standard across different pricing plans and a must-buy under web-hosting services. Must-have products and services are a good sign to have regular conversions and sales for any affiliate.

How to promote Kinsta products and services? 

Promotional methods are no different than promoting any other affiliate product. You can apply the following practices for the Kinsta affiliate program:

Website Blog: Blogging is the best way to promote any product. Write a meaningful and valuable blog post about Kinsta features with your affiliate link. It doesn’t take much time to convert your visitors into buyers with an authoritative website blog.

Email Newsletter: A newsletter or a landing page is another option to attract visitors. Email marketing is an effective and full-proof method to convince the existing subscribers as well as new customers to buy a product. Make sure to add your affiliate link to the newsletter.

Social media: Display ads or banners from Kinsta on your social media profile. Your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers can turn into your customers and bring in more clicks by sharing it with their followers further.

Videos: Making an informative video about Kinsta is a great way to engage more audiences. Upload a video on your YouTube channel and share your affiliate link in the description.

Kinsta affiliate program commissions 

Kinsta offers commissions as revenue-sharing from their profits. The commissions are offered into two categories. There is a starter one-time commission based on the subscription plan and then 10% recurring commissions based on customer retention.

The following table provides insight on what you can make with every referral:

Pricing Plan

Pricing (Per Month)

Commissions (one-time)

Commissions (10% recurring per month)

Starter Plan




Pro Plan




Business Plans




Enterprise Plans




The dos and don’ts of the Kinsta affiliate program 

Following methods of promotion/traffic is not allowed by Kinsta:

  • Social Media profile
  • Coupons and deal websites
  • Paid ads
  • Third-party traffic sources
  • Self-reference and self-buying on behalf of other customers

Following methods are allowed:

  • Websites,
  • Blogs,
  • Kinsta banners and ads
  • Email marketing
  • Social media sharing and videos

Can I make money with the kinsta affiliate program? 

Yes, you can make decent money with the Kinsta affiliate program. Web hosting is an ongoing requirement for many businesses.

Kinsta offers brilliant hosting features with competitive pricing plans that make it a preferred choice among web developers, designers, agencies, and many more. A less than 4% churn rate is an indication that Kinsta has a very high rate of customer retention.

10% recurring commissions are a way to build passive income consistently. With an established online presence, you can expect to earn more than $1000 a month in a year’s time by referring 5 visitors every month.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When do affiliates are paid by Kinsta?

Answer: Affiliates are paid every month via PayPal.

2. Is there a threshold on the commissions for withdrawal?

Answer: Yes, the threshold amount is $50.

3. Does Kinsta increase recurring commissions if the customer upgrades to a higher plan?

Answer: Yes, commissions are adjusted according to the upgraded plan fee.

4. What support does Kinsta provide to its affiliates?

Answer: You can reach out to the affiliate manager by sending an email at affiliates@kinsta.com


  • Recurring commissions: Recurring commissions are the best way to make money through affiliate marketing. 10% recurring commissions are not much but can add up quickly once you get the momentum of promoting Kinsta services on different platforms.
  • Excellent products: Financial success is highly dependent on the value and performance of the products you are promoting. Kinsta has excellent hosting features to attract many types of online businesses. The best part about hosting services is they have repeated appeal and long-time utilization.
  • 60-days cookie: 60-days cookie is no small duration. Since hosting services have a competitive market, the users like to research more and may not subscribe to a program straightaway. This makes the cookie period all the most important for such customers who come back and purchase the product after a few days.
  • Affiliate resources: Kinsta provides valuable promotional material in the form of banners and ads. This is helpful in planning your marketing campaigns across all platforms. There is also an affiliate dashboard in multiple languages to track your affiliate links and statistics. The tracking is real-time and provides deep analytics on page views, clicks, and conversions.


  • WordPress-specific: Kinsta hosting services are specific to WordPress websites only. Though, WordPress is a major player in website offerings it certainly reduces the earning potential for affiliates involved outside WordPress.
  • Promotional restrictions: Certain paid promotions are prohibited. Paid ad bidding is not allowed along with restrictions on coupon/deal-based websites and social media profiles.
  • Low commission rates: 10% commissions are on the lower side. Even though the commissions are recurring the share of percentage is not very enticing.
  • No multiple payment options: Payment is made only through PayPal. Affiliates residing in PayPal-restricted countries cannot be part of the Kinsta affiliate program.

Conclusion: Is the Kinsta affiliate program recommended?

The Kinsta affiliate program is a well-planned and executed system that aims to cover every aspect of affiliate marketing.

Recurring commissions, long-lasting cookies, affiliate dashboard, and support, and hosting services are something that every affiliate would like to be part of. Affiliates will also enjoy the support and guidelines on affiliate marketing through their affiliate academy.

Kinsta could have nailed their affiliate program to perfection if they had multiple payment channels with a slight increment in their commission percentage, say up to 20%. They can improve their affiliate support by adding a chat option.

Rest assured the Kinsta affiliate program is a feather in the affiliate’s cap. It is a sure way of making passive income every month and is highly recommended to every affiliate out there.

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