What is Carelumina? Make money selling telehealth services?

What is Carelumina

Making money selling products from home is a good way to earn passive income. You will come across many such companies/opportunities that promise a fortune by just selling their products especially, MLMs. One such company is Carelumina. If you have already heard of it and want to know more about what is Carelumina then this is the right post.

In this detailed Carelumina MLM review, we will take you through how Carelumina works, what products and compensation it offers, and more importantly what are the pros and cons of joining this company. So, let’s start by knowing…

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What is Carelumina?

Carelumina is typically a health and wellness company that sells different kinds of nutritional and skincare products. But it doesn’t stop here, Carelumina also focuses on providing access to renowned and popular medical professionals for health consultations through its telehealth program. This is one of the services that makes Carelumina different but not unique.

Carelumina has an advisory board of 4 people. Fraser Burns, Dr. Jason Meier, Ryan Fitzgerald, and Dr. Saumil Oza. Are these people founders of Carelumina? You may think so but there are no specific details or information given on its website.

There is a video tagged as ‘company overview’ but watching it gives you information about some of the solutions and products offered by Carelumina.

This is really surprising and suspicious too. A company is existing without its founders and establishment details.

What is Carelumina MLM?

Carelumina MLM is part of its business model that works on independent consultants called Brand Ambassadors.

The MLM program claims to provide a business opportunity where Brand Ambassadors can earn commissions by selling Carelumina products and services. There are also bonuses on offer for recruiting people into the company.

Carelumina MLM also provides training, tools, and community support to its new members to help them grow in their business.

How does Carelumina MLM work?

Carelumina MLM is a member-based opportunity where you have to create your account as its Brand Ambassador. To do this, just visit the Carelumina website and click on the ‘Join Now’ button.

A sponsor’s referral ID is required to create an account. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘I don’t have a referrer and I still want to sign up’ option.

The enrolment fee is $200 which includes your membership and access to some of the best-selling Carelumina products. You will also have to pay a $25 fee on the monthly auto-ship option. This is required to participate in Carelumina’s compensation plan.

Once onboard, you will have access to products and the back office to begin your selling campaign.

Carelumina products and services

Carelumina offers a wide range of nutritional, dietary, and skincare supplements. It also provides services related to medical consultation, roadside assistance, credit monitoring, etc.

Carelumina products

Some of the key products of Carelumina include:

Cold-pressed juices:  These are physician-formulated juice regimen that comes in 6 different versions of juice bottles. These juice bottles combine raw extracts of 18 superfruits & vegetables that should be part of every human meal.

Since the juices are cold-pressured, they can be stored and consumed for up to 60-days. The ingredients of these juices are helpful in reducing blood pressure, stroke & some cancer risks, and inflammation. On the improvement front, it enhances vision, mental health, heart health, etc.

Organic skincare: Organic skincare is the range of many anti-aging products. It consists of a combination of cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, and creams. These are available as individual items or sold as a bundle pack.

The solutions are dermatologically-tested, non-toxic, and cruelty-free. Carelumina’s Organic skincare products are helpful in maximizing anti-aging results, leaving the skin soft, glowing, and wrinkle-free. The products can be used systematically during the day and night-time.

Telehealth services: Carelumina’s Telehealth service is one of the highlights of its MLM program. This is a service where its members get easier access to some of the top-class U.S. board-certified doctors. Telehealth services are available 24/7 which means you can call and consult your health-related issues anytime.

Carelumina telehealth services

The services offer discounted prescriptions and savings on other health care needs. Telehealth service from Carelumina is helpful in giving you peace of mind, saving time, money, and easy accessibility to one of the important requirements of life.

Carelumina also offers some wellness products including CBD oil and services related to digital security. As mentioned earlier, the products are not unique but its Telehealth services make Carelumina a bit different.

Carelumina products are backed by a 30-day return policy which includes a full refund. This could be a plus point while selling Carelumina products which otherwise can be tough owing to the over-competitive health and wellness market.

Are Carelumina products worth their price?

Unlike other MLMs who have their products sold on Amazon or other online marketplaces, Carelumina products are exclusive to network marketing. That’s the reason I couldn’t find any product reviews on independent review platforms except Carelumina’s Facebook page

Carelumina product reviews

The feedback is very positive and many users loved their products. However, I am personally not a fan of social media platform reviews especially when it is posted on the company’s owned page. So, it is better to get your facts cross-verified with relevant and trustworthy sources.

As far as pricing is concerned, MLMs tend to keep their product pricing comparatively higher. This is to cover their own profits and pay their affiliates. Carelumina is no exception.

For example, Carelumina B3-Restore which is an anti-aging serum is priced at $35 whereas some of its alternatives on Amazon are priced from $19. That means there are cheaper versions available in the market than Carelumina products which can make selling them difficult.

Overall, even though Carelumina products provide value for money but it is a fact that they are expensive.

How to make money with Carelumina MLM?

Since Carelumina is an MLM, there are two main ways to make money:

  • You can make money in the form of retail commissions when you sell Carelumina products directly to retail customers and,
  • You can make residual income through recruitment commissions and bonuses when you build a team of brand ambassadors under your sponsorship.

Carelumina compensation plan

Carelumina offers the following compensation plan to its brand ambassadors for selling products and recruiting people:

Retail commissions – Earn up to 50% commissions on the retail sale of Carelumina products. This means if you sell or purchase products as a Carelumina brand ambassador, you get up to a 50% discount/profits.

Fast start bonuses – There are different bonuses on offer when you start recruiting people. One is the direct upline bonuses where you being a direct upline get eligible to earn up to 40% bonus and your sponsor gets to earn up to 10%. The qualification to earn these fast start bonuses is achieving a manager-level position.

Residual income – Residual commissions are calculated based on your personal volumes and the rankings you achieve. There are six senior levels starting with Manager, Senior Manager, Regional Manager, National Manager, Director, and President.

With each level you climb from Manager, you can start to earn up to 60% retail commissions (20% raise) and 5% bonuses on the group sales generated by your team. The personal level of each team member is also considered while calculating your bonuses.

All in all, it’s a typical MLM compensation plan which is focused on paying its members for continuous sales and recruitments.

For detailed information, you can check the Carelumina compensation plan here. 

Can you make money with Carelumina MLM?

Yes and no. Yes, you can make money with Carelumina owing to its telehealth services offering and a higher percentage of commissions.

No, because of the lack of transparency and competition. The compensation plan of Carelumina focuses more on value than volume. This is really strange considering the fact that seasonal MLMs require a certain level of volumes to be achieved by their members. This is sorely missed.

Also, there is no information on Carelumina’s founders and it does not disclose the income statement of its members.

Secondly, the health and wellness segment is over-competitive. The only sunshine in this segment is its telehealth services. But again, selling them largely depends on your convincing and selling skills, and these services are not offered without you opting for a monthly auto-ship program. This will definitely increase your monthly expenditure associated with Carelumina MLM.

So, if you are expecting to make big money in less time then Carelumina is not a good option.

Is Carelumina a scam or a pyramid scheme?

Technically speaking, Carelumina is not a scam. But it misses out on providing vital information that is required to prove a company’s legitimacy. One is about its inception and two is about its real founders.

It sells legit products and offers valuable services but do you think you would be comfortable working with a company without its whereabouts?

Carelumina cannot be termed as a pyramid scheme either owing to its products and services. Pyramid schemes lack offering physical products or solutions and make profits only by adding more and more people. This is not the case with Carelumina.


  • Telehealth services – Providing telehealth consultation is quite rare from an MLM perspective. This could definitely help you get access to some of the leading healthcare service providers as a Carelumina member. It also has an edge to attract a few customers compared to its health and wellness products.
  • A higher percentage of commissions – Carelumina’s retail commissions of up to 50% is a real booster. This is quite high compared to its competitors. If implemented properly, there is a chance of making good money with Carelumina’s compensation plan.


  • About Carelumina? – We don’t know who the actual founder of Carelumina is as well as when it was founded. One of the factors to work with any MLM is its established reputation and strong background history. Both these aspects are missing which make its reliability and trustworthiness under serious doubt.
  • Expensive and competitive products – This is another big drawback. Now, there is nothing unusual or new about MLM products being expensive but when you have so many alternatives at a much lower price why would anyone bother to buy Carelumina products.
  • Demanding membership costs – If you want to remain an active Carelumina distributor then it is a requirement to subscribe to its auto-ship system. This is where you have to spend an extra $25 every month along with your enrolment fee, product kit purchase, and other marketing expenses. So, be ready to shell some extra money every month even before you earn a single penny with Carelumina MLM.
  • Make money recruiting – Carelumina works well for people who are good at selling and especially recruiting. You really need to have strong networking skills to do this. Because recruiting will be your primary source of making residual income with Carelumina. To tell you the truth, 99.9% fail to achieve this task and quit their MLM journey. So, if you are one of them then stay away from it.

Conclusion: Is Carelumina MLM recommended?

As we have seen, Carelumina has more cons than pros. The company has good products and a few good people on its advisory board but still not good enough from a convincing perspective.

The compensation plan offers great value in terms of money but again it is a typical MLM income structure that demands more and pays less. Sticking to it for a long time is questionable and lacks sustainability. Carelumina MLM is better avoided.

If you are looking to earn money working from home then there are many alternatives that you can find online. If you don’t want to spend time researching then check my recommendation below.

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