What is DropshipMe? Make Sales by Installing a Plugin!

What is DropshipMe?

Starting a dropshipping business means taking lots of stress searching for the right products, building a webstore, and thinking too much about price margin. All the things have to fall together in the right blocks so that you don’t miss out on making enough profits to continue running your business. But doing it manually, again and again, is a tedious task. It won’t be a bad idea to partner with a dropshipping platform that can take over all the manual work and let you concentrate on just doing business. There are many but I would be reviewing DropshipMe in this post. What is DropshipMe?

DropshipMe is a plugin that helps to import products and setting up a webstore in just a few clicks. What about suppliers? Pricing? Etc. This is what you will find out by reading this post till the end.

You will learn about DropshipMe features, pricing, pros, cons, and whether it is a recommended platform to do dropshipping business.

New to Dropshipping/E-commerce?

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What is DropshipMe?

DropshipMe is a plugin that can be used to import Aliexpress products and integrate them into your WordPress store in a couple of clicks. With DropshipMe, you can easily set up a webstore, create attractive product pages with real customer reviews, and ship products through verified suppliers.

It is an all-in-one source to jumpstart your dropshipping store and turn it into an attractive and money-making platform.

How does DropshipMe work?

It works by downloading and installing the plugin on your WordPress dashboard. There is a free version that allows the users to test DropshipMe features for importing up to 50 products.

Once the plugin is installed you can start importing the products onto your webstore. DropshipMe helps its users to choose the best-selling products, with product page customization and fulfill orders with only verified suppliers.

How to join DrophipMe?

You can use the ‘Get Free Plugin’ option to join the DropshipMe website. Visit https://dropship.me/plugin/ and provide your email id to get the plugin. No payment details are required to register with DropshipMe.

Features of DropshipMe

DropshipMe has perfect features to start your dropshipping business. Right from the product selection to setting up price margin you have it all. This is what DropshipMe offers:

Product selection –

This is the highlight feature of DropshipME. It has a selection of more than 50000+ products on offer in almost every category. The products are pre-curated from the Aliexpress catalog and display only the best-selling ones.

This leaves you with just selecting and importing the products onto your webstore. You don’t have to worry about doing manual research and transferring the products and their data. All that is taken care of by DropshipMe.

Product page customization –

The conversion of any product largely depends on appearance and navigation. This is where DropshipMe helps you build and customize your product page.

The customization gives your webstore an edge over your competitors with professional-looking images and titles.

Once your product page is ready the next big thing that helps increase conversion is user reviews. This is what most people look around for to get an idea of the genuineness and usability of a product.

DropshipMe provides an import option to insert real customer reviews. Such reviews help your store build trust and improve engagement among your customers who tend to come back for more.

Suppliers –

The job is half done if you have a good-looking store and best-selling products. You need to have reliable suppliers with a commitment to deliver the products in good condition and on time. Usually, it’s again a time-consuming and cumbersome task to find them.

DropshipMe has a process of onboarding suppliers after screening them through 23 verifying criteria. The base of suppliers is well-researched and reliable to fulfill your order requirements.

Price margin –  

If the products are selling like hot cakes owing to the background research, the profits are not far away. But how do you measure the pricing margin to earn maximum revenue on product sales?

Again, DropshipMe comes into the picture. They help you set up a product price based on their recommended pricing markup formula that ensures you get the maximum share from the sale amount.

DropshipMe Pricing Plans

DropshipMe pricing plans are one of the best. There is only a one-time payment and you can use their services for a lifetime. Apart from the free plan, DropshipMe offers three paid pricing plans to choose from:

100 product imports – $29 one-time payment

500 product imports – $119 one-time payment

1000 product imports – $199 one-time payment

All the above pricing plans include standard features as below:

  • Access to 50000+ products for selections
  • Product titles and quality images
  • Free WordPress plugin
  • Verified list of suppliers
  • Real customer reviews
  • Lifetime customer support

Can I make money with DropshipMe? 

Yes, you can make a considerable amount of money with the DropshipMe plugin. There are many dropshipping stores with thousands of products but what people tend to look at is how good the actual product is and check the reliability of the platform that is selling them.

Both the requirements are covered under the DropshipMe platform. You get a beautiful-looking webstore with attractive product pages and genuine customer reviews and ratings.

Enough to make a buying decision for any customer. By using their pricing markup formula, you can expect to make out considerable profit margins on every sale.

Secondly, you can also promote the DropshipMe platform as an affiliate. DropshipMe has a full-fledged affiliate program that offers revenue-sharing commissions. You can earn as much as $269 commissions on a product sale referral.

If you are interested in becoming the affiliate of DropshipMe and want to know more about it visit https://affiliates.dropship.me/ and sign-up with your free account.

Benefits of joining DropshipMe 

As a DropshipMe member you get some really cool benefits as a drop shipper:

  • DropshipMe platform is very easy to use. The plugin installation is a breeze and the whole process gets completed in just two steps of installing and importing products.
  • With DropshipMe, you can avoid spending time on manual research of products and guesswork in setting up your webstore.
  • DropshipMe helps you build trust and improve customer engagement with high-quality product page appearance and real customer reviews. Both aspects increase conversion rates and bring back customers for repeated purchases.
  • The platform offers to build a webstore. There are numerous helpful guides on dropshipping and its requirements to set up an online store quickly. This is great for beginners and experts alike.
  • There are additional marketing services offered by DropshipMe. The services include how to set up a result-oriented dropshipping business with converting ads, lead generation, social media, email marketing, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is DropshipMe free?

Answer: Yes, the platform is absolutely free to join with a free version that lasts lifelong.

2. How to use DropshipMe?

Answer: DropshipMe is a plugin that can be used in the below steps:

  • Subscribe to the free or paid version of the DropshipMe plugin
  • Click on the download plugin. The plugin will be download onto your desktop/laptop
  • Go to your WordPress dashboard under the plugin section. Click the ‘Add New’ and ‘Upload plugin’ option
  • Select the DropshipMe (Zip file) plugin from the pop-up window and click install now
  • Once the installation is complete click on ‘Activate Plugin’

3. Is DropshipMe safe to use?

Answer: Yes, the platform is absolutely safe. DropshipMe uses 256-bit SSL encryption to keep its user data safe and secure.

4. Do DropshipMe offer refunds?

Answer: Yes, DropshipMe offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.


  • Easy-to-use: Having the DropshipMe plugin to use is fairly easy. You just need to download and installed the plugin on your WordPress platform and start using it to import the products. There is no technical knowledge or expertise required to complete the installation.
  • Very affordable: DropshipMe is one of the affordable platforms on offer. The pricing plans are within the reach of all types of individuals and the services can be used for a lifetime. You even get a free version that offers all the benefits and features lifelong for limited product import. This is great for starters to begin their dropshipping journey free of cost.
  • Best-in-class product selection: The platform has a curation of best-selling products to choose from. The numbers are not too high but the quality of products is commendable. All the products are picked up from the Aliexpress catalog which is already a reputed dropshipping platform.
  • Customization and reviews: The product page customization top notch. The image quality with attractive titles to keep your customer engaged is excellent. You even get to import real customer reviews with each product that helps increase conversions and sales.
  • Pricing markup: This is another great feature. Many drop shippers remain confused about setting a price for their product that could fetch a really good difference in profits. DropshipMe pricing markup formula makes it automated. Just apply the option while importing the product and enjoy maximum profits.
  • Quality suppliers: DropshipMe follows stringent procedures to onboard suppliers to their database. The suppliers have to go through 23 checks to get enrolled into the DropshipMe community. This is a win-win situation for you as a drop shipper who can avoid thinking about the order fulfilments.
  • Support: As your membership remain lifelong so does the support. You won’t feel isolated when your business is down or having any technical issues. DropshipMe team of professionals is always available to help you at every step. There is a dedicated help section with information articles with live chat, email, and social media support through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


  • Limited to WordPress and Aliexpress: The plugin is limited to WordPress webstores only. The other drawback is its connection with Aliexpress. Drop shippers outside of WordPress and Aliexpress territory may look out for other options.
  • Duplication of content: Though importing customer reviews and content is great for conversions it could be considered as duplication/plagiarism. This is owing to the same content and reviews getting imported for every webstore out there associated with DropshipMe.

Conclusion: Is DropshipMe recommended?

Yes, DropshipMe is absolutely recommended. You get a lot of best-selling products, beautiful product pages with great customization, and recommended pricing markup for increased profits.

The platform is easy-to-use, the pricing is affordable with a free plan that covers everything, and customer support that remains with you till the time you remain with DropshipMe.

It helps you choose and sell the right products, with profitable margins in less time.

There is no denying that DropshipMe is a good platform for every drop shipper who wants to start their store quickly and start making money. Keep in mind you remain associated with WordPress and Aliexpress to use their services.

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