What is Kajabi Affiliate Program? Multiply your online business earnings

What is Kajabi Affiliate Program?

Sharing knowledge with others is a wonderful thing. What it does is help others learn and replicate your success formula. It could be sharing your own experience or the sources of learning through which you achieved success. There are many online platforms where people share their knowledge by uploading tutorials and webinars. One of them is Kajabi. Kajabi is a reputed online platform that offers traditional online courses and related business tools. The good news is it also has an affiliate program. What is Kajabi affiliate program?

Kajabi affiliate program is where you can share the online resources and tools with others and earn commissions if your referrals join the platform through your affiliate link. The commissions you can earn are up to 30%. Interested in knowing more?

I will reveal all the information in this Kajabi affiliate program review. So, continue reading to know if you should be part of it and what methods you can adopt to make money.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a known platform where you can have access to various online courses. It is also helpful in setting up marketing campaigns, creating landing pages, and building websites.

Kajabi was launched in 2010 and has more than 60 million users across the globe. Kenny Rueter is the founder and CEO of Kajabi.

What is Kajabi affiliate program?

Kajabi affiliate program offers 30% commissions to its affiliates who refer visitors to their website. If your visitors subscribe to Kajabi paid plans, you stand a chance to earn recurring commissions.

Recurring commissions are a sure way of earning regular income every month. With its established reputation in the learning field, the Kajabi affiliate program is a winner for any affiliate.

How does the Kajabi affiliate program work?

Kajabi’s affiliate program is called the Kajabi partner program. To be part of the Kajabi partner program you need to be an existing user. As a partner, you are entitled to earn 30% recurring commissions for a lifetime once your referral joins the Kajabi platform.

The commissions are recurring every month with 30-days cookies. It offers a partner dashboard that allows you to create a partner campaign to share with your audience.

How to join the Kajabi affiliate program?

If you are interested in joining the Kajabi affiliate program then visit https://partners.kajabi.com/ and click on ‘Join Partner Program’.

Kajabi products & services 

Following are the Kajabi products/services you can promote to earn commissions:

Online courses: Kajabi online courses are their flagship product. Kajabi is used by many individuals that offer their personal knowledge through online videos, podcasts, etc.

These knowledge-sharing courses are well-received and acknowledged by many who have gained successful career and financial outcomes.

Websites: The online learning resources can be further integrated into your personal website. This is what Kajabi offers to their members who can turn their passion into one profit-making business.

It makes the job easier to consolidate and find all your resources in one place.

Marketing: Kajabi has a full-fledged marketing campaign through the creation and sending of emails. The email marketing services cover almost every feature that a conventional email marketing platform offers.

You can even enhance your marketing efforts by creating beautiful landing pages inside Kajabi. There are even multi-channel sales funnels on offer in the form of Pipelines to keep your audience always connected.

Payments & Analytics: Kajabi offers different payment options such as PayPal, Stripe, etc. to make the process seamless for their users.

With so many services it becomes necessary to track your progress regularly. Kajabi has covered the tracking through their analytics and reporting tool that covers everything from sales to subscriptions.

Kajabi is more than a learning platform. Its products and services reflect a symbol of versatility and engagement for its members who want to remain attached to the platform for a longer period of time.

Promoting such products is always financially beneficial.

Ways to promote Kajabi products & services 

The promotional ways are no different than traditional marketing ways. You can follow the below methods to promote Kajabi products and services:

Website: Use your website (personal or Kajabi) to post an informative blog on Kajabi features and services. It won’t be difficult to convert a few visitors into customers with your own courses/videos on display. Make sure your partner/affiliate link is inserted.

Videos: YouTube is the best source to increase your chances of promoting your Kajabi products. Your knowledge-sharing expertise will come in handy to engage more users towards Kajabi. Again, don’t miss out on your affiliate link in the video description.

Emails & Funnels: Both the services are available inside Kajabi. Use them to the fullest extent to build your subscribers list and keep them engaged with useful information about your courses and services on Kajabi.

Kajabi Affiliate program commissions 

The affiliate commissions are 30% recurring eligible on Kajabi paid plan subscriptions. Let’s compare the Kajabi pricing and how much you can earn as an affiliate in the below table:

Pricing Plan

Pricing (Per Month)

Commissions (%)

Commissions (Recurring per month)













The partner program is segregated into 8 different tiers/levels. You can climb the level higher with an increase in your referral numbers. With each level up, Kajabi offers additional perks in the form of gadgets/gears along with commissions.

Dos and don’ts of Kajabi affiliate program

Following sources of traffic is allowed under the Kajabi affiliate/partner program:

  • Website blog
  • Email marketing
  • Videos
  • Social media

Following sources of traffic is not allowed under the Kajabi affiliate/partner program:

  • Coupon/deals, or discount websites
  • Pay-per-click ads
  • Third-party websites or direct linking
  • Self-referrals or referrals on others behalf

Can I make money with the Kajabi affiliate program? 

Yes, you can make serious money with the Kajabi affiliate program. Recurring commissions can add up very quickly. The learning niche supported with different aspects of building an online business is highly demanding.

With the growing trend towards online learning and earning Kajabi platform has the potential to attract many people across the globe. In numbers, even if you achieve 10 subscribers on their Basic plan the earnings could go close to $500 a month.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Kajabi affiliate program free to join?

Answer: No, it is not free to join. You have to be an existing member of Kajabi to be part of their partner program.

2. When does Kajabi pay their affiliates?

Answer: The affiliates are paid every 25th of the month.

3. Does Kajabi offer support to its affiliates?

Answer: Yes, you can contact the Kajabi team by sending an email at support@kajabi.com or having a live chat.

4. How does Kajabi pay their affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates are paid through PayPal.

5. Are the affiliates paid immediately?

Answer: No. There is a 60-day waiting period before the payments are released by Kajabi.


  • Recurring commissions: 30% recurring commissions are very attractive. Commissions will keep hitting your account every month till your referrals remain active using the Kajabi platform. Being a Kajabi user, you can double your earnings by selling online courses and referrals on the same platform.
  • Highly demanding products: Online is a go-to medium for a majority of audiences owing to pandemics. People are continuously searching to enhance their knowledge and develop skills through online learning. This makes the Kajabi platform a serious contender to learn and earn money.
  • Additional perks and bonuses: Apart from recurring commissions the affiliates are offered additional perks. There are different types of gadgets/gears and even a $500 per month car stipend for diamond-level affiliates. This is more than asking for affiliates who can enjoy their partnership with Kajabi.
  • Dedicated dashboard: The affiliates are assigned a dedicated partner dashboard to track their progress. There is tracking related to sales, subscriptions, and more so that you can improve your affiliate campaign to create more conversions.


  • Only PayPal payment method: The affiliate partners are paid only through PayPal. This may not be good news for people residing in the PayPal-restricted regions.
  • Waiting period: There is a 60-days waiting period to release affiliate payments. The waiting period is on the higher side and unfair to the affiliates.
  • Existing relationship: You have to be an existing member to get associated with the Kajabi affiliate/partner program. This could discourage many who like to promote Kajabi without being a user.

Conclusion: Is the Kajabi affiliate program recommended?

Kajabi affiliate program is an ideal way to make a consistent income by referring people looking to learn and implement an online business. It is a complete package with useful online resources that is helpful in turning anyone’s passion into profits.

The online learning courses, website building, marketing features, etc. are something that you can hardly find on one platform. This makes Kajabi a must-have for online entrepreneurs, marketers, teachers, and anyone who wants to share their knowledge and make some income out of it.

If you can hold yourself in front of the screen, sharing informational videos that are convincing and beneficial then I recommend you to be part of Kajabi. With that, you can also become a part of the Kajabi partner program to increase your earnings.

One major drawback that I found missing in their partner program is affiliate resources such as banners, ads, links, etc. Otherwise, the Kajabi partner program is well-recommended for every affiliate looking to enhance their online earnings with 30% recurring commissions.

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