What is Email On Acid? An Effective Email Testing Tool

What is Email on Acid?

Marketers waste a lot of money and time using email marketing tools that come with no testing features. The result is a lack of engagement and low ROI. It is high time you considered Email on Acid if you want to send error-free emails at the push of a button. What is Email on Acid?

Email on Acid helps marketers and developers to streamline the email process which in the end translates to sending well-polished email messages.

Some of the features that make Email on Acid outstanding include email editor, preview on over ninety email clients, advanced analytics, and spam testing.

Continue reading to know more about Email on Acid features, pricing, and how its testing features help your email marketing campaign grow.

New to Email Marketing?

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What is Email on Acid?

Email on Acid is a cloud-based email tool designed for the tracking, troubleshooting, and testing of emails to increase engagements, conversions, and ROI.

The tool helps in simplifying and enhancing email marketing efforts.

With this innovative software, you can preview emails with over ninety email clients and devices.

Email on Acid helps you to diagnose and resolve deliverability issues even before you click “send”. Your emails are checked against spam filters and email blacklisting services to ensure you send out emails that are free from problems.

The email testing features help users to identify broken links, code problems, and bad formatting. It also fixes malware issues.

How does Email on Acid work?

Email on Acid works by subscribing to a plan. To get started, you will have to visit their website at https://www.emailonacid.com/.

You can also start with the free trial by clicking on “TRY IT FREE” to see how the software works before choosing a paid plan.

The next thing is to send your email for testing.

Features of Email on Acid

Email on Acid has a lot of features that make it stand out from the rest. Below are some of them:

Campaign Precheck – Email on Acid has a pre-deployment checklist that eliminates the time-wasting that comes with the manual process of checking your email before it is sent.

The Campaign Precheck feature takes the stress off you so you can concentrate on other important things such as email performance and strategy.

Email accessibility – Making email accessible is a big issue with some email clients. Email accessibility is no longer an issue with Email on Acid. The tool helps you to create emails that are ADA-compliant.

The emails can connect with your subscribers no matter the email client or device they are using.

Email testing and previewing – The email testing tool previews your emails on live email clients; and not on simulations. This helps you to see exactly what the subscribers would be seeing on the other side.

After the testing is concluded, your email looks appealing to your readers when they check their inboxes. Email checking helps you to preserve your brand reputation.

There is no limit to the number of testing you can do to ensure that your email comes out error-free.

Inbox display – It could be embarrassing when you don’t know how your email is going to display on different email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, ZohoMail, Yandex Mail, and AOL. This could lead to the deletion of your emails by your subscribers even before checking the messages.

Email on Acid optimizes your inbox display to increase the open rate. Emails are also validated to give your subscribers the perfect first impression.

Email deliverability – Email on Acid helps you to pinpoint deliverability issues before your emails are even sent to your subscribers.

The automated checklist checks your email to detect issues to ensure that your emails land in the inboxes of your subscribers; and not in the spam folders.

Image validation – Slow load times could make you lose subscribers due to the use of heavy images in your email messages. Email on Acid ensures that all images are well optimized to make your emails download in no time. This is possible through image validation.

Spell check – Errors in spelling are a grim reality for many marketers. You don’t have to worry about wrong spellings with Email on Acid.

The Spell Check tool checks spellings all around the email message to ensure that mistakes are corrected before you hit the inboxes of your subscribers.

Email on Acid Integrations

Email on Acid integrates with the following apps:

  • SendGrid
  • iContact
  • Salesforce
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailChimp
  • Emma

Email on Acid pricing and plans

Email on Acid has four plans – The Basics, Premium, Professional, and Enterprise:

  • The Basics – $73 monthly
  • Premium – $112 monthly
  • Professional – $424 monthly
  • Enterprise – The price for this plan is not stated. You have to contact Email on Acid sales team.

The pricing is user-based. All the plans include unlimited email previews, email editor, and partial/full content checking as standard benefits.

Why you should check your emails with Email on Acid 

One of the reasons why email testing is important is that every email client displays HTML email in different ways.

So, with Email on Acid, you can see how your email looks on more than ninety email clients and mobile devices before sending the message.

Another reason is to ensure that your email is compatible with different browsers, avoid misspellings, improve brand reputation, and increase engagements.

Can I make money with Email on Acid? 

You cannot make money with Email on Acid since it doesn’t have an affiliate program.

However, marketers and developers can recommend it to their clients and make some money after adding a profit margin to the base price of the software.

Email testing is an external feature to test your email’s credibility and appearance. Not every email marketing platform provides a testing feature.

The testing is not mandatory but using it can improve your audience’s engagement and help increase conversion. This is the best option to make money with Email on Acid.

Who is Email on Acid suitable for? 

Email on Acid is suitable for anyone who does email campaigns or any kind of email marketing. It should be a part of the toolkit of businesses of any size, industry, and enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Email on Acid have a free trial?

Answer: Yes, it has a 7-days free trial but no free version.

2. What are the key features of Email on Acid?

Answer: Some of the key features include email templates, email editor, email testing, spam testing, email analytics, and email preview.

3. What kind of support does Email on Acid provide?

Answer: The support is provided through email, phone, and online desk help.

4. Does Email on Acid have competitors?

Answer: Yes, Email on Acid has competitors like Litmus, Everest, and Campaign Monitor.


  • Email on Acid helps you to pinpoint email issues by doing pre-checking of emails and deliverability testing. This ensures that you send emails that have high conversion rates and are always delivered.
  • The program runs an unlimited number of tests across different devices like mobile, desktop, and tablets of various sizes. The versatility helps you personalize your email campaign keeping your customers engaged.
  • Email on Acid gives you a preview of various email clients. A preview is needed to analyze the appearance and likeability of an email template before it hits your customer’s inbox.
  • It checks email HTML coding and layout to ensure sent-out campaigns look crisp and clean on different viewing platforms.


  • Email screenshot takes some time to render.
  • Some email clients are not included. This is may discourage some of the users looking to integrate the tool with their email platform.

Conclusion: Is Email on Acid recommended?

Not everyone is indeed interested in email testing. But email testing should be compulsory if you are interested in protecting your brand.

The cost of not testing your email includes sending emails with bad spellings, putting your brand’s reputation in danger, having dead links; heavy images that increase downloading time, and browser incompatibility issues. You cannot afford these embarrassments.

Choosing an email testing tool like Email on Acid helps you to carry out the right campaign even before you click the “send” button. It helps to save you time, increase engagement and convert browsers to buyers which in turn increases revenue.

The tool may be a bit costly but it helps you to avoid costly mistakes that could hamper your email campaign success. I advise you not to be penny-wise; pound foolish.

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