What is Email Marketing System? Most effective and profitable marketing channel

Businesses rely on promotions. Without promoting and publicizing your business and products you won’t gain traction and will always remain behind your competitors. The online industry is evolving with continuous advancements and improvements around promoting channels like paid ads, social media marketing, and videos. Among these, you will also find a system of communication and promotion in the form of email marketing. What is email marketing system?

This is what you will learn in this detailed post that covers all the aspects of email marketing.

Email communication has been around for many years but the system has segregated its features depending on different business needs.

Read on to find out more about the email marketing system, its pros and cons, and whether it is still a recommended method to promote your business.

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What is Email Marketing system?

Email Marketing is a combination of direct marketing and digital marketing. It is the art of using email to promote and sell products and services to your email subscribers.

Watch the below 16-minute video to understand the importance of email marketing and proven statistics around it. 

How does email marketing work?

Email marketing rides on the back of an Email Service Provider (ESP). This is the software that helps in sending and managing different email marketing campaigns.

Another aspect of it is the A/B testing. This is about testing two or more email messages to find out which one would have the best communication with your subscribers in a way that benefits them and also meets your business targets.

Below is the process on how email marketing works:

  1. Choosing the right email marketing program
  2. Creating the right strategy for your email marketing campaign
  3. Building and growing your subscribers’ list
  4. Setting up your email automation
  5. Monitoring and enhancing your campaign performance using A/B testing
  6. Weeding out non-performing email addresses from your email lists

Choosing the right email marketing program

To drive the right email marketing campaign, your email marketing tool must come with automation. Your email accounts like Gmail and Yahoomail cannot achieve the kind of automation that comes with an email marketing tool.

Find below what an email marketing tool can do for you that your email clients like Gmail and Yahoomail cannot do:

  • The creation of email lists
  • Updating your lists by adding new users
  • Sending your email campaigns to your targeted audience
  • Getting reports on how your email campaign is performing. The reports would include how many persons opened your emails and read them
  • Using your email list for retargeting audiences on Facebook
  • Automating different email marketing campaigns such that when there is a new subscriber a “welcome message” can be sent to the person
  • Getting some sales through your email marketing campaigns

Below are some of the popular email marketing tools:

Creating the right strategy for your email marketing campaigns

Every digital marketing campaign requires a strategy. Email marketing is not an exception. So, having a strategy in place is the first thing before embarking on an email marketing campaign.

Having an email marketing strategy will help you to achieve the following:

  • How to combine an email marketing campaign with other online marketing campaigns to achieve your desired result
  • Choose the right email marketing tool to deploy and find out the monthly costs
  • The right strategies to grow your emailing lists
  • What type of messages should be sent and when including when automation should be used
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your email campaigns using the appropriate reporting mechanisms

Building and growing your subscribers’ list

Email marketing cannot work without having a subscriber list. You also have to be sure the subscribers are active. Avoid sending your email campaigns to a random list.

You must send the email campaigns to people who manually registered on your website to receive your email messages.

Here are the right ways to increase your email subscribers:

  • Post good content on your blog or website – If your content is not useful to the users, you won’t get email subscribers no matter the technique you deploy
  • Attract users by giving incentives – Incentives like free eBook is one nice way to lure users to subscribe to your email lists.
  • Place your signup button in a visible place – You must make subscription easy for the subscribers by placing the signup button in a place that is easy to spot whether the subscriber is using a desktop computer or a smartphone.

Setting up your email automation

One of the interesting features of email marketing is that the process is automated.

Email marketing automation simply means sending targeted email messages to users based on actions taken by the users either on your website or through the email messages sent to them.

Below are some of the email automation tasks:

  • Welcome emails – You can set the automation to send a welcome email to every user that subscribes to your email list.
  • Email campaigns – A series of follow-up emails can be sent to the users
  • Abandoned cart emails – Emails can be sent to users that added a product to the shopping cart on your website without checking out
  • Feedback forms – Getting feedback from customers after they must have made some purchases

Monitoring and enhancing your campaign performance using A/B testing

It is not enough to get the right users to subscribe to your email lists. You need A/B testing to run successful email campaigns. A/B testing helps you to discover email messages that can potentially give you better user engagements and higher conversions.

Weeding out non-performing email addresses from your email lists

After sending email campaigns for some time, you have to delete inactive emails. These are email users who do not respond to your email messages. Doing this gives you a clean list that comprises only active subscribers.

What is CRM and how does it work?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a technology that manages interactions with existing and potential customers.

CRM functionality is integrated into some email marketing tools to collect data from different sources. The data is then put to work to power transactional and promotional messages.

CRM can also track the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

Difference between email marketing and CRM

Email marketing helps you to connect with your customers with ease and in a cost-effective way while CRM is a system that manages an organization’s interaction with both existing and prospective customers.

CRM is infused into some email marketing tools so that users won’t have to purchase two different programs.

What to look for in an email marketing program? 

Must-Have Email Marketing Features
  • Great customer support – Look for around-the-clock customer support through different channels such as email, phone, chat. This is essential to keep your email campaign up and running all the time.
  • Autoresponders and automation – The email industry is always evolving and so should your email marketing program. Make sure that your email marketing tool is constantly upgrading to the latest automation and also have an autoresponder feature to reduce your effort.
  • Functional A/B testing – Your first email should not be your last email. To overcome the troubles of email content and display, a split A/B testing feature should be part of your email marketing program. It improves visibility and increases email open rates.
  • User-friendly interface – Using email marketing tools and software may not be convenient for everyone especially beginners owing to its technicalities. That’s why you should choose an email marketing tool that has easy to use interface and feature.
  • High deliverability – Your email marketing campaign should be result-oriented. The purpose of sending emails is that your customer should receive them in their inbox at their convenience. Choose an email marketing partner that has at least a 99% deliverability rate.
  • Beautiful and mobile-responsive templates – Email communication should not be restrictive to desktops. On-the-go communication is what most customers prefer and it should have a visually appealing, colorful, and design-oriented template experience to increase conversion.
  • Real-time tracking and reporting – These are must-have features. The monitoring and tracking help you to plan future campaigns. It also displays the statistics related to customer behavior which is important from conversion point of view.
  • Email segmentation – The segmentation of email is important to match your customer’s preference, purchasing habits, and geolocation. Some email marketing platforms also offer additional customization to the emails based on segmentation. Make sure you choose the email marketing program with the majority of segmenting features.

Who should do email marketing? 

Email marketing is for small, medium, and large businesses. It is also for internet marketers and customer relationship managers (CRMs).

What are the types of email marketing? 

There are four popular email marketing campaigns.

They are:

  • Email newsletters
  • Promotional emails
  • Retention emails
  • Acquisition emails

Email newsletters – This is the common type of email marketing campaign. Email newsletters are used by small businesses to announce new products and services.

It can also be used to provide helpful tips and tools to subscribers.

Promotional emails – Small businesses use promotional emails to drive sales and signups. It includes enticing offers to encourage your target audience to purchase a new product.

Retention emails – This is where you have to lure subscribers who get your email campaigns but won’t interact with the messages. You can send them feedback or a more enticing offer.

This is to help you keep the line of communication open.

Acquisition emails – This is where small businesses reach out to subscribers who interact with email messages sent to them but have not been converted to paying customers.

Can you make money with email marketing? 

Yes, you can make money with email marketing tools that are into affiliate marketing. Become their affiliate and earn a commission each time the tool is sold through your affiliate link.

But the best source of making money through email marketing is by building a list of email subscribers. Your loyal customers will bring huge returns on your investment with regular sales and conversion.

Is email marketing legit globally? 

Yes, email marketing is legit globally.

Pros of doing email marketing 

  • It is easy to get started even with a free version – Most of the email marketing platforms offer a free version with basic email features for limited subscribers.
  • It helps you to reach a wider and global audience – It is not just about sending emails to a local audience but all types of visitors from across the world can be part of this campaign.
  • High return on investment (ROI) – This is one marketing channel if used appropriately can generate maximum returns on your investment in the form of subscribers and regular sales.
  • It has a lower cost compared to the other online marketing channels – You can start for free and as you build your audience and improve conversion the profits will overtake your membership costs.
  • It engages your audience – Emails are an integral part of every person’s day-to-day activity. This makes it the most promising source of communication to engage a larger audience.
  • Drives sales and revenue – There is no better communication channel than email to promote your products and generate sales. Your list of loyal customers will always oblige to your emails that will keep your business growing.
  • Easy to track your progress – With the availability of statistics and reporting you can easily monitor the performance of email marketing campaigns. This is good to plan and execute future leads and conversions.
  • It helps to build a good customer relationship – With timely communication and service based on the need of your customers, you can build a lasting impact and maintain a healthy relationship with them in the long run.

Cons of doing email marketing 

  • Inactive email subscribers won’t open your email messages – This is a tedious part and time-consuming activity to segregate the customers who have unsubscribed from your email list.
  • Email marketing requires a dedicated budget for consistency – You will have to pay for your monthly or annual membership to use the advanced features and automate your email campaign. The free versions are there but are limited to basic features and support.
  • You will have to learn the process – There are technical aspects in email marketing that keeps changing with time and trend. You will have to constantly learn and improve your email marketing requirements. It may also require you to change your email marketing partner quite often.

Conclusion: Is email marketing recommended?

Email marketing is highly recommended for any business that has an online presence. It is perhaps the cheapest way of promoting and marketing your business online.

The cost of running an email campaign is far cheaper than running a social media campaign. This makes it highly cost-effective.

You will also find some email marketing tools with free versions that you use to run your email marketing campaigns if you cannot afford a paid version.

It is an important step that any new online business should take to drive traffic and increase sales.

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