What is Isagenix MLM? Make money losing weight!

What is Isagenix MLM?

Healthy living and weight loss are the core topics on everybody’s mind. Many people look for easy solutions in the form of supplements and dieting products. To capitalize on this, you will find many companies selling health and supplement products directly or through a network marketing business model which is also called MLM. Isagenix falls in the same category that sells multiple wellness products through the MLM business model. If you are interested in finding more, then I will tell you what is Isagenix MLM and how does it work.

I will also share details on its products, compensation plan, pros, and cons. At the end of this review, you will learn if Isagenix is a pyramid scheme or a legit business opportunity.

New to MLM?

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What is Isagenix?

Isagenix was founded in 2002 by John Anderson, Jim, and Kathy Coover. The founders are well-versed with the supplements industry and multilevel marketing methods with their previous experiences.

The company deals in dietary supplements and personal care products. Isagenix products are scientifically researched solutions offered for weight loss and personal care dealings.

Isagenix recorded more than $900 million in revenue in 2017 and expanded its capitalization by acquiring Zija International in the year 2020.

What is Isagenix MLM?

Isagenix sells its products directly to customers through membership programs as well as through a multilevel marketing business model recruiting independent associates.

It offers a team compensation plan to its associates based on personal sales and target sales achieved by their downlines which they call customers or marketing networks.

The Isagenix MLM opportunity claims to provide working freedom, comprehensive training, and a variety of perks and bonuses for fulfilling the compensation requirements.

How does the Isagenix MLM work?

Isagenix MLM works by becoming a member. You will have to apply through an existing Isagenix associate who can help you get started or fill in the details here and submit to get contacted by Isagenix.

The joining requirement is $29 which is a renewal fee every year. You may also have to spend money on buying the products for promotion and selling. This cost could be recurring every month or two depending on your selling efforts.

To improve your marketing skills and efforts, Isagenix offers training, tools, and related systems. Associates also get products with a 30-days money-back guarantee and a business-oriented mobile app.

Isagenix products

As mentioned above, Isagenix products are based on scientific research providing health and wellness solutions. The products are available as individual items or a combination of health packs. Below are some of them that will be part of your business campaign:

Total health & wellness: This is a combination pack of IsaLean shake, Ionix Supreme, Cleanse for Life, and Complete Essentials daily pack. The pack is helpful in dealing with nutrients, antioxidants, and natural detoxification that improves body energy and revitalization. It is sold at a retail price of $280+.

Weight loss value pack: Another bundle pack that combines the ingredients from Isalean shake, Ionix Supreme, Cleanse for Life, and Snack bites. The solutions are helpful in fulfilling the hunger cravings and providing essential vitamins and nutrients without increasing weight. The pack is sold at a retail price of $840+.

Beauty bundle: Under personal care, Isagenix offers a bundle of beauty products. It consists of 10 bottles of Collagen Elixir which is an individual flagship product of Isagenix. The benefits include improving Collagen elements and beautifying the skin. The bundle pack is sold at a retail price of $210+.

All the products carry a 30-days money-back guarantee policy and discounted pricing if purchased under associate membership. This could be a great selling point for associates to make some profits through retail sales.

Are the Isagenix products worth their price? 

The reviews and ratings surrounding Isagenix products on BBB are a mixed bag. There are no bad reviews related to product quality and pricing but customers were not satisfied with after-sales services.

The overall ratings for Isagenix are more than 3.5+ which is okay. The product pricing is comparatively on the higher side if you look at other dieting and supplementary options online.

Generally speaking, the customer service for any industry should be one step ahead compared to the sales services to sustain its customer base. More than the pricing, customers and even some associates are not satisfied with Isagenix product dealing and delivery.

How to make money with the Isagenix MLM program? 

The money-making factor with Isagenix lies in two components which is no surprise:

Sell the products directly and earn money,

Recruit more people for personal selling and encourage your team to buy and sell products further.

There is also a Preferred Customer category that can open a customer membership account and earn product introduction reward coupons valued at $25 for referring others within the first 30-days period. Preferred Customers are exempted from associate compensation plan benefits.

Isagenix MLM compensation plan 

The compensation plan for Isagenix focuses on rewarding people with consistent achievement of sales.

As an associate you are eligible for:

Retail profits & Retail direct profits: Retail profits are the profits calculated on the difference in pricing of products bought and sold to a customer.

Retail direct profits are also calculated basis the same difference of purchasing and selling but are rewarded when you refer a direct customer to order products from your website.

An example of retail profit is if you sell a total health and wellness pack for $320 whose retail price is $280+ to a customer then the difference of $40 will be your retail profit commissions.

Next, associates are also eligible to earn commissions on the sale of products from their customers. Here, the commission structure is very complex and has various positions to deal with for consistent earnings.

There are overall 5 positions starting with Associate, Consultant, Manager, Director, and Executive. The higher position you climb achieving sales numbers, the higher will be your chances of making consistent money.

Isagenix also offers an Autoship program, 50% payout guarantee, and Matching Team bonuses to associates depending on their sales order consistency and level of position.

The commissions are calculated based on the PV (Personal Volume) and BV (Business Volume) that one needs to maintain to remain an active associate/member.

As an example, an associate who wants to keep his/her positive active will have to sell or purchase products worth 100 PV within the first 30-days period of joining.

To know complete details on the Isagenix compensation plan check here or watch the video below.

Can I make money with Isagenix MLM? 

So, we have seen how the compensation plan works. You have to be at your best in selling and managing your team to make consistent money with Isagenix. If you continue to do this for a longer period of time, say a few years, there are possibilities that you can start to make a living.

Isagenix claims to have paid thousands of dollars making a few of their associates millionaires with their MLM program. Is it a fact or false? Well, the best way to cross-verify this claim is to check their associate’s income figures.

As per the latest income disclosure statement, a majority of associates join Isagenix to purchase their products at a discounted price and almost 85% of them were not eligible to earn any income.

And the associates who were able to make some income were the ones who spent maximum time earning close to $178k+ a year before expenses. That’s close to $15k a month. For beginners, the average annual income was $6k+ before expenses. That’s $500+ a month.

So, there are no millionaires. And remember, these income figures are before expenses that mean it will further reduce adding the cost of product purchases, membership renewal fees, etc.

The above figures are self-explanatory for any individual thinking of earning a dream income with Isagenix.

Is Isagenix a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

No. Isagenix is not a scam owing to its history of producing quality health and wellness products. It is in existence since 2002 which is a big deal. Many MLM companies die down in small time.

The other aspect is making money through the selling of products. So, it cannot be completely termed as a pyramid scheme that solely relies on just recruiting people.

But the fact that Isagenix earns its profits by selling the products to its own associates is similar to running a pyramid scheme.

Isagenix controversies/legal issues 

Fortunately, Isagenix remained protected from any serious allegations and penalties against its products and business model.

On the contrary, the company was praise-worthy for recalling peanuts that were part of their chocolate-dipped honey peanut bar for its contamination of salmonella based on FDA recommendations.

Isagenix did go through some moderate allegations for making false claims on a few of its weight loss supplements that are not backed by scientific evidence. The company was also criticized for misleading its associates with bogus income figures to scale their recruitment.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Isagenix accredited by BBB?

Answer: Yes, Isagenix is rated A+ by BBB.

2. Are Isagenix products FDA approved?

Answer: No, Isagenix products are not backed by FDA approval.

3. Are Isagenix products safe to consume?

Answer: Isagenix products are normally safe to consume provided it is taken as per the dosage or instructions. Some people may feel the side effects related to dizziness or fatigue owing to rich sugar ingredients.


  • Isagenix existence – The company is in existence since 2002 without any financial bumps or instability. That means it is reliable and dependable to work with. Most of the MLM’s lose steam after some years and wind up their business.
  • Quality of products – There is no denying the fact that the quality of products and their effects are liked by its customers. This is evident from many customer reviews available. Having good products helps reduce your marketing efforts and makes selling easier.
  • Business tools – The tools, resources, and system availability are the signs that Isagenix takes their MLM business model seriously. Having a mobile app provides convenience to run your business campaign on the go.
  • Money-back guarantee – Isagenix products are backed by a 30-days money-back guarantee. This can be a deal-maker for many to convince their customers in purchasing the products. Money-back assurance is always a good selling point.


  • Non-affordable cost – The costing could be way out of reach for many individuals especially in the beginning. The joining cost of $29, renewal membership cost, purchasing of product packs for promotion, and remember the business volume of 100 that one needs to maintain to keep their associate membership active. All these investments will keep on adding before you can actually start making money.
  • Highly competitive market – There is no shortage of health and weight loss supplements in the market. In fact, there are many options available on different online platforms such as Amazon that will deliver these products to your doorstep. Making customers outside your circle could be challenging.
  • Expensive products – The pricing of Isagenix products is questionable. In the scenario where it has become so easy to purchase the products from any online channel at a much lower price, spending hundreds of dollars on bundle packs for a limited schedule isn’t worth it.
  • Poor after-sale service – There are many complaints and issues raised by customers on the after-sale service of Isagenix. The shipment, delivery, and refund processes are criticized badly and the trends for complaints remained consistent.

Conclusion: Is Isagenix MLM recommended?

Isagenix MLM is worth joining if you are obsessed with hardcore selling and convincing people to work under you. The money is there to be made provided you put consistent effort and remain persistent in your job.

The tools and resources, Isagenix quality of products, and its infrastructure stability are some of the factors that can be termed as a legit business opportunity.

However, the investments and continuous recruitment to earn desirable money can give you sleepless nights. It may not be sustainable for all in the long run.

Personally, I am not a big fan of every MLM and this applies to Isagenix as well. There are many alternatives to making money online if you put in some effort researching. Even then if you don’t find any then check out my recommendation below.

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