What is Constant Contact Email Marketing? Email Marketing Solutions for Beginners

What is Constant Contact email marketing

I have been searching for an email marketing tool with a simple interface. Something with great user-friendliness that people who are new to email marketing can use to start their email marketing campaigns almost immediately. Then, it dawned on me that not all email marketing software is designed with beginners in mind. My search continued until I came across Constant Contact. In this review, I will tell you about what is Constant Contact email marketing.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is an email marketing tool that assists businesses to become more proficient at deploying email campaigns and social media advertising to increase sales and customer conversion rates.

What is Constant Contact Email Marketing? An Overview

Constant Contact was founded in 1995. It started as an email marketing tool before adding social media advertising to make the tool more than just email marketing software. The software is used by more than 500,000 small businesses, individuals, and nonprofit organizations.

The email marketing tool is easy to use and it is ideal for people who are new to using email marketing software. It is a blend of usability and functionality. It has got exceptional features that provide users with a great user experience.

With Constant Contact, you can easily import customer data from an email client like Gmail or a spreadsheet. It is easy to personalize an email sign-up form and embed it into a web page. There are plenty of email templates to choose from using the drag and drop elements to tweak them to your satisfaction.

Features of Constant Contact

You will find all the information you need about Constant Contact in this section. Look at some of the features of Constant Contact email marketing software:

Customizable emails – One great feature of Constant Contact is that you can create customized emails with your brand colors and styles. This can be done by just entering your website address.

Another way to go about it is to use the drag and drop tool to edit email templates. It comes with a wide range of editing options that include the insertion of images and videos, donations, social media shares, polls, RSVPs, etc.

Contact management – This is another excellent feature that comes with Constant Contact. It helps you to manage your contact perfectly. You can manually upload contacts or upload a file.

It also supports the importation of data from email clients like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. It makes email list building easy too. This is a wonderful option for email marketers that want to migrate to Constant Contact.

Segmentation – Constant Contact allows you to create segments based on the user’s behavior. You can create segments based on how users clicked or opened their emails. One interesting feature here is that you can connect with your Shopify store and collect data straight from your e-commerce store to create the required segments.

Reporting – Real-time reporting is what you get from Constant Contact. This helps you check the performance of different emails based on sends, bounces, clicks, and opens. All of these are displayed on a graph. It helps you to analyze the metrics side by side so you know which emails are performing well.

Signup forms – Capturing users’ contact information is best done by creating signup forms. This helps you to easily grow and manage an email list. Depending on the need of the business, you can use popups, make custom landing pages or embed forms. To suit your company’s brand, you can adjust the style properties and background images.

Benefits of Constant Contact

Constant Contact Features
  1. Creation of email and editing is a lot easier – Creating and editing emails is a lot easier with Constant Contact. The built-in drag and drop email editor and content blocks help you to quickly customize an email. There are hundreds of responsive email templates to choose from. Images, buttons, and text are automatically adjusted to make it easier for first-timers to make a beautiful email.
  2. Email marketing campaigns are automated – With Constant Contact, automated emails can be sent to new subscribers. List segmentation helps you to send the right messages at all times. This feature assists you to concentrate on the most important part of your business.
  3. Stress-free e-commerce integration – You can use Constant Contact to increase the growth of your online store. It offers excellent integration with e-commerce apps like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.
  4. Support for social media campaigns – Constant Contact helps you to create social media campaigns with ease. You can schedule and share content right from the dashboard. This means you no longer have to switch between social media sites. Everything can be done from the dashboard including responding to comments.
  5. Emails and ads tracking – Constant Contact provides you with valuable insights into your social media ads and email campaigns. This helps you track the performance of your campaigns. For instance, click-tracking gives you detailed information on how your contacts are interacting with your email messages. There is also A/B testing to help you make the most of email open rates.
  6. Website Builder – This feature is not what you usually see with other email marketing tools. With the website builder, you can build a professional website and host it with Constant Contact.
  7. 24/7 customer support – Constant Contact supports you all through so you can succeed with your email campaigns. There is expert advice from marketing gurus if you are not clear-headed about how to start. There are also guides and how-to tutorials to help you out. The customer service is great.

Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact pricing

Constant Contact has a trial version with limited features but you can choose from the two paid versions and enjoy some advanced features. The two premium versions are:

  • Email Plan – This plan goes for $20 a month
  • Email Plus Plan – This costs $45 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I start using Constant Contact?

Answer: Visit https://www.constantcontact.com/global/price-plans and choose a plan.

2. Does Constant Contact offer a free plan?

Answer: No, but there is a trial version for 60 days.

Who is it for?

Constant Contact is designed for both experienced and inexperienced email marketers. It is also ideal for bloggers and small businesses.


  • High deliverability rate – When it comes to deliverability, the Constant Contact tool has one of the best deliverability rates. It is better than some of the established email marketing tools.
  • Intuitive user-interface – There is no messing around with the Constant Contact email marketing tool. The interface is simple and easy to use. It is a tool that would help many people who are new to email marketing to get up and running.
  • Website builder – You don’t have to pay anyone to develop your website. With the website builder feature, you can build a nice website yourself
  • Apps integration – Constant Contact supports more than 100 apps. It integrates well with WordPress, Shopify, Facebook, and WooCommerce just to mention a few.
  • Drag and drop editor – Constant Contact comes with a lot of email templates that you can use the drag and drop tool to manipulate to suit your taste.


  • Costly – The tool is costly when compared to the other tools in the industry
  • Limited automation – It offers limited automation. Automation is basic. It doesn’t come with the kind of workflows that other email service providers have.

Legit or scam

Constant Contact is a legit email marketing tool used by thousands of small businesses. It is not a scam.

Conclusion: Is Constant Contact email marketing recommended?

Yes, Constant Contact is recommended if you want to start a result-oriented email campaign plus social media advertising. You can also use it to manage event invitations and tickets.

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  1. I am new to email marketing and as a beginner, it is great to read about Constant Contact email marketing. I like it that one can incorporate a social media advertising campaign with the email marketing. Although as you point out they do not have a free plan, the 60 day trial period means that one can try it, and then upgrade to a paid plan if Constant Contact is the platform that will fit in with your needs. 

    • Hey Line,

      Thanks for your valuable comments on Constant Contact. I have found Constant Contact to be great for people who want to start email marketing. Yes, you can use the 60-day trial period to test the platform.


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