What is Kevin David Shopify Course? Ninja Masterclass Review

what is kevin david shopify course
What is Kevin David Shopify Course

Starting a dropshipping business without being grounded could be counterproductive. Mentoring is what you need to get started with dropshipping for proper guidance and support. The best thing in this circumstance is to go for a well detailed dropshipping course. In this review, you are going to find out what is Kevin David Shopify course and if it amounts to rip off or not.

You will find thousands of courses everywhere. For someone without experience, it becomes difficult to choose a course that will give the result you are looking for. This is why I want to help you by introducing the Shopify Ninja Masterclass.

What is Kevin David Shopify Course? Shopify Ninja Masterclass Overview

Kevin David
Kevin David

Shopify Ninja Masterclass is a detailed dropshipping course for beginners in the e-Commerce/Shopify business. The course covers all gamut of dropshipping from product research to Shopify store setup, getting suppliers to finding drop shippers, marketing and strategies to succeed in dropshipping. 

Shopify Ninja Masterclass is the brainchild of Kevin David, who is living his dreams as a drop shipper and online entrepreneur. This course will take away all your technical worries involved in setting up a Shopify store.

Kevin David Shopify Ninja Masterclass course modules

The Shopify Ninja Masterclass is divided into five modules. The modules are:

  • Finding profitable products to sell on Shopify
  • Finding world-class dropshipping suppliers
  • Optimizing your Shopify store
  • Marketing explosion
  • Scaling and expansion

Explaining the modules in details

Module 1 – Finding profitable products to sell on Shopify

This module has got 13 videos with a duration of 3 hours and 49 minutes.

It is the longest of all the 5 modules that cover your search for hot and trending products to sell. Even as you find the right products, this module teaches you how to handle the products as it relates to paying and shipping the products through a third party. 

Since you are not directly involved in handling the merchandise, this module shows you how you can verify products before they are added to your Shopify store.

Module 2 – Finding world-class dropshipping suppliers

There are a total of 5 videos in module 2. These videos last for 43 minutes.

When it comes to merchandising, it is right to say the success of any business is directly dependent on the manufacturers. Eliminating the middlemen at this point is also very important. So, in this module, you will be shown how to find the right suppliers without any complications. It shows you how to choose quality and trustworthy manufacturers on Alipay. 

It also entails how you can strike the best deal with the manufacturers which is important to save you a lot of money. You will be shown how to do things the right way so that your payment account is not shutdown.

Module 3 – Optimizing your Shopify store

There are 15 videos in this section with a duration of 2 hours and 41 minutes.

This concerns how you can set up and optimize your store. The very first thing here is how to select the right theme since there are two themes. Kevin recommends the Brooklyn theme because it is suitable for people who are interested in selling more than one product. The theme is eye-catchy, mobile-friendly and can be manipulated with ease. 

The step-by-step guide shows you how the store can be set up professionally. Part of the section on this module explains how to buy a domain with a domain e-mail address.

Module 4 – Marketing explosion

This module has 13 videos with 2 hours and 47 minutes watch hour.

Kevin David Facebook Ads Course
Kevin David Facebook Ads Course

The basics of Facebook marketing are all revealed in this section. It also covers using other social media platforms such as Instagram to drive traffic to your Shopify store. As a beginner, you will face technical difficulties in setting up your Facebook account campaign. Kevin uses layman’s language to explain this aspect. Conversion is tough for all Facebook ads. 

The intricacy involved in making a Facebook ad that converts is explained in detail. The duration you can run an ad, the number of people the ad can reach at a time and the cost implication is all taken care of. Pausing and scaling an ad campaign, Facebook retargeting and email marketing automation was also touched. This module is explosive.

Module 5 – Scaling and expansion

This module has 13 videos with a duration of 1 hour and 32 minutes.

The module covers the use of Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager for data analysis. Kevin recommends the use of the Audience Overview Report Tool to accurately analyze data. The creation of a Lookalike Audience using the FB pixel and conversion campaigns was well highlighted. 

Advertising on Snapchat and using two different apps to get more conversions were well covered in this section. Kevin advises that this method can be used only when you start making a minimum of $100 per day. Finding influencers on YouTube that can link to your store is also an important part of this module.

How to sign up for Shopify Ninja Masterclass?

There are no hassles to signing up for this course. Go to the course website at https://go.officialkevindavid.com/shopify-mini-course to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this course constantly updated?

Answer: Yes, the course is frequently updated and there is lifetime access to the updated course.

  1. Can I get a refund if I change my mind concerning the course? 

Answer: The course has a money-back guarantee but there are a few limitations. There won’t be a refund if you purchased the course at a discounted price.

  1. For how long can the course be accessed after making a purchase? 

Answer: There is no expiration date after purchasing the course. The course can be accessed for as long as you want without restrictions.

  1. Is the course worth it? 

Answer: Yes, it is. You can take your time to compare this course with the other courses online. You will realize it is one of the best dropshipping courses you can find anywhere.

  1. How much does the Shopify Ninja Masterclass cost?

Answer: It costs $997 for lifetime access to the course and updates.

Who is it for?

Shopify Ninja Masterclass is specially designed for anyone interested in participating in the multibillion dollars dropshipping and e-commerce business.


  • In-depth course – The Shopify Ninja Masterclass is an in-depth course that is broken down into five modules. This makes it quite simple and each module has a lot of videos.
  • Great support – Support is available for every person that bought the course. Part of the support is gaining access to a closed Facebook group of both former and current students.
  • Money-back guarantee – If you are no longer interested in the course at an early stage, you can easily back out and ask for a refund.


  • Expensive – The course is expensive at $997. Not everyone has such an amount to cough out for a course.
  • Limited money-back guarantee – There is a limitation to the money-back guarantee. You cannot ask for a refund if you have completed the course. You cannot also ask for a refund if you bought the course at a reduced rate.  
  • It does not cover Facebook ad bidding strategy

Legit or scam

The Shopify Ninja Masterclass is legit but we can argue about the cost.

Conclusion: Is the Kevin David Shopify Ninja Masterclass course recommended?

Yes, the course is recommended if:

  • You have some money to invest after purchasing the course
  • You like Shopify 
  • You are ready to dedicate the efforts required to succeed in dropshipping
  • You can shell out some time from your other stuff
  • Making easy money is not on your mind.

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