What is Finale Inventory? Review, Features, and Pricing

What is Finale Inventory?

You have done a lot of hard work, spent money, and time to grow your e-commerce business gradually. The visitors are growing, and so does the requirements related to inventory, warehousing, and stock management. It is not easy to handle the pressure manually, especially if you are witnessing the surge in your business as a beginner. So, what is the solution? The answer is automation. Yes, you need an app or a software like Finale Inventory. What is Finale Inventory? It is a software to manage higher volumes and inventory in a few clicks to save you time and money.

Want to know more? Check this post to know how Finale Inventory works, its features, pricing, etc. You will also learn about the pros and cons to make an informed decision on choosing it for your e-commerce business.

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What is Finale Inventory?

Finale Inventory is a cloud-based software to manage high-volume inventory with ease. With the help of Finale Inventory, you can leverage stock updation, inventory, and warehouse management on multiple sales channels without any major hiccups.

Finale Inventory is also helpful in mitigating the risks of overselling with its smooth integration and automation features.

Finale Inventory was founded by Will Harvey in 2009 based out of the US and is rated as one of the most trusted and reliable e-commerce automation solutions among its users.

Watch the below video from one of the customers sharing the Finale Inventory success story.

How does Finale Inventory work?

Finale Inventory works as an integration software to link with your existing sales channels and other business-related systems. The onboarding process is handled by the Finale Inventory team which is part of its free trial that works for 14-days.

You can also request a free demo to get hands-on experience with Finale Inventory features before starting with the free trial.

Once your channels are integrated, you can then start importing, listing, automating, and selling your products with the help of Finale Inventory features.

To start a free trial account, visit the Finale Inventory website and register with your email id.

Features of Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory features are instrumental in managing stocks, inventory, warehousing, and shipping on multiple channels. Here are some of them to look at:

Amazing Inventory Management – Finale Inventory software is a cloud-based inventory management solution that easily integrates with numerous e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.

This multichannel integration feature is helpful in centralizing your inventory management that avoids toggling efforts on various channels for monitoring and updating purposes.

Finale Inventory Inventory Management

It provides real-time stock updations, analyze costs and calculate profit margins, highlight discrepancies or errors in stocks, and more.

The software is also capable of integrating with any of your existing accounting software such as Square, QuickBooks, etc., and even with barcode scanners for immaculate inventory count, labeling, and tracking.

All this can be done and accessed from any type of device (tablet, mobile, desktop) owing to its compatibility and cloud-based functionality.

Order Management with ease – Any firm that depends on sales must place a high value on order management. Many tools are available via Finale Inventory to make ordering simple.

With Finale Inventory software, you can keep track of and arrange information for multiple vendors, and the program will create purchase orders based on suppliers’ pricing and product catalogs.

All the information on sales and orders remains available through data-driven statistics to help you make informed business decisions.

The order management feature works automatically to provide re-ordering data, you can set tier-based pricing looking at the resources or the quantity, calculate costs associated with shipping, freight, etc.

What’s more, is, Finale Inventory order management is also capable of fulfilling the shipment process that includes picking and packing and you don’t have to worry about returns too. The whole order management cycle runs smoothly so that you remain focused on other business aspects.

Useful Integrations – Integrations are very important from business expansion and growth perspectives. This is where Finale Inventory excels over its competitors.

The platform has partnered with some of the best and most-used marketplaces, shopping carts, point of sales, shipping, accounting, and channel management units.

The overall count of integrating platforms crosses 40 and growing. The process is seamless and supported by Finale Inventory’s technical expert team to keep you botherless.

Finale Inventory Integrations

Some of the renowned integrating platforms include Amazon and Amazon FBA, Acenda, ChannelAdvisor, eBay, InventorySource, QuickBooks, ShipStation, Shopify, Square, and many more.

Additionally, you can also use platforms that are not online. Finale Inventory makes it easier for users working with offline sales channels to enter and sync data manually.

This is helpful in reaching a maximum audience that cannot find their respective sales channel or other marketplaces in the integration list.

Wonderful Warehousing Solutions – Warehousing is often time-consuming and demands effort to perform certain activities. The process is de-centralized if you work with multiple units and sales channels. Here, Finale Inventory does a wonderful job of providing barcode scanning solutions.

The process is automated where users can easily integrate any kind of barcode machine (even mobile phones) with Finale Inventory software. Once integrated, you can then scan the products or product storage for easy tracking.

The software also lets you find errors in the pickup, eliminates paperwork needed while preparing the records manually with its inventory-tracking software as well as saves time and money.

In addition to the above excellent features, Finale Inventory offers outstanding learning materials and supporting resources. There are detailed video tutorials on how to use its features, integrations, and onboarding.

Alternatively, there is a dedicated help section with sources like phone, live chat, contact form, and email at your disposal to keep your business always up and running.

Finale Inventory Pricing plans

Finale Inventory pricing plans are on par with industry standards. They are not too costly or cheap and suitable for every small and medium-sized business needs. Following is the pricing structure to be paid once you have exhausted the 14-days free trial:

Finale Inventory Pricing

Starter plan – $75 per month for 500 orders in a month

Bronze plan – $199 per month for 2000 orders in a month

Silver plan – $349 per month for 5000 orders in a month

Gold plan – $549 per month for 10000 orders in a month

Platinum plan – $799 per month for 20000 orders in a month

The platinum also has a plus plan that includes premium services and support. Finale Inventory also offers custom pricing plans for high-volume businesses. Both the pricing plans are offered through discussion on call or email. Refer to the full details of Finale Inventory pricing plans here.

Is Finale Inventory worth its price? 

Finale Inventory has been in the e-commerce segment since 2009. Their founder’s background involved inventory management of different companies that inspired Finale Inventory solutions.

Since then, it has evolved year by year with better improvements and automation that garnered excellent reviews and ratings from its users on different platforms.

The platform is worth spending money for its robust features and scaling your e-commerce business to new heights.

Can I make money with Finale Inventory? 

There are no financial benefits if you are looking to make direct money selling or referring Finale Inventory to others. This is because Finale Inventory does not have an affiliate/partner/referral program on offer.

However, the platform itself has the capacity and potential to turn your existing e-commerce business into one big profitable unit.

The automation features, inventory management, warehousing, barcoding, and shipping are all very tedious, time-consuming, and costly if performed manually on different platforms.

With Finale Inventory, all this can be handled from one place effortlessly which results in more productivity, and growth for your business generating consistent revenue. This is the best possible way to make money with Finale Inventory.


  • Cloud-based software – The benefits of cloud-based software are many. It provides easy accessibility from anywhere on any device, offers excellent speed, flexibility, and security.
  • Easy-to-use – Using Finale Inventory software is no rocket science. The navigation, features, and installation are easy-to-use and simple.
  • Saves cost and time – The automation is top-notch. The usability excels in saving lots of cost and time involved in manual efforts of order and inventory management.
  • Great automation – Automation features such as inventory updates, stock warehousing, barcode scanning, and shipping are great to use. It is helpful in eliminating guesswork and provides more emphasis on monitoring and tracking.
  • Excellent support – The guidelines and supporting tools are excellent. As a user, you won’t feel isolated or stuck at any stage while working with the software. There are numerous tutorials, how-to guides, articles, and blogs on offer. You can also get in touch through different contact resources with the Finale Inventory team.


  • Expensive – Beginners may find the tool slightly expensive. Although, starter plan pricing is fairly justified but lack of some features may prompt users to upgrade to premium pricing plans which may not be affordable.

Conclusion: Is Finale Inventory recommended?

Finale Inventory is a very useful e-commerce tool. The software is equipped with some of the advanced features that make managing inventory and fulfilling orders a cakewalk.

These two activities require lots of monitoring, tracking, and manual efforts that are reduced to a greater extent by Finale Inventory solutions.

The tool is an ideal platform for small and medium enterprises, solopreneurs, e-sellers, retailers, and distributors alike. The pricing is on the higher side but people won’t mind spending extra to get peace of mind in return.

I highly recommend Finale Inventory to every user looking to build and grow their online business with ease and effectiveness.

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