What is CorVive? A legit MLM or a pyramid scheme in disguise?

What is CorVive?

MLMs are known to provide an earning opportunity by selling their products from the comfort of home. Surely, you will find many such MLM companies that promise financial freedom and working flexibility. But it is always important to introspect the company profile thoroughly before you jump to conclusions. One such MLM company is CorVive. In this detailed review post, we will tell you what is CorVive.

We’ll also discuss the details of how the CorVive MLM works, the products and compensation it offers, and the pros and cons of joining it.

New to MLM?

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What is CorVive?

CorVive is a fairly new entrant in the MLM segment that offers typical health and wellness supplements. The company was founded in 2018 by co-founders Jeremy Fotus and his wife Candice Fotus. Jeremy is also the current CEO of CorVive.

CorVive is the result of its founder’s own association with a couple of direct sales companies. The company offers products that help individuals gain immunity, energy, and overall fitness to attain better health and lifestyle.

What is CorVive MLM?

CorVive MLM is nothing but a commission-based income opportunity where individuals have to sell its products and spread the word to bring more people into the company.

The MLM program offers a dedicated marketing system for its distributors. In addition, the company pays commissions based on the products sold and people sponsored as part of its MLM program.

How does CorVive MLM work?

You will have to apply as an Endorser to work with CorVive MLM. The registration is simple and there is no joining fee upfront.

Upon successful registration, you will be automatically enrolled into CorVive Endorser Marketing System. The system includes respective business tools and an App to manage your business.

You will be charged $25 per month to maintain this system. Additionally, you may have to spend more money on buying subscriptions and product packs.

The subscription packs cost $14.95 which is renewable every year. Product packs vary between $175 to $575. It is not mandatory to buy product packs but it remains the best option to start your business journey.

CorVive products

CorVive products are a combination of nutritional supplements that offers vital health benefits in terms of fitness and immunity. Some of the popular ones are:

NRG + Focus: NRG refers to energy. Simply means that this is a dietary liquid supplement to keep you energetic the whole day. NRG consists of beta-alanine which is beneficial to increasing muscle carnosine required to improve energy levels.

CorVive products

NRG enhances mental and physical alertness and keeps you hydrated during stressful hours. It can be consumed as an alternative to tea or coffee.

CorBolic: CorBolic is again a dietary supplement in the form of capsules. The product contains TeaCrine which is a scientific formula to increase physical energy and improve mental alertness with balanced stimulation.

CorBolic is also helpful in managing weight by reducing your cravings to consume an over-loaded breakfast or lunch.

ACH13VE: This is one of the flagship products of CorVive. If you are looking to take advantage of complete nutrition and wellness from CorVive then this is the product to go for. It comes in a bundle pack that consists of shakes/capsules to boost or replace your day-to-day meal.

There are 2 bottles of CorBolic and CorRenew each with a pack of CorHydrate sticks. It also has a CorPower protein shake and NRG + Focus sticks to complete your daily diet. The products are helpful in achieving better immunity, physical and mental fitness, and managing your weight.

Some of the other products from CorVive include XLR8, CorImmune, and Recovr which are part of its nutritional supplements collection.

All the products are backed by a 30-day return policy wherein CorVive endorsers can get their money back after deducting shipping and restocking fees.

Are CorVive products worth their pricing?

The sad part is that CorVive offers nothing new in terms of product category and benefits that are not covered by other MLMs. Excessive competition is the worst scenario to sell any product.

That being said, the product quality from CorVive is top-notch. At least this is what you will find on its own Facebook page

CorVive product reviews

A majority of reviews have given a thumbs up to CorVive products for their taste and health benefits, especially weight loss.

Nonetheless, let’s check the pricing and quality of other products in the same category. If you search on Amazon for energy-boosting supplement powder similar to NRG + Focus you will find 100s of options.

Here are some of the highly-rated ones that cost from $17 to $25 as compared to NRG + Focus which is priced at $37.44.

When you have so many good quality alternatives at lower pricing why would someone bother to buy an expensive product for the same results?

This means CorVive products are high on quality but charges more than its competitors which could be a hard sell.

How to make money with CorVive MLM?

So, basically, there are two ways to make money with CorVive MLM:

  • Sell the products at a higher (retail) price to earn retail commissions and,
  • Convince more people to join CorVive under your team so that you can earn bonuses and incentives on their product purchases and sales.

CorVive compensation plan

To begin with, 100PV ($100 Personal Volume) per month is the minimum requirement to remain qualified to earn commissions and bonuses.

If you can achieve this then you can earn the following commissions:

Retail commissions – If your first-generation recruited downline is able to make direct sales then you stand a chance to earn 40% commissions. If you have built 3rd and 4th generation of downlines then you continue to make 4% commissions on their direct sales.

The downside of retail commissions is you have to start recruiting people straightaway. CorVive does not offer products at wholesale price which prevents its distributors from earning retail profits from personal sales.

Team bonuses – You can earn an extra $250 bonus on 2 newly sponsored members as well as another $250 bonus on 4 newly recruited members.

Team commissions – When you have a big team who consistently makes sales you start earning 4% to 8% commissions. The percentage of commissions is tier-based which is also calculated based on your personal level/rankings. A certain number of volumes other than 100PV is also required to be achieved to receive these commissions.

CorVive compensation plan

Car bonus – A Luxury car bonus is applicable for distributors who achieve higher rankings. There are overall 6-levels to climb and once you reach COR12 rank CorVive pays $750 every month. This can be adjusted with your car installment/payments.

CorVive also offers incentive vacation trips and rewards in the form of a credit program for top-level distributors. All in all, the compensation plan is very rewarding for people who are experts in networking.

Can you make money with CorVive MLM?

Looking at the CorVive compensation structure, there is no doubt you can make decent money with its MLM program. The percentage of commissions is on the higher side and having a team full of like-minded people can pave the way to passive income every month.

However, keep in mind that recruiting is not an easy task. As mentioned earlier, CorVive deals in a highly competitive product market, and selling its product for a long time is not sustainable.

The worst part is you cannot make money only by selling products. You have to consistently bring in more and more people to enjoy the financial benefits.

Secondly, keep a track of the money that you may need to spend in keeping your membership active. There is an annual membership fee, and a CorVive marketing system maintenance fee, you may have to purchase products yourself to achieve 100PV every month which means spending $100 regularly.

There is no income disclosure statement of CorVive distributors so it is difficult to conclude how much money can be made with its MLM program.

To summarize, the money-making part comes much later with any MLM. First, you have to walk the tough road of spending, selling, and recruiting for months or maybe years to earn your dream income.

Is CorVive a scam or a pyramid scheme?

CorVive is not a scam. It is a legit MLM company that sells good-quality health and wellness products. The company is relevantly new but its founders have a strong background in network marketing which will surely keep CorVive floating.

Technically speaking, CorVive is not a pyramid scheme because it has physical products to sell. But it does reflect a pyramid scheme in disguise owing to its compensation plan that focuses more on rewarding people with bigger teams.


  • Have some early momentum – CorVive is still fresh in the MLM field which gives its distributors a chance to find business momentum. The beginning is where most people find success in MLMs and build their way to earning residual income.
  • Decent products – The effectiveness and performance of CorVive products are really good. A lot of users have rated them very highly and seem to enjoy the weight-loss and nutritional results. Positive reviews and feedback play an important part while selling the products.


  • Yet to establish – It is early days for CorVive. A minimum of 5 years or more is required to survive the competition and MLM challenges. CorVive has started well but is yet to prove its mettle from reliability and trust perspectives.
  • Some products are expensive – If not for the quality, CorVive products certainly have a pricing disadvantage. The rates for some products are higher than its competitors which can make selling difficult. Pricing is also an important factor to determine the category and competitiveness of a product. Unfortunately, there are too many cheaper alternatives available to CorVive products which make selling more competitive and challenging.
  • Recruitment could be a challenge – Finding people who can join your team and sell the products simultaneously forms the core of financial success with CorVive MLM. A majority of members fail to achieve their targeted recruitment numbers and quit their business midway. This is one of the main reasons for the rare success ratio in MLMs.

Conclusion: Is CorVive MLM recommended?

Two things that go in favor of CorVive are its inception and low start-up cost. Beginning your journey with CorVive is very affordable and you will find momentum and growth in your business provided you persist with it for a long time.

For these reasons, I would recommend CorVive MLM to someone who has hands-on experience in network marketing and knows how to sell and build a team.

If you are just starting out in the business field with lots of expectations and money in mind then it is not recommended.

Instead, I suggest you research make-money online topics on the internet. You will find multiple options that offer profitable results at a reasonable investment. If you want to save your time and avoid confusion check my recommendation below.

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