What is Doba Dropshipping? Doba Dropshipping App Review

What is Doba Dropshipping

If you are a drop shipper, you will understand that there are plenty of obstacles that may run you out of business if you cannot navigate your way out of the challenges. You will realize that dropshipping from countries like China and India can come with some difficulties in terms of timely delivery because of the distance. This can be bad for business. Finding suppliers is another headache altogether. After trying out different dropshipping apps, I have decided to make a review of the Doba app so that many drop shippers can have ease of life. Continue reading to find out what is Doba Dropshipping and how the Doba Dropshipping app helps you with your dropshipping business.

What is Doba Dropshipping? An Overview


Doba is a dropshipping app that helps drop shippers gain access to products from different suppliers.

Doba does the job of a middleman, where it connects drop shippers to many suppliers. It offers direct integration with your online shop.

Doba doesn’t have a warehouse anywhere in the world. It takes products from suppliers and allows dropshippers to access these products. There are more than two million products that drop shippers can access with the utmost ease.

Doba operates from Lehi, Utah, United States. It offers a 30-day trial for drop shippers to test the product and decide whether to opt-in for the paid version or not.

How does the Doba app work?

How Doba works

All the information you need to start using the Doba app is available in this section. You need to understand how the platform works before using it. Here is how the Doba app works:

  1. Start searching to find the products you would like to sell.
  2. Make product listings. This includes the product pictures, prices, and descriptions. Then, export them to your store.
  3. Sell a product to your customer and make payment to Doba for the product sold. This is an important step in any dropshipping app since payments are not made upfront for a product.
  4. The supplier is notified when you make a purchase and immediately ships the product straight to the customer.
  5. Any profit made from the sale will be deposited into your account.

How to start using the Doba app?

To start using the Doba app, you will have to sign up for a 30-day trial on the website. Go to https://www.doba.com/ and click on “30-day Free Trial”. Fill out your personal information to get started.

Features of the Doba app

The Doba app comes with a lot of useful features to help drop shippers excel in their business. Below are the detailed features of the Doba app:

  1. Integration with your store – After searching and selecting all the products that you would want to sell, there is an option for you to move all the products directly to your online store. This eliminates the manual process that is always very stressful.
  2. Don’t worry about shipping – After an order is made on your store, all you have to do is make payment for the product on Doba and you can go to sleep. The supplier takes care of everything including storing, packaging, and shipment of the item. This is the sweetest part of dropshipping. The supplier takes care of the logistics.
  3. Advanced product searching and filtering – The beauty of the Doba app is the advanced search and filter feature. Even though there are over two million products on the platform, the filtering process makes everything pretty fast and easy. The filtering is just like that of Amazon where there are different product categories for ease of searching and filtering of products. It is very easy and straightforward.
  4. Inventory alerts – You, as the store owner can set up inventory alerts from the Doba app. The alerts are meant to notify you when your inventory is running low. You have to set a threshold. The moment your inventory goes below the inventory, you will get an alert. For instance, if you sell shirts and set the threshold to five, after making several sales and the inventory drops to five, you will get a notification. This will help you avoid the risk of having out-of-stock products in your store.
  5. Perfect integration with different marketplaces – The Doba app allows you to integrate with known marketplaces like Shopify, eBay, Amazon, etc.
  6. Easy to curate your inventory – It is easy to curate all the products in a well-organized manner. The entire inventory is presented in a good list so you can easily rearrange and manage items based on quantity and in-stock products.
  7. Data report on the Doba app dashboard – You will find all your sales data stored on the Doba dashboard. This helps you to keep track of all sales. You can also export the data whether you use Shopify or Magneto.
  8. Seller report – There is something called the Elite Seller Report. This is where you get newsletters concerning deals, trends, and discounts. There is a well-organized list for you to see the products that are discounted so you can make more profits.
  9. Discounts from suppliers – As a Doba app member, you can receive exclusive information from different suppliers. You can receive email newsletters about seasonal discounts or trending products. You see a good product you can sell in your store; you can take the advantage of the seasonal deals to make more profits.
  10. Suppliers’ scorecard – Each supplier has a scorecard. This is based on their reputation, fast delivery, and other factors. This eliminates trial and error when choosing a supplier. The scorecard tells which supplier is credible and reputable to do business with.

Doba app pricing and plans

Doba pricing

The app has different flexible pricing and plans. There are three plans – Start-up, Business, and Enterprise.

  • Start-up Plan – This plan costs $25/month. You will have just one storefront with this plan.
  • Business Plan – It costs $50/month with five storefronts.
  • Enterprise Plan – The price is not stated. You will have to inquire from the sales team to find out the full details about this plan but it has unlimited storefronts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my current plan be downgraded?

Answer: Yes, it can be downgraded.

2. How can I switch from a monthly plan to an annual plan?

Answer: Yes, it is easy. Just click on “Upgrade”.

3. What level of access do I get during the free trial?

Answer: You get access to all the Business level features.

Who is it for?

Doba app is for drop shippers or anyone who has an online store and wants to succeed in their dropshipping/e-commerce business. It is also ideal for marketers who cannot build a store.


  • 30-days free trial to test the effectiveness and efficiency of the app before investing in it
  • Credit card information is not needed to start using the trial version
  • The website has a nice user-interface. Its navigation is extremely easy and simple to understand
  • It is user-friendly and improves user experience
  • It comes with different business tools to grow your dropshipping business
  • Data can be exported with ease
  • Inventory can be customized for quick reference
  • There is a low inventory alert when your stock is running low
  • The customer support can be called on the phone
  • There is access to more than two million products


  • The membership cost is too high. This will make it difficult for new drop shippers to become members
  • Prices of products are also high
  • It is hard to claim the money-back guarantee

Legit or scam

Doba is a legit app that helps dropshippers to connect to reputable dropshipping companies. It is not a scam.

Conclusion: Is the Doba Dropshipping app recommended?

Yes, it is 100% recommended for dropshippers who want to have access to a variety of products from different suppliers.

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  1. Hi Arif,

    Dropshipping is a good business model that most online marketers can start with before advancing to expert levels. Most of the challenges experienced when starting out can be very hard to solve and navigate around. The challenge of product delivery will probably eat you up considering that’s where you’ll be generating your revenue. Doba Dropshipping seems great, but I’ll have to do some more research about them first.

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  2. I have from time to time considered an e-commerce store, but as you point out finding good drop shippers can be a challenging task. I did check out Doba, but I missed the 30-day trial. That was several years ago, so maybe I just forgot. Anyway, I do remember the price was very expensive for someone just starting a store, I was wondering do you know of any other companies that might be good for new store owners?

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    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for sharing your valuable comments. Maybe you want to check Mercari, Shipstation, or Spocket dropshipping services to meet your requirements. As per my research, the dropshipping companies with less expensive starter cost lacks basic support like email or phone.

      I suggest you also have a look at Oberlo dropshipping services. 

  3. I’m glad the Doba app has a “30-day Free Trial”. I am not completely convinced but I think it’s worth trying out. Yes, I agree the membership cost is high. But I really like the different business tools to grow our dropshipping business. Let’s see how these tools work during these 30-days.

  4. Thank you for this review! I was looking for an easy way to start dropshipping to make some extra money! This app looks easy and simple to use! Just gotta set it up and it does most of the work for you! I am a beginner so I don’t want anything too confusing, this looks like it could help me


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