What is Invoice Ninja Affiliate Program? Make Money Invoicing!

What is Invoice Ninja Affiliate Program?

Online entrepreneurs often struggle with a lack of time to focus on all the different aspects of their business. Right from managing the daily activities to tracking payments, there are endless tasks. Payments are something that can be quite tedious for many businesses as it involves lots of tracking, monitoring, paperwork, and follow-ups. This is where Invoice Ninja comes in! The invoice management niche is very interesting and it is equally interesting to know that Invoice Ninja has an affiliate program for marketers who want to earn money through referrals. In this blog post, we’ll discover all about what is Invoice Ninja Affiliate Program and why you should consider joining.

The team behind Invoice Ninja offers products that help businesses save time and work more efficiently by managing all the hassles related to their payments and invoices.

What is Invoice Ninja? An Overview

Invoice Ninja is a tech company that offers customized apps to manage invoice processes. The solutions created by Invoice Ninja are based on their user’s feedback and caters to different tasks related to invoicing, payments, tracking, billings, and expenses.

Invoice Ninja was founded in 2014 by its founders Hillel, Dave, and Shalom.

The company has built a suite of advanced tools since its launch that helps freelancers, small and mid-size companies manage their payments and invoice processes.

What is Invoice Ninja affiliate program?

Invoice Ninja offers a referral program that pays commissions to its users when somebody joins their platform using their affiliate link.

The affiliate program pays 50% commissions to its affiliates for four years. That means if someone joins Invoice Ninja and subscribes to their Pro Plan that costs $10 per month you will be paid $5 as a referral commission.

So, if you have 100 subscribers in a year you can make $5000 as affiliate commissions recurring for four years.

The 50% commission rates are very generous and you can make a lot of money putting your affiliate marketing skills at core. Remember, the commissions are recurring and will be paid for four years.

How to join Invoice Ninja affiliate program?

To join the Invoice Ninja affiliate program, you have to visit https://app.invoiceninja.com/dashboard and sign up with your details.

Once you sign up, you will be provided with an Invoice Ninja dashboard that will display a list of features. You can find your affiliate URL link in the account settings.

What are the methods to promote Invoice Ninja?

The methods to promoting Invoice Ninja are similar to promoting other services or products.

Invoice Ninja encourages its affiliates to follow the below methods for the promotion of their products:

Blogs: If you have a website you can write about Invoice Ninja products and services. With informative content, you can embed your affiliate links, logos, and banners on your blog page.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is another best way to promote Invoice Ninja. If you have an existing subscribers list who trust your resources then you can easily convert them into Invoice Ninja users. Ensure to create an attractive and authentic newsletter with your affiliate link and share it with your subscribers.

Business Emails: If you are an existing user of Invoice Ninja then you have an added advantage of promoting their products. You can always add your referral link at the end of your business emails. Your goodwill and reputation will surely attract your business partners to adopt Invoice Ninja for their invoice services.

Social Media: If you have a huge fan following and subscribers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest then you can place the ads or logos on your social media page to attract visitors. You can also create and upload a YouTube video on Invoice Ninja features and services with your affiliate link in the description.

How much money can you make with the Invoice Ninja affiliate program? 

It all depends on your effort and promoting skills as an affiliate. If you have an authoritative website, bringing in customers will not be difficult. The affiliate commissions that Invoice Ninja offers are 50% and that will be paid recurringly for four years.

The Paid plans of Invoice Ninja range between $10-$14 per month. So, if you can convince 100 people to join and sign-up for Invoice Ninja Paid plans you can make $5000-$7000 in a year.

Products/Features of Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja has some very useful apps for businesses to manage their payments and invoices.

Invoices & Payments: Invoice Ninja makes the creation, and sending of invoices easier. One of the features is their free invoice creation PDF tool. With this tool, users have to just fill in the invoice details and the PDF tool will automatically input the text.

This helps users to get rid of guesswork inputting the details and ensures accuracy, and readability. The automation feature makes usage of MS Word, Excel redundant and provides more dynamic and professional-looking invoices.

Time-Tracking: Invoice Ninja has a web-based app that makes you create multiple or individual projects in one go. The Time-Tracker app can also be used as a stand-alone app from your desktop that automatically sends invoices to your clients with just one click.

Invoice Ninja stores the data of your vendors and expenses in one system. This allows the users to categorize their vendors, and segregate the expenses, and payments accordingly.

Personal Branding Feature: Invoice Ninja offers another useful feature that will make your personal brand stand out. In comparison to other invoicing software and tools where the email id appears with their own brand title, Invoice Ninja’s Personal Branding feature allows you to input your own brand name.

You can email the invoices to your customers with an email id that shows YourBrand.Invoice.Services. This provides your company more credibility and displays professionalism among your customers. This feature is offered under the paid Pro plan by Invoice Ninja.

User Control and Authority Feature: With this feature, you can add multiple users for invoice creation tasks. You can also grant and limit the permissions to certain users based on your own preference. This feature helps in multi-tasking your invoice creation process and also provides you peace of mind from any misuse/mishandling of confidential data within the invoices.

On similar lines, there are many more apps and products offered by Invoice Ninja to help their clients automate their invoice processes and run their business smoothly.

Invoice Ninja Pricing and Affiliate Commissions 

The following table highlights the pricing plan and commissions you can make with the Invoice Ninja affiliate program:

Pricing Plan

Price (Per Month)

Price (Per Annum)

Affiliate Commissions (Per month)

Commissions (Per Annum)

Forever Free





Ninja Pro Plan


$100 (2 months free)



Enterprise Plan


$140 (2 months free)



Is the Invoice Ninja affiliate program legit or a scam? 

Invoice Ninja affiliate program seems to be legit based on the available resources and information on their website.

However, there are some unanswered questions about their affiliate program which are not available on their website or any other online sources. Here are some of them:

Affiliate program cookie duration: The information about cookie duration is completely missing. The cookie storing period is important as it is directly linked with your affiliate links tracking.

Cookie duration is something where the visitors click your affiliate link that gets stored into their browser. The higher the length of cookie duration, the more chances of converting referrals into customers.

Affiliate payments: This is another important part that is sorely missed. The payment information such as payment methods, frequency, currency, etc. cannot be traced anywhere.

This is critical from an affiliate marketer’s point of view to relate with any affiliate program.

Affiliate links tracking/details: Invoice Ninja’s website talks about making payments to their affiliates by tracking their affiliate code through hyperlinks. But the details of affiliate links tracking such as affiliate dashboard or FAQs about their affiliate program cannot be found.

Affiliate support: Invoice Ninja does have a support forum on various issues/topics related to their products and services but there are no specifications about affiliate support.

This is the missing piece that will draw most of the affiliates away from joining their affiliate program.

The absence of the above details does not make the Invoice Ninja affiliate program a scam but does raise some doubts about their seriousness and encouragement to promote their brand through a referral program.


  • The Invoice Ninja affiliate program is free to join
  • The affiliate commissions rate of 50% is one of the highest
  • You get useful affiliate resources such as ads, banners, and logos to promote Invoice Ninja
  • Invoice Ninja have good-quality products/apps to promote as an affiliate marketer
  • Invoice Ninja affiliate commissions are recurring for four years
  • Invoice Ninja encourages and supports different affiliate channels to promote their products


  • No cookie duration
  • No information about affiliate payments
  • Affiliate support channels are missing

Conclusion: Is joining the Invoice Ninja affiliate program worth it and recommended?

Invoice Ninja products have many positive reviews from its customers. They are good at what they want to achieve in the field of invoicing and payments. Their customers enjoy their services and pricing.

As an affiliate marketer, it makes your job easier if you have a reliable and trustworthy brand with an awesome line of products and enticing affiliate commission rates.

Invoice Ninja affiliate program has all the ingredients to make it a favorite choice among affiliate marketers/bloggers.

50% recurring commissions for four years, availability of affiliate resources such as ads, logos, banners, and no restrictions or limitations to promote their products on various channels are worth it.

However, lack of valuable information about their affiliate program related to the lasting of cookies, affiliate payment methods, and support are discouraging factors.

I would definitely recommend you to join the Invoice Ninja affiliate program provided you get in touch with their support forum and extract all the missing information about their affiliate program upfront.

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