What is Freshbooks Affiliate Program? Make Money with Accounting Software

What is Freshbooks Affiliate Program

Businesses of any type have a tough time managing multiple tasks. Especially, if the tasks remain decentralized and had to be dealt with separately. Having an automation tool or software that can manage multiple tasks is a blessing in disguise. There are many of them but I found one recently called Freshbooks. Freshbooks provides software to manage multiple accounting and invoicing in one go. What’s more exciting is Freshbooks have an affiliate program that could provide you with an additional source of income. Interested in knowing what is Freshbooks affiliate program?

Let’s dive deeper and find out about Freshbooks and its affiliate program. I will tell you about how the affiliate program works, the commissions it offers, and the pros and cons of joining it.

What is Freshbooks?

Freshbooks is a SaaS-based accounting software built to manage different accounting, invoicing, and payment tasks. The software can also be used for time tracking and different reporting purposes.

Freshbooks was originally founded in 2003 as an electronic invoicing program for IT professionals and later upgraded to cater to different needs and tasks of small and medium-sized businesses.

The software can be accessed from desktop and mobile that gives its users convenience and flexibility.

What is Freshbooks affiliate program?

Freshbooks drives an affiliate program through the ShareASale affiliate network. The affiliate program offers commissions to individuals based on the referrals.

The commissions are eligible on both trial and paid plans. The commission amounts are $10 for a trial period and up to $200 for paid plans.

It offers a 120-days cookie duration supported by a dedicated affiliate team and resources.

How does the Freshbooks affiliate program work?

Freshbooks has partnered with ShareASale which is a reputed affiliate network. To become eligible for the Freshbooks affiliate program you need to have an account with ShareASale. In case you don’t have one, visit ShareASale and create your account.

If you already have an existing ShareASale account you can search for the Freshbooks affiliate program and apply for it. It takes normally 2-3 days to get your account approval by ShareASale.

Once you are approved, you will get access to dedicated affiliate resources such as ads, banners, etc. so that you can start promoting Freshbooks on different channels.

Freshbooks products & services

To earn commissions with the Freshbooks affiliate program, you will have to promote the following products and services:

Accounting – The accounting software from Freshbooks is helpful in dealing with different accounting tasks such as profit & loss statements, balance sheets, tax summaries, etc. The company provides double-entry accounting tools for ease of use and detailed reporting for clear visibility on the income and expenses.

Payments – Freshbooks make invoice payment easier. The platform offers automated online payment options to accommodate every individual needs. The automation of payments helps speed up the process and provides smooth execution.

Projects & Time-tracking – Working on multiple projects and tasks can be managed by using Freshbooks projects features. The software enables synching, collaboration, and sharing of files with ease. It also helps in tracking the time taken to fulfill a task related to several projects through its time-tracking schedule. With both the features in place businesses can easily control and complete projects on time.

Integrations – Another feature of Freshbooks is its easy integration with 100’s of apps. The integrations can help connect and efficiently streamline your business. Apps such as Shopify, Gusto, Dropbox, etc. can be smoothly integrated.

Freshbooks also provides end-to-end reporting on each function used related to invoicing, payments, and accounting. Individuals and companies can access the Freshbooks application on the go with its flexible compatibility. This makes Freshbooks feature-rich and practical software to make business life easier.

Ways to promote Freshbooks 

To promote Freshbooks, you have to be active online on different channels. There are no unusual restrictions and you can share the affiliate links of Freshbooks through:

Blogging – The best and most effective way to spread the words and features of Freshbooks. Make a fresh blog or an article on Freshbooks capabilities and post on your website.

Social media – Take advantage of your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter following. Insert the ads, banners, or share the link of your Freshbooks blog post. Target your colleagues and group of corporates who may find the Freshbooks application interesting.

Newsletter – Newsletter is the most-handy resource to attract a larger audience. It helps a lot if you already have a subscribers list who trust your resources. Send the newsletter with your Freshbooks affiliate link.

Video – Create a video on Freshbooks features and services. Upload it on to various social media channels and if you have a dedicated YouTube channel make use of that as well. Visuals still have greater authority than words in terms of conversion.

Freshbooks affiliate program commissions 

Freshbooks offers commissions on trial and paid plans. The trial period is offered on every paid plan which lasts for 30-days.

The commission for trial period sign up is up to $10

The commissions for paid plan sign up is up to $200

Referrals tend to convert into paid subscribers looking at the pricing options. The pricing offered by Freshbooks is very competitive and affordable starting from just $4.50 per month.

Dos and don’ts of Freshbooks affiliate program 

As an affiliate of Freshbooks, make sure to follow the rules and restrictions related to promotions and source of traffic.

Following sources of traffic and promotions are allowed:

  • Original content or Blog posts,
  • Social media sharing,
  • Email marketing,
  • Ads, and banners provided by Freshbooks

Following sources of traffic and promotions are not allowed:

  • Traffic sources through paid advertising that involves email, social media, or paid ads,
  • Coupons, cashback, discounting sites
  • Traffic sources from an irrelevant niche audience

Can I make money with the Freshbooks affiliate program? 

Making money with Freshbooks may not be tough since the products offered have multi-utilization capability. The solutions cater to different business needs that are performed on a day-to-day basis. The features and automation of Freshbooks products have a repeat value that can be subscribed by users for a longer period of time.

So, there is no denying the fact that you can make money with Freshbooks. The pricing factor is another advantage that can attract many small and medium-sized enterprises.

This is one of the reasons that Freshbooks affiliates should have good networking and connection with many types of business groups and individuals alike. This will ensure decent earnings in the range of $100-$2000 a month with 10 trials and paid subscribers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is it compulsory to have a ShareASale account to join the Freshbooks affiliate program?

Answer: Yes. Having a ShareASale account is mandatory to work with the Freshbooks affiliate program.

2. When do Freshbooks pay its affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates are paid every month according to the terms and conditions of the ShareASale affiliate network.

3. Is there a threshold limit to withdraw the commissions?

Answer: Yes, the threshold limit is $50.

4. How to contact the Freshbooks support team for any queries/issues?

Answer: Affiliates can send an email at affiliates@freshbooks.com


  • Trust & Reliability – Freshbooks is a well-trusted and reputed platform among its users. The products and features of Freshbooks are rated more than 4.5 stars by many online review platforms. Reliability and trust are the factors to look for while promoting any product that helps convert faster.
  • Decent commissions – The commissions offered are very decent. The fact that you remain in contention to make money even on trial period is noteworthy. $200 on paid subscriptions is on the higher side looking at the cheap pricing plans.
  • Reputed affiliate network – ShareASale doesn’t need any introduction. Affiliates are sure to get quality resources and support with the ShareASale network. The platform has a dedicated affiliate dashboard, links, banners, etc. to promote and track your affiliate progress.


  • Non-recurring commissions – The Freshbooks software is subscription-based and has the features to retain it for a longer period of time. The commissions are non-recurring. That means affiliates are robbed of a consistent amount of money even after their referrals remain active with Freshbooks.
  • Limited eligibility – Affiliates from all parts of the world are not eligible to apply for the Freshbooks affiliate program. This is simply because of the restrictions at the ShareASale network. In addition, affiliates from many other countries including India, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc. are not allowed to participate.

Conclusion: Is the Freshbooks affiliate program recommended?

Earnings from an affiliate program mainly depend on the type of products and platform you get associated with. And this is where Freshbooks score high. They have products and services that have universal appeal and can remain in demand for the years to come.

On top of that, Freshbooks has nearly killed its competitors with cheap pricing plans that are very affordable for any type and size of business.

The affiliate network and resources are commendable. The commissions are decent but a bit on the lower side from the non-recurring perspective.

Still, I would go ahead and recommend the affiliates who have a good rapport and network with corporates and freelancers. They are in to make good commissions every month. The others have to ensure the eligibility criteria, in the absence of which they can check my recommendation below.

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