What is iContact Email Marketing? iContact Review, Features, Pros, and Cons

What is iContact Email Marketing

Email marketing has gone beyond just sending bulk messages. You should be able to automate your messages, do campaign management, list management and social media publishing all within an email marketing tool. All of these and more are what iContact can do for you. In this post, I will tell you what is iContact email marketing and all about its features, pros, and cons.

You will also know if iContact email marketing is worth your business and if it is legit or a scam.

What is iContact email marketing? An Overview


iContact is a web-based email marketing software designed for different types of businesses. The tool is built with ease of use in mind.

Since it was started in 2003, iContact has become one of the major players in the email marketing business.

Founded by Aaron W. Houghton and Ryan Allis, iContact helps you to create successful email marketing campaigns that convert to sales.

The email software is built with an email editor and allows you to segment your contact list to ensure that your messages are delivered inside the inboxes of the recipients.

Features of iContact

All the information you need to start using iContact is available in this section. There are different features of iContact. Below are some of the features:

icontact testing
  1. A/B testing – Before email messages are sent out to clients and customers, it is important to test how appealing these emails look before they are sent out. This is why A/B testing is of great value. It allows you to test color schemes, subject lines, and the layouts of the email messages to be sure everything looks right before you click the send button.
  2. Automation – With the iContact email marketing automation, you can send email messages to recipients based on the sales journey of the customer. The tool has got automated welcome email messages that can impress new customers.
  3. Email builder – You can design your email messages from scratch with the numerous tools that make it easy for you to build new messages even if you are not a graphic designer. The Drag and Drop feature helps you to design professional and interactive email messages in minutes. If you are experienced in HTML, you can use the HTML builder to create custom emails.
  4. Segmentation – With iContact, your contact list can be segmented on different criteria like gender, behavior, and age. The data you get from different sent-out email messages can also be used in creating different segmented email marketing campaigns. This makes email message targeting super easy.
  5. Management of subscribers – Subscribers can be managed using the subscriber management tools. You can also build a subscribers list by embedding sign-up forms into your website to capture website visitors’ data.
  6. List building – List building is a critical part of any email marketing solution. iContact has got an email list management tool to help you send personalized emails to subscribers at the appropriate time. The list can be created based on demographics, website behavior, or geography.
  7. Email marketing analytics – You can get detailed information about your email campaigns to help you know how your campaigns are performing. iContact provides real-time tracking of your email messages. You will also get information about the open rate; bounce rate, unsubscribed rate, and email deliverability of your email messages.
  8. Email scheduling You would want your email messages to be delivered when you want them. This is why email scheduling is a critical part of email marketing campaigns. If you want your audience to wake up to your email messages, just schedule the time you want them to receive the messages and you can go to sleep. The messages would be sent automatically at that time you have set.
  9. High email deliverability rate – 98% of the emails sent are delivered right into the inboxes of the recipients. iContact has got a dedicated team that ensures that your emails are delivered by monitoring the server at all times.
  1. Integrations – The tool integrates well with apps and add-ons like Facebook Lead Ads, PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, Salesforce, BigCommerce, Twitter, WordPress, etc.

How to get started with iContact?

To get started with iContact, you will have to visit the website at https://www.icontact.com/signup/ and click on “Get iContact Free” to use the free plan.

iContact Pricing and Plans

iContact has different pricing and plans that you can choose from. Choose one that suits your pocket.

  • Standard – It costs $15 per month with 1,500 contacts.
  • Pro – The cost is $30 per month with more features than the Standard plan

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is iContact safe to use?

Answer: Yes, it is safe and secure. The databases are hosted on different servers with multiple backups. Your contact lists are also well protected with constant redundancy checks. There is an SSL protocol on all the forms on iContact’s website for optimal security.

2. Does iContact have a mobile app?

Answer: Yes, there is a mobile app that supports both Android and iOS devices.

3. Can I send unlimited email messages with iContact?

Answer: Yes, if you subscribe to a paid plan.

4. Is there a trial version?

Answer: Yes, there is a trial version that is valid for 30 days.

5. Is the iContact support team responsive?

Answer: Yes, and you can reach them through email at support@icontact.com and live chat.

Who is it for?

It is perfect for businesses of all sizes. Email marketers and CRM-based organizations can use the software to drive successful campaigns.


  • Easy to use – iContact is very easy to use. It has Drag and Drop features that make it convenient to edit and add pictures to your email messages. Building your email is a breeze with the email creator.
  • Intuitive tool – iContact can be used by almost everyone no matter the skill level. If you understand coding, you can use HTML code to build email messages. If coding is not your thing, there are templates you can choose from to build your campaigns. The templates can be fine-tuned with the email editor.
  • Help resources – For first-timers, using the tool can be a bit confusing. There are video tutorials on the website to help you get started. Just go to the https://www.icontact.com/ and click “Resources” and click on “Videos and Webinars” to learn how to use the tool.
  • Free trial – There is a free trial that allows you to have 500 contacts and send 2,000 messages in a month. This is a good start if you want to test the tool. It is valid for 30 days. No credit card is needed to use the free trial.
  • Excellent support – iContact offers amazing customer support through the phone and live chat.
  • No limit to the number of emails – Once you have subscribed to the paid version, you can send an unlimited number of emails.
  • iContact app – iContact has an app that supports both Android and iOS. This means you can use the tool anywhere.
  • High delivery rate – The tool has a high delivery rate of about 98%. This ensures that messages sent go straight to the inboxes and not to the spam folder.


  • No free version – There is no free version of the tool. The trial version lasts for just 30 days.
  • Limited storage space – A storage space of 5 MB is just too small.

Legit or scam

iContact is a legit email marketing tool with a high deliverability rate. It is used by small, medium, and large businesses to drive their campaigns. The tool is not a scam.

Conclusion: Is iContact Email Marketing recommended?

Yes, it is well recommended if you intend to drive result-oriented email marketing campaigns that will increase patronage and sales in the long run.

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